Thursday, October 8, 2009

Flight with Garuda Airlines

Yesterday and the day before yesterday, I had call of duty to go to other cities. Not so far away from Jakarta. I had to go to Semarang, Central Java. I get flight at 9.20 by Garuda Airlines and arrived at Ahmad Yani Airport Semarang at 10.20. From Semarang I picked by my colleagues to three regencies, that is Demak, Kudus, and Pati. I have job to monitoring physical and finance progress. How far the progress until today, there any problem in field? Wow, so hot weather in these three regencies. The second day I visited Surakarta regency and Sragen regency. Same weather…. You can imagine monitoring how hot it field in the midday and dusty. Heavy vehicle traffic around me so noisy and make air pollution. From Sragen I decided to go back to Jakarta from Adi Sutjipto, Jogjakarta and bought Garuda Airlines ticket at their counter for flight at 16.10. I have not enough time to go to Prambanan Temple even the distance is near. At that time I must check in first. But flight from Jogjakarta make me a liitle bit scare and worried because in that afternoon the weather is not really good. Cloudy and looks would be rain. In one hour flight, fasten belt keep on even the plane was take off a half hour before. I sat near windows but I saw nothing but black and dark cloud. I can felt flight sometimes shake. I was chosen to read newspaper. But over West Java the weather going better and I can saw the sun and landed smoothly at Soekarno Hatta Airport runaway at 17.15. Thank God. Now I went go home, take a bath, eaten hot noodle, than go slept. I was tired.