Thursday, November 5, 2009

Kilimanjaro Snow May Vanish In 20 Years


The "Snows of Kilimanjaro" will then exist only as a memory - and the title of a short story by Ernest Hemingway. Scientists at the Ohio State University predicted that the ice sheets of Mount Kilimanjaro, Africa's tallest mountain peak, will melt in the next twenty years due to global warming. Scientists made their forecast after combining data from aerial photographs and ground measurements of ice thickness.
The ice that was present in 1912 gradually decreased by 85% by 2000, and by 2007 another 26% of the amount in 2000. This was the first time that the volume of the ice in Kilimanjaro was measured. The tests were conducted by Lonnie Thompson, a professor at Ohio State University. Professor Thompson said that the scientists have also detected elongated bubbles in the surface of the ice field, which occur when the ice melts and refreezes. There is no evidence this melting and refreezing has occurred at any other period going back 11,700 years.
"The fact that so many glaciers throughout the tropics and subtropics are showing similar responses suggests an underlying common cause," Thompson said.
Change in cloudiness and weather could have also been factors in the retreat of the ice, especially in recent decades, scientists said. These findings were first published in the journal proceedings of United States National Academy of Sciences (NAS) on November 3, 2009.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009


Really, I feel boring with my job and tasks. Everyday likes yesterday (not everyday likes Sunday). Always prepared report, meeting, meeting, and meeting…. Sometimes meeting result nothing. Meeting sometimes make you feel sleeping and bored. Like today, I have no interest with the meeting. My boss feels the same. Because he is my supervisor, he has authority to order me follow the meeting. Like told before, there have no result. Always talk but no action. Now I make report for my boss. But I still remember quotation from Og Mandino quotes (American Essayist and Psychologist, 1923-1996): “The victory of success is half won when one gains the habit of setting goals and achieving them. Even the most tedious chore will become endurable as you parade through each day convinced that every task, no matter how menial or boring, brings you closer to fulfilling your dreams.”
Ok, I try to enjoy my job.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

StressWatch By Michael Mathis And Gerda Hopfgartner


Designed by Michael Mathis & Gerda Hopfgartner, the StressWatch has a black bar graph to show your stress levels. Functions like the heart rate and the body`s temperature are monitored. The readings are taken via the lower part of the bracelet and the data gets transformed to guidelines for relaxation. The guidelines are the well-being waves, visualized on the display, the stress line, displayed on the black bar graph, as well as the heart rate and the body`s temperature, located into the clock face. The blues and greens that you see there means that you are mellow, but pink, red or orange means you are stressed, you need to change your breathing and your focus. As you slow down your breathing and find your optimal breathing rate, you will literally see a change of the graphic chart. So the alarming well-being waves transform into smooth one with cool colors and the stress line decreases back to the relaxing indication. The gadget can also tell the current time. Unfortunately, it is only a concept. There is no info on when this gadget will be available for purchase.

Friday, October 30, 2009

Sweden Best at Helping Poor Countries

Sweden is the top contributor to helping poor countries develop, considering its size, policy research organization the Center for Global Development (CGD) said. The Washington-based think-tank's Commitment to Development Index ranks 22 rich countries based on how their policies on aid, trade, investment, security, environment, technology and migration promote global development. Denmark was ranked second, and last year's winner, the Netherlands, tied for third place with Norway. "Sweden scores better than, for example, the United States measured against its economic size and potential to help," CGD President Nancy Birdsall said. "But it is the United States, Germany, France, Japan and the other economies that have the multiple linkages and potential in absolute terms to make a difference for poor countries. Their failure to use it to the fullest is a blow to the cause of truly shared global prosperity." None of the Group of Seven rich nations club make it into the top 10. Canada ranked highest among the G7 countries, in 11th place. France, Germany and Britain tied for 12th. The United States was 17th, Italy 18th, and Japan 21st. (Reuters)

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

AirAsia: Flight Bandung-Medan route

AirAsia Airline Indonesia will flight Bandung-Medan route started in November 26, 2009. “We sure average passenger level will reach 75 percent of capacity because no other airlines connected Bandung and Medan,” says Widijastoro, AirAsia Marketing and Distribution Director on Tuesday Novembe 27, 2009. Flight route Bandung (West Java)-Medan (North Sumatera) hoped can give alternative for domestic tourism developing of both provinces. “We also supported trade and tourism exchange between West Java and North Sumatera,” he says.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

My BlackBerry Curve 8520 Gemini

Yesterday I bought BlackBerry Curve 8520 Gemini at Supermall Lippo Karawaci Tangerang because my pervious cellular phone is out of date (you can see in picture). My Sony Ericsson K-750i looks old, dirty and fat. I have been used this K-750i for more 3 years. Now, this is time for me to change cellular phone. BlackBerry Curve 8520 Gemini itself claimed as cheap Blackberry with price is Rp. 3.2 million (US$ 300). This price is not expensive for cellular phone like Blackberry. BlackBerry Curve 8520 Gemini shape is almost similar with BlackBerry 8900 Javelin but lighter because used plastic texture. Not ignored slam resistance and solid. But Gemini has some decreased specification likes only equipped with 2 megapixels camera and have no GPS tools. This cellular phone looks cool and nice.

