Friday, October 30, 2009

Sweden Best at Helping Poor Countries

Sweden is the top contributor to helping poor countries develop, considering its size, policy research organization the Center for Global Development (CGD) said. The Washington-based think-tank's Commitment to Development Index ranks 22 rich countries based on how their policies on aid, trade, investment, security, environment, technology and migration promote global development. Denmark was ranked second, and last year's winner, the Netherlands, tied for third place with Norway. "Sweden scores better than, for example, the United States measured against its economic size and potential to help," CGD President Nancy Birdsall said. "But it is the United States, Germany, France, Japan and the other economies that have the multiple linkages and potential in absolute terms to make a difference for poor countries. Their failure to use it to the fullest is a blow to the cause of truly shared global prosperity." None of the Group of Seven rich nations club make it into the top 10. Canada ranked highest among the G7 countries, in 11th place. France, Germany and Britain tied for 12th. The United States was 17th, Italy 18th, and Japan 21st. (Reuters)

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