Thursday, October 22, 2009

One Decade of Blogger

In Blogger index page, at footer side listed © 1999-2009 Google. Yes, even this service just knowing by many people in the middle of 2000’s. Blogger exactly was one decade year old. Ten years is old and mature enough for an internet service. In the 10th years, Google already MENJARING more than 300 million active readers (including me) and loaded billion word that equal with 3.2 billion novels. Every minute, 270 thousands words added in here or around 338 million words each day. This is fantastic number if we see from quantity. Blogger started his debut in 1999 in SanFransisco, in the middle of dotcom booming. Ev Williaws is the one of founders, also follow involved for developing micro-blogging service Twitter. In 2003, Google succeed acquisition Blogger and Pyra Labs.

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