Specifications :
Network : Quadband GSM 850/900/1800/1900 MHz)
Dimension : 10.9 x6 x 1.39 cm
Weight : 106 gram
Operating System : BlackBerry OS
Camera : 2 MP
Display : 2.64 inch, TFT MCD 65.536 colors, 320×240 pixels
Messaging : SMS, MMS, Instant Messaging, Email (push-email) corporate and individual account via BIS/BES
Transfer Data : EDGE 10, GPRS 10
Browser : BlackBerry Browser
Memory : Internal 256MB Flash Memory, External MicroSD (TransferFlash) up to 16GB
Connectivity: WiFi 802.11b/g (optional), microUSB data cable.
Battery: Lithium Ion 1150 mAh, Standby time 408 jam, 5 hours talk time.
Other Features : BlackBerry Maps, BlackBerry Messanger,Polifonik (mp3), full QWERTY keyboard, Trackpad Navigation, Media Player, GPS/A-GPS support (optional), java, BlackBerry Maps, Organizer, Calculator, Voice dial, Word ToGo.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Longest Words

(45) PNEUMONO­ULTRA­MICRO­SCOPIC­SILICO­VOLCANO­CONIOSIS (also spelled PNEUMONO­ULTRA­MICRO­SCOPIC­SILICO­VOLCANO­KONIOSIS) = a lung disease caused by breathing in particles of siliceous volcanic dust.This is the longest word in any English dictionary. However, it was coined by Everett Smith, the President of The National Puzzlers' League, in 1935 purely for the purpose of inventing a new "longest word". The Oxford English Dictionary described the word as factitious. Nevertheless it also appears in the Webster's, Random House, and Chambers dictionaries.
(37) HEPATICO­CHOLANGIO­CHOLECYST­ENTERO­STOMIES = a surgical creation of a connection between the gall bladder and a hepatic duct and between the intestine and the gall bladder.This is the longest word in Gould's Medical Dictionary.
(34) SUPER­CALI­FRAGI­LISTIC­EXPI­ALI­DOCIOUS = song title from the Walt Disney movie Mary Poppins.It is in the Oxford English Dictionary.
"But then one day I learned a word
That saved me achin' nose,
The biggest word you ever 'eard,
And this is 'ow it goes: Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious!"
(30) HIPPOPOTO­MONSTRO­SESQUIPED­AL­IAN = pertaining to a very long word.From Mrs. Byrne's Dictionary of Unusual, Obscure and Preposterous Words.
(29) FLOCCI­NAUCINI­HILIPIL­IFICATION = an estimation of something as worthless.This is the longest word in the first edition of the Oxford English Dictionary. Interestingly the most common letter in English, E, does not appear in this word at all, whilst I occurs a total of nine times. The word dates back to 1741. The 1992 Guinness Book of World Records calls flocci­nauci­nihili­pilification the longest real word in the Oxford English Dictionary, and refers to pneumono­ultra­micro­scopic­silico­volcano­koniosis as the longest made-up one.
(28) ANTI­DIS­ESTABLISH­MENT­ARIAN­ISM = the belief which opposes removing the tie between church and state.Probably the most popular of the "longest words" in recent decades.
(27) HONORI­FICABILI­TUDINI­TATIBUS = honorableness.The word first appeared in English in 1599, and in 1721 was listed by Bailey's Dictionary as the longest word in English. It was used by Shakespeare in Love's Labor's Lost (Costard; Act V, Scene I):
"O, they have lived long on the alms-basket of words.I marvel thy master hath not eaten thee for a word;for thou art not so long by the head ashonorificabilitudinitatibus: thou art easierswallowed than a flap-dragon."
Shakespeare does not use any other words over 17 letters in length.
(27) ELECTRO­ENCEPHALO­GRAPHICALLY = The longest unhyphenated word in Merriam-Webster's Collegiate Dictionary (10th Ed.), joint with ethylene­diamine­tetraacetate (see below).
(27) ANTI­TRANSUB­STAN­TIA­TION­ALIST = one who doubts that consecrated bread and wine actually change into the body and blood of Christ.
(21) DIS­PRO­PORTION­ABLE­NESS and (21) IN­COM­PREHEN­SIB­ILITIES These are described by the 1992 Guinness Book of World Records as the longest words in common usage.
Some say SMILES is the longest word because there is a MILE between the first and last letters!

Thursday, October 22, 2009

One Decade of Blogger

In Blogger index page, at footer side listed © 1999-2009 Google. Yes, even this service just knowing by many people in the middle of 2000’s. Blogger exactly was one decade year old. Ten years is old and mature enough for an internet service. In the 10th years, Google already MENJARING more than 300 million active readers (including me) and loaded billion word that equal with 3.2 billion novels. Every minute, 270 thousands words added in here or around 338 million words each day. This is fantastic number if we see from quantity. Blogger started his debut in 1999 in SanFransisco, in the middle of dotcom booming. Ev Williaws is the one of founders, also follow involved for developing micro-blogging service Twitter. In 2003, Google succeed acquisition Blogger and Pyra Labs.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Five government leaders attend Yudhoyono's inauguration

