Sunday, November 1, 2009

StressWatch By Michael Mathis And Gerda Hopfgartner


Designed by Michael Mathis & Gerda Hopfgartner, the StressWatch has a black bar graph to show your stress levels. Functions like the heart rate and the body`s temperature are monitored. The readings are taken via the lower part of the bracelet and the data gets transformed to guidelines for relaxation. The guidelines are the well-being waves, visualized on the display, the stress line, displayed on the black bar graph, as well as the heart rate and the body`s temperature, located into the clock face. The blues and greens that you see there means that you are mellow, but pink, red or orange means you are stressed, you need to change your breathing and your focus. As you slow down your breathing and find your optimal breathing rate, you will literally see a change of the graphic chart. So the alarming well-being waves transform into smooth one with cool colors and the stress line decreases back to the relaxing indication. The gadget can also tell the current time. Unfortunately, it is only a concept. There is no info on when this gadget will be available for purchase.