This news I quoted from Jakarta Post on Tuesday 10/20/2009 :
Government leaders from Australia, Singapore, Malaysia, Brunei and East Timor are attending the inauguration of President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono in Jakarta on Tuesday.
Australian Prime Minister Minister Kevin Rudd, Singaporean Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong, Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak, Brunei Sultan Hassanal Bolkiah and East Timor Prime President Jose Ramos Horta all have arrived at the People's Consultative Assembly (MPR) building. Representatives from Japan, the United States, South Korea, New Zealand, the Philippines, Sri Lanka, Thailand and Czech Republic are also on attendance.
In addition to the foreign dignitaries, former president B.J. Habibie and former vice president Try Sutrisno were also among the guests. Megawati Soekarnoputri, who lost to Yudhoyono at the presidential elections, was absent, but her daughter Puan Maharani was there. Meanwhile, outgoing vice president Jusuf Kalla, who also lost to Yudhoyono at the elections, attended the inauguration. Megawati's husband, Taufik Keimas, the MPR speaker, will swear in Yudhoyono.
Today when I going to my office, I passed through Majelis Perwakilan Rakyat or People's Consultative Assembly building at Slipi, South Jakarta. Many police and army around there place. If usually day trip in this area always traffic jam, today is going worse. Beside traffic jam, Jakarta condition also so hot. Police and blockade and secure traffic infront building and we must looking another way to our destination place. This is take extra time. Be patient. The result, I came late to my office….. But not only me, my boss came late too…Ha..ha..ha.., he doesn’t angry because he came later than me…..

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Little Possibility Asteroid Hit Earth


Earth residents can be a little bit relief at least for temporarily. National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) on Wednesday 7 October, 2009 clarified asteroid with size 269,748 meter have little possibility will hit Earth on April 13, 2036. From NASA calculated, in the first time calculated Apophis asteroid have possibility 1:45,000 hit Earth in 2004. This calculation could makes people panic. Whereas, after researchers recalculated and make new analyze of asteroid orbit now the possibility changed become 1:250,000. Astronomy expert in NASA Earth Object Program, Steve Chesley said that new calculated can be done after Apophis known percisely. In 2029 Aphopis position predicted will in 29,451 km above Earth.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Flight with Garuda Airlines

Yesterday and the day before yesterday, I had call of duty to go to other cities. Not so far away from Jakarta. I had to go to Semarang, Central Java. I get flight at 9.20 by Garuda Airlines and arrived at Ahmad Yani Airport Semarang at 10.20. From Semarang I picked by my colleagues to three regencies, that is Demak, Kudus, and Pati. I have job to monitoring physical and finance progress. How far the progress until today, there any problem in field? Wow, so hot weather in these three regencies. The second day I visited Surakarta regency and Sragen regency. Same weather…. You can imagine monitoring how hot it field in the midday and dusty. Heavy vehicle traffic around me so noisy and make air pollution. From Sragen I decided to go back to Jakarta from Adi Sutjipto, Jogjakarta and bought Garuda Airlines ticket at their counter for flight at 16.10. I have not enough time to go to Prambanan Temple even the distance is near. At that time I must check in first. But flight from Jogjakarta make me a liitle bit scare and worried because in that afternoon the weather is not really good. Cloudy and looks would be rain. In one hour flight, fasten belt keep on even the plane was take off a half hour before. I sat near windows but I saw nothing but black and dark cloud. I can felt flight sometimes shake. I was chosen to read newspaper. But over West Java the weather going better and I can saw the sun and landed smoothly at Soekarno Hatta Airport runaway at 17.15. Thank God. Now I went go home, take a bath, eaten hot noodle, than go slept. I was tired.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Unicycle Robot


A Japan sparepart company Murata Electronics showed their product, an unicycle robot named Murata-seiko-chan. Demonstration exhibition held on Nagaokakyo City, Kyoto prefecture, West Japan on September 26, 2009. Robot with height 50 centimeter and weight around 6 kilogram have many kind censor to keep it balance when pedal move forward and when it turn to the right or left.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Crazy Marketing Way

I am sure marketing experts not agree with this company marketing already had done. This new maybe was a month ago. Max Motors, a truck dealer company in United States of America (USA), maybe has no idea to competed in the market and catch customer interest. So to overcome this problem, this dealer offered free AK-47 for every truck sales. It’s crazy way to get customer. The customers maybe not interested with this promotion but on the contrary they afraid to buy a truck. As customer you can be assumed as terrorist because have AK-47.

Monday, September 14, 2009

The Oldest Person in the World Dies at 115 Years Old


The oldest person in the world, Gertrude Baines, 115 years old, dies on Friday September 11, 2009. Besides known as the oldest man in the world, this woman be more famous because become the oldest United of States citizen who chosen Barrack Obama in the past president election. Baines, an Afro American, dies at Western Convalescent Hospital since the last ten years of her rest of life. “She is respectable woman. This is blessing and honor for us to take care of Baines for the last ten years,” says Emma Camanag, a hospital employee. Baines become the oldest person in the world when Maria de Jesus from Spain dies at 115 years old on January 2009. Now, the oldest man predicate keeping by Kama Chien, 114 years old Japan citizen.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Formula Milk at Refuge Camp Can Dangerous

The United Nations Children's Fund (Unicef) remembered that formula milk given at disaster area can become dangerous for baby and child healthy. Government appealed to tighten donation and formula milk shared monitoring to all victim of West Java earthquake that happen on last September 9, 2009. “We pushed mother to keep give mother milk to their children and not to consume formula milk from donation because it can be dangerous for children,” says Head of Unicef representative in Indonesia Angela Kearney on press release on September 10, 2009. In the emergency situation in disaster area consumed formula milk can become high risk because water supply minimum. “It the main reason why formula milk can become dangerous,” says Kearney. From Unicef survey result in Yogyakarta earthquake disaster area in 2006 found diarrhea cases in under 6 months babies happened because they drink formula milk (25.4%) twice more than compared with babies who not drink formula milk (11.5%). Amount of diarrhea cases happened on child between 6-23 months also increased fivefold compared with amount of diarrhea cases before earthquake happened.

Blackberry Market in Indonesia is Very Conducive

Regional Vice President Asia Pacific Research In Motion Singapore Pte Ltd Gregory Wade said Indonesia market very conducive from Blackberry products. This is because internet penetration in Indonesia still low, people enjoyed social networking features and like opened various features in the same time, that can facilitated by Blackberry. “Analyst saw Indonesia not any longer part of Southeast Asia, because Blackberry product sale level is so high,” says Wade on Thursday (September 10, 2009) in Jakarta. Since end of August, Blackberry producer, Research In Motion operated 15 Balckberry Authorized Customer Center offices.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Marriage on 09/09/09

More than 250 couples in Malaysia said their promise vow in mass marriage ceremony at Buddha Temple in Malaysia on September 9, 2009. The special date 09/09/09 mirrored that their marriage can be everlasting till grow old and death do their apart. Mass marriage also organized at some places in Malaysia. That country has China ethnic citizen life together with Malaya and India ethnic citizen. “I choose 09/09/09 because the date symbolized eternal love,” says construction supervisor Thomas Wong (30) and agreed immediately by his couple, Ivy Tan 925). “I hope can give marriage reception party that can be remembered forever. Only once in our life time to get that special number date,” she added. Wong realized his marriage at Thean Hou Temple in Kuala Lumpur. Date of 09/09/09 fir China ethnic people is very special number because they mention number I seem like voice for “forever” word in China language. A spokesman at that temple said that mass marriage ceremony is the biggest compared with previous mass marriage on August 8, 2008 (08/08/08). Number 8 in China culture also means “prosperity”. At that time was 470 couples join to mass marriage and this year is 556 couples. Meanwhile in Florida, United States, a local vital statistic officer offered that marriage registered for special date with price US$ 99.99. Another moment connected with that date is new iPod release. Their rescheduled iPod launched from September 8 become September 9, 2009. Focus Features also released their new movie titled 9, a animation movie about the ninth revelation. That date is not only good to make sale promotion but also the last number repeated.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Japan Promises Reduce 25 Percent Their Carbon Emission

New chosen Japan Prime Minister, Yukio Hatoyama, who will inaugurate on September 16, 2009 has brings changed connected with climate change regulation. He promises Japan will reduce their carbon emission till 35 percent in 2020 from emission in 1990 based. This is very big reduce compared with 8 percent that promised by business partner society of former Japan Prime Minister Taro Aso. Hatoyama stressed, his government will take aggressive movement about climate change problem. He shows this attitude in New York, United States of America, when met with another countries leader.

Religion Figures Agreed to Help Diseases Socialization

To prevent and cured infected and another diseases, some religion figures agreed to inform and give explain about healthy living behavior socialization to people. More over with increased of A-H1N1 influenza and bird influenza (H5N1) cases in Indonesia and season disease like dengue, malaria, and diarrhea. That kind of diseases can reduce their spread by healthy living behavior. “When religion figures talks, people will considered that thing is must be done because become part of deed and devotion,” explains General Director of Disease Control and Environment Healthy, Department of Health, Tjandra Yoga when talk in prevent and cured of various diseases in Indonesia socialization with some religion and youth figure on September 7, 2009.

Monday, September 7, 2009

Earthquake in Jakarta

Because my busy day to followed meeting about Lebaran Day route, I forget to write about my experience when earthquake disaster happened in Jakarta. By the way, Lebaran is that white gift and the day when all Muslims forgive each others' faults. Lebaran Day celebrated after fasting for the whole month in Ramadhan. Back to the topic, I was remembered at that time is September 3, 2009. I was at 8th office chat with my friends. Suddenly at 14.25, I felt my chair shake. I think this happen because the chair peer had no well function anymore. But I also felt floor also move to right and left like we surfing. What happened? I stared my friend with astonishment and he does the same thing. He stared at me without blink. “Earthquake?” ask me quietly. My friend no answered my question yet, suddenly my boss from his room shouted “EARTHQUAKE!”. This followed by another shouts from outside my division office room. “Allahu Akbar! Allahu Akbar (Allah The Mighty! Allah The Mighty!)!” shout another man. Ok, don’t panic! Relax. I said to my self. Relax doesn’t means I must slowly but I must think clearly. Earthquake goes harder than before. Lift automatically shut down. It is dangerous if we used lift when earthquake happen. We could be trapped inside lift. So I and my friends looked emergency stair. Some people choose to hide under their table. Before that I chose to do like that but earthquake shake not stopping yet. I better go to outside building. I am afraid this building will be collapse. I known my building office was designed to face earthquake till 8 Richter scale. But this building design 20 years ago. It’s old building. Some of women employees start to cry and panic. Some women behind me pushed me in emergency stair. “Hurry up! Harry up!” she says. “Calm down, please,” I say that because emergency stair is filled with panic crowded people. If we panic can make chaos. When chaos happened, someone can be fall down and stepped by another. I felt safe when arrived in wide field in front office building. Some of employee escape from building only used sandal even some of them ran in bare foot (what I are doing with yours shoes?). Duration earthquake shake maybe takes 3 minutes. Some employees already go home for the first time their arrived in field. After wait about half hour and think earthquake already stopped, I back to my office to take my bag I go home. I back to my room because in my bag I put my motorcycle key, important paper, and some money. I so tired when I must used stair to get 8th floor and back down again. They are who working in 1st floor was so lucky. My boss does the same thing. I pray to God, “Thank God, you save me today. Thank a lot.” Later from news on television I known the earthquake have powered 7.3 Richter scale and epicenter location about 142 kilometers from south Jakarta with 30 depth kilometer under Indonesian Ocean.

Frog inside Diet Pepsi Can

A test by Food and Drug Administration (FDA) showed that is a frog inside soda can from an Ormond Beach, Florida, USA citizen. Test from FDA had been confirmed there is still that animal pieces leave inside Diet Pepsi can owned by Fred Denegri. Denegri opened that can on July 23, 3009 when he organized barbeque party at Ormond Beach. Pepsi spokesman said that the soda drink company respected FDA investigation result. After tracked, the can was come from fabric in Orlando. In there, produces 1,200 Pepsi cans per minute. Spokesman said with production process speed and straight quality control that is impossible a frog jump inside to can. Denegri believes that frog already exist in can before he opened it.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

A Suicide Planet Found

Some astronomy experts found phenomena that look like planet suicide action because the planet position is very close withy itself star and make great wave. That planet is WASP-18b already existed for million years and found by Coel Hellier, a professor of astrophysical at Keele University in England. Hellier explains his report on scientist journal The Nature on Thursday (August 27, 2009). “By make that wave, the planet destroyed itself,” says Heller. The star of planet is WASP-18 (without “b”). This planet orbited the star by Phoenix constellation and have distance about 325 light years from earth (one year light us about 9.3 billion kilometers). That means it in neighbor area of our milky way. Distance between the planet and it star is about 1/50 earth and Sun distance. Planet size is about 10 times bigger than Jupiter size. Wave between that planet and it star can be analogy with moon and earth that can make twice waves. So far astronomy experts have found more than 370 planets outside our solar system. Planet suicide is rare to found.

Usain Bolt Become Real Madrid Supporter

Usain Bolt, 23 years old athlete, world sprinter king from Jamaika, stressed that he become Real Madrid supporter. Real Madrid is famous soccer team from Spain. This is proven by Bold with came to watch directly first match Real Madrid in this season face Deportivo La Coruna as guest on Saturday, August 29, 2009. Bolt also became Manchester United supporter in English Primaries League. “I become MU permanent supporter in English Primaries League. Now I also already became Real Madrid supporter because Ruud van Nistelrooy always became my favorite player,” says Bolt to the press at Bernabeu Stadium. “I like play soccer, cricket, or basket ball. Next when I to changed sport, I will choose the easier one.”

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

RIP of My Auntie

Yesterday on September 2nd, 2009, my beloved auntie dies at 56 years old. In my previous posting I written that my auntie get cancer but the last time checked is not breast cancer but breast tumor infection from inside wound already spread in her internal vital organs like liver, lung, and brain. The last day she gets bloody vomit from her internal organs wounds. Food gives to my auntie via small tube on her noses. But some food come to her stomach, she throws up four times of food sum mixed with blood. She can’t eat anymore. Doctors said the family must prepare for the worst condition. Doctor suggested to family that my auntie uses breath helper on her mouth but doctor also said this is only make longer her physical life but not her biological life because some internal organs is doesn’t works anymore. My uncle denied to used breath helper because if her wife dies, he doesn’t know that breath is from her beloved wife or machine. He wants his wife dies by naturally. And God have best plan for my auntie. She dies at 09.00 am at Dharmais Cancer Hospital in Jakarta. Doctor said my auntie dies because of multi organs failure. Goodbye my beloved auntie, I always remember your kindness, laughs, and of course your rica-rica (traditional delicious food from Manado, North Sulawesi). My auntie left husband and a daughter. Lesson from this happening is: don’t wait till everything too late.

Gay Group Criticize Italia Soccer Coach Marcello Lippi

Statement by Marcello Lippi about he don’t want to put in gay (homosexual) player in his soccer team get some critics. Italian Gay Defender Forum (Arcigay) back to accused Lippi has purpose to dropped gay community “Lipii with purpose poisoned with spread fear and suspicious especially in youth people,” that is some statement at Archigay website. Before, Lippi said that presence of gay player on his soccer team squad only give negative influence. Lippi exposed the statement because in this week often happen violence to gay community, especially in Rome City. A club for gay community even almost burn by mass.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Thailand Denied US Wants

Criminal Court in Thailand on August 11, 2009 refused United States (US) wants to extradition of arms merchant suspect from Russia, Viktor Bout (42 years old) known as “Merchant of Death”. The decision surprised US that for long time have closely relationship with Thailand. US government wants Bout will extradition in US to submitted the court from arms sale suggested to Revolution Armed Force of Colombia (FARC) army, Bout accused that for involved in million dollar US arms merchant conspiracy. US worried weapon for FARC will be use to kill US citizen.
“This is politic case. All this time FARC fight for political problem and FARC is not criminal group. We (Thailand) not considered FARC as terrorist group. Because of that, we think this is only politic movement,” says Chief Judge Jittakora Wattanazin in Bangkok after read that decision. Wattanasin stressed Thailand Court “we have no authority to conduct and give punishment for action by foreign citizen to another foreign citizen in other country”. Prosecutor only have 72 hours to submit their appeal. If not, Bout will be free. Bout had take arrested in US-Thailand operation mission in a luxurious hotel in Bangkok on March 2008, after he arrived from Moscow, Russia. All this time Bout suspected involve in some armed conflict in the world, like in Afghanistan, Angola, Congo Democratic Republic, Sierra Leone, Liberia, Rwanda, and Sudan. Bout also suspected sale weapon to former Liberia dictator, Charles Taylor, and Libya leader Moamaar Gadhafy. According to US government, Bout was business in arms merchant since 1990s by used cargo plane to all over the world direction, like Africa, Middle East, and South America. In accusation document, Bout was mentioned supply 700-800 missiles, 5,000 units AK-47, millions ammunition, rocket launchers, C-4, also helicopter, and unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV). In the beginning US hopes can trial Bout for four different cases, three of them can be bring Bout in the prison for his life time. But Bout many times argued this accused. Even Bout confessed that he only slender victim of US government. Bout also former United of Soviet Air Force member confessed that he in Bangkok for discussed about plane negotiation sale with a businessman form Bangkok. Wearing orange jailhouse uniform, after trial court Bout confessed want to back to his country as free man and normal life. Thailand Court decision have disappointed and happy respond. In one side, US government disappointed with this decision, “We disappointed and confused with that court decision. We will discuss with Thailand government. We think all facts in this case are very relevant with law in Thailand,” says Mission Chief Deputy of US Embassy in Thailand, James Entwistle. In other side, Russia feels satisfied and glad to hear this decision. In official statement from Foreign Affair Department of Russia on last February, mentioned Russia government considers about US effort to Bout extradition is “ashamed” and “confused”. Even Russia government make conclusion that US steps have political motive. Now US government back to accused that Russia with purpose to disturbing Bout trial process for only have aim to make Bout can back home to Russia.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Elmo Take Part in Financial Crisis

Children favorite character in Sesame Street story, Elmo, will present in the hottest issue of this year: economic crisis. Producers from Workshop non profit organization Sesame Street that produced Sesame Street children film will present Elmo in special edition. In that episode Elmo will try to explain to 2-8 years old children how to take attitude in the crisis right now. This special edition will be present on September 9, 2009. Elmo will try gives directive to family member, parent and children, how to pass trough this crisis time. In that chance, Elmo will accompany by Al Roker and Deborah Roberts. This special episode have goal to help family with children that in middle of recession to give some tips and strategies. This program will be included documentary film about America family who have financial problem, like fired, extraordinary thrifty for household expenditure. Beside that, Elmo will be accompany by financial adviser Jenan Chatzky and family relationship expert Joshua Coleman will expose his idea about family and financial problem that their faced. This experts will give directive how supposed parents explain to their children with the situation they must faced like losing job, their house seizure by bank, drastic decreased income because economize from company. This television program spread all over the world. In Germany, this program is known as Sesamestrasse, Zhima Jie in China, and Jalan Sesama in Indonesia. Children education program will celebration his 40th birthday on November.

Angola “Jurassic Park” Opened

Angola as know because oil and the best quality diamond product. But now, dinosaurs hunters explained that country have “underground museum” of rare fossil, some of them appearance in the soil surface wait to find. “Angola is part of final paleontology,” says Louis Jacobs from Southern Methodist University in Dallas, Texas, at last week in Dallas is part of Angola Paleo Project that hunt dinosaur’s fossil. In many areas, there are many fossils that visible in stones like an underground museum. The first report about dinosaurs in Angola made in 1960’s, but bloody war with Portuguese and followed by three decades of civil war caused no region can be explored. After peaceful agreement in 2002, that region reopened for fossil hunters. The biggest found happened when Octavio Mateus from New Lisbon University found 5 bones from left upper arm of sauropod dinosaurs at Iembe, that considered as first found from fossil in that area.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Mona Lisa Attacked

Mona Lisa painting at Louvre Museum, Paris, France, was attacked. A Russian woman throws a cup of coffee to the most famous painting in the world. Lucky, painting by Leonardo da Vinci protected by bullet proof glass so that coffee can’t make it dirty even only one drop. Woman who does that thing just for fun then pulled out by security officers. The 500 hundred years Mona Lisa painting was had been stolen, but returned two years later. Beside coffee, that painting also had been splashed by acid and stone. Fortunately, that painting is safe protected behind glass.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Fly with BataviaAir Again

I am not fanatic with BataviaAir flight, but I don’t have choice. I prefer flight with Garuda than BataviaAir. Because I often used Garuda flight if go to other cities. But meeting invitation came late to my office. Only one day before meeting in Surabaya. My Boss gives me duty that I can’t denied. “Sir, can I not come to this meeting because I have another task to finished.” No way. My Boss still in his decision that I should come to this meeting. My Boss have another task so he can’t come to Surabaya. So here I am, ready to go to Surabaya, East Java. I go in the early morning and back again to Jakarta in the afternoon. At this time is peak season in Indonesia because is nearly time with Ramadhan time (when Moslem have obligation to fasting) difficult to find flight over 7 o’clock in the morning. I got flight at 06.00 and 05.15 I must already check in. So I must go from home at 04.30. Still sleepy head. You can see airport and runaway in Soekarno Hatta Airport still foggy. In the plane, I really sleep for a while. Jakarta to Surabaya take 1 hour and 10 minutes flight time. When I go to Surabaya, I flight with Boeing 737-400. But from Surabaya I get flight with Boeing 737-200 is smaller and older than Boeing 737-400. Flight time is same. In this flight, I only get small bread and mineral water glass. I still hungry. So in Djuanda International Airport, I take breakfast with hot chicken soup. Yummy but expensive, the price is third times more expansive. After meeting I directly go to Djuanda Airport, fly with BataviaAir again. From Surabaya at 17.00 arrived in Jakarta at 18.00. Beside me is cute woman but she still busy with Eiji Yoshikawa book, Taiko. I busy too with my newspaper. Swear, I afraid if plane started to take off. Thank for God, everything going well. Now I prepare report about meeting. Wait a moment, Boss.

Climate Change Cause Bird Smaller

Australian birds had been smaller size in the last 100 years cause global warming effect. That explained by some experts. With used specimen at museum, researcher measure eight bird species body sizes. The result, that found that birds body size is smaller, looks like respond from climate change phenomenon. A biology expert from Australian National University (ANU), Janet Gardner, said that modern bird sizes smaller about 4 percent than then previous generation – changed according to researchers is significant enough. “Bird, like another animal, have tendency to smaller their size if they life in warmer climate because with small size make easy to lose heat temperature from body than bigger body animal,” says Gardner. “Animal individual from the same species, body size bigger from animal that life in pole than animal life in nearly equator.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

My Auntie Got Breast Cancer

Yesterday I came to Dharmais Cancer Hospital (Rumah Sakit Kanker Dharmais) on Slipi Jaya – West Jakarta. I visited my auntie. She got breast cancer stadium IV. It was highest level of cancer spread. She came too late to hospital to check her bruise on breast. She think that only little soft tumor. But every day is bigger and bigger. Unfortunately, my auntie affraid checked this bruise to doctor. She think is not hurt and not disturbed her daily activity. Year by year goes by....and now is almost nine years the bruise going worse and start to disturbing her activity. Check to docktor, laboratory tested result is breast cancer. So lesson for this condition, never delay to check to doctor before everything going worse. This week doctor has already have plan to make big operation procedure and cemotraphy. But my auntie dispressed and her condition drop. So the operation must canceled wait till my auntie condition going better. My auntie looks so thin and pale. The last time I see her last months still productive and joyful. Now she only silent when saw me. It is difficult for her to talk because feel so weak and queasy. Now she was in hospital treatment for two weeks and she finally resigned for her job. I hope my auntie condition going better and recover.

Monday, August 10, 2009

The Lucky Man

This man from Wichita, Edward William, have close relationship with Fortune Godness. He had already wins loterry twice in this year. William (47 years old) wins US$ 75,000 when he bought lottery ticket with nominal price US$ 10. He so happy at that time. He more happy when on Wednesday (August 5, 2009) succeed to make correct guessed of some number in Super Kansas Cash game. The prize is amazing, US$ 900,000. “When I wins lottery with amount US$ 75,000 I just amazed and think never get lucky again like that. But this one thing really make me almost unconcious,” his says. Friday last week, he goes to Topeka to get his prize. Prize from Super Kansas lotery only give once. After tax reduce, Williem added US$ 627,542 to his bank account. “When I win US$ 75,000. I buy a car and the rest it I buy stock marketable securities. This time, I will take the money to pension fund deposit. So U hope will get pension with quite and live in moderate style at 55 years old.”

Stock Index Going Better

In second quartal, more economy recovery signs happened. Beside decreased of unemployee workers stressed even unemployee level still high, in financial sectors alos reported that stock index in market is going better. Last Friday, US government announnced that unemployee worker in United State of America predictived will be increasing but the fact is just the opposite. From 9.5 percent on June down to 9.4 percent on July. Global stock market also going better since this summer. This singinificant increasing will keep move to the highest point in this years. In this week, Standard & Poor’s 500 index often to be global stock movement reference up in the amount of 1,000 point. For this year, S&P index uo 11.9 percent, Dow Jones up 6.9 percent, and Nasdaq 26.8 percent. Index CAC 40 France at the last week, incresed 1,24 percent to 3,521.14. Both this reached was the highest reached that never looked since November last year. In main Asia stok market, tjat is Tokyo, last week index reached to highest point for the last ten months, Nikkei-225 Index up to 135.56 point became 10,288.09. This position is the highest poibn since October 6, 2008. Previous week, London and Frankfurt stock market also stregthen. FTSE 100 Index reached 4,600 level and Dax Index reaached 5,300. Meanwhile, oil price increased to US$ 76 per barrel and became the highest price in this year. Stock Index recovered to position like on October and November last year after US big bank,. Lehman Brothers, collapse. The bank collapse belief as financial crisis epicentrum. Even the worst situation seem passed by, but hard to say that US economy condition was recovery.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Ex-Spy Regret

Spy from United Kingom (UK) was famous in Cold War era. Anthony Blunt, feel regret because had been spy for Rusia (USSR) interest, now was dismissed. That this he think as the biggest mistake in his life record. Regret of Anthony Blunt revealed in his biography book was published on July 7, `2009 or 25 years after his dead. Blunt had been art advisor for Elizabeth Queen II was started his carrier with youth idealism spirit. Blunt known as fourth man in spies circle recruited by Cambridge University. After that, he worked for M1-5, the UK secret services agency and leaked of hundreds important information to USSR. Blun recruited woth his three another colegge friends, that is Guy Burgess, Kim Philby, ad Donald Maclean in 1930s,. His curriculum vitae exposed some new infirmation about Bluent carrier likes his expectation to joined Communist Party that was did by some youth people. However, Burgess forbiden him. At that time Burgess had already reacruited by USSR and asked him be in dinguised eith worked in UK government. Blunt hoped he can end his carrier as spy after Worl War II and back to college and be histort of art expert.
“I dissapointed to marxisme and Rusia, I don;t want to know anymore about my Russian friends and just want to back to college. But the reality no so easily like that because I still know Guy, Donald, and Kim,” Blunt written about his resign reason. Burgess and Maclean than to be UK diplomate and moved to Moscow in 1951 after Philby exposed their secret. To save himself, Blunt asked to move to Rusia, but he refused. “Better for me to face all the risk than move to Rusia.” Philby still worked in MI-6 (special intelligent for foreign affair) and moved to Rusia in 1963. His double profession known in 1979 when Margaret Thatcher at that time was parlement member. This conditioan amolst make Blunt suicide or kill himself. “Many people say that suicide is horrible solution. After I think about it, that is coward solution.” Blunt in the end confessed all his sins and not punished for his repayment for give information about USSR. After that, Blunt dissapeared. Might be he life on one place in Europe before came back to UK. After finished written a book, Blunt asked UK library to keep it in 1984 and ordered not published that book until 25 years later.

Rusia Military Launched Six Foreign Satellites

Rusia government launched six foreign satellites on July 29, 2009 from Baikonur central of space control in Kazahkhstan. This six satellites is named DubaiSat-1, Deimosl, UK-DMC 2, Nanosat 1B, AprizeSat3, dan AprizeSat4. “The six satellites lauched to outer space use Rusia launcher, Dnepr,” says Rusia Military spokeman, Alexander Vovk, quotation from Interfax news agency. DubaiSat-1 (owned by Uni Emirat Arab) designed to soil surface survey, meanwhile Nanosta 1B (Spain) will uses to make nanotechnology experimental. Deimos1 and UK-DMC 2 (United Kingdom) are part of satellite constilation will use to disaster observer. Deimos (Spain) uses for agriculture and environment. The last, two satellites owned by Agertina, AprizeSat3 and AprizeSat4 will uses to developing telecommucation system services.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Microsoft-Yahoo Rely On Bing

Coorperation between Mocrosoft Corp and Yahoo Inc to MENGGANJAL Geogle will be more tighten. Microsoft search engine combine with Yahoo expert to get customers, with Bing, they will be a serious challange for Google. Competition between Google and Bing can be real if this cooperation have agreement from regulator. In stock market, Yahoo stock price down 12 percent. Imvestors feel disappinted because this cooperation only for temporary and not included down payment for Yahoo from that cooperation. Some investors hope of reached US$ 3 billion down payment, according to Berstein, accepted on Sunday August 2nd 2009.
“I more like money,” Ryan Jacob says, investor manager of Jacob Management Asset. He complains no down payment for Yahoo. Beside that, on product clause and budget aconomizing for this cooperation is not as high as they expectation. In other side, Microsoft stock price increased 1.4 percent and Google stock price down 0.8 percent. Yahoo prediction that cooperation will increasing their operational annual earnings to approximately US$ 500 million and cant cut operasional cost US$ 200 million. Yahoo also have expectation operasionacash flow will increase to US$ 275 million. Based on cooperation annoucement, Bing search enginee will increase Yahoo capacity. This cooperation only have one theoretical challange to Google at this time. That need at leas two and half years to get agreement from authority. At least, this cooperation will be fully effective in 2012. Microsoft and yahoo also have problem that is anti-trust issue. Google canceled their cooperation with Yahoo of end last year after get stressed from Departement of Justice. However, experts declared if that cooperation will continue after Obama governance evaluation about anti-trust. This cooperation will make heavy challange for Google. Both of cooperation must meet together and dicussion again after Yahoo refused Microsoft buy offered with price US$ 47,5 billion last years.

Enjoying Garden on the Roof

Garden on the roof was phenomenon in some enviromental care countries, before global warming issue released. Garden in the roof commonly can we finded in Japan, and some Europe countries, New Zealand, and United States of America. Lately is followed by Hongkong SAR and Malaysia. This garden not width, only take averange 100-2,000 squre meter. However, don’t you see from their width but see from spirit to build garden in the roof and spread spirit to build garden. In Hongkong SAR, avaranged citizen who don’t have yard dilligent to build mini garden in their roof or apartment. Some of them have spirit to put plant pot in the apartement or flat windows. They take care with the best effort of plant, and happy smile if they see their plant spread fragrance. Growing flower is relaxation and beutiful view for eyes. In Kuala Lumpur, they like to gardening in garden because make air more fresher and the temperature in their house not really hot like before. I hope this hobbiest can be spread in Jakarta. Makes Jakarta fresh....

Again From Garuda Indonesia

Enjoy direct flight with flat bed seats comfortable in executive class. Garuda Indonesia in their advertise in some newspaper, introduce direct flight from Jakarta to Soul (South Korea), Sydney and Melbourne (Australia) with their new Airbus A330-200 plane. This comfortable flight can you feel statrtingon August 1st, 2009. Executive Class will spoiling you with flat bed seats that can lie down until 180°, laptop power and personal 11” LCD touch screen and 9: personnal LCD touch screen in Economy Class. Audio and Video onDemand (AVOD) that enjoyable in all classes woth 25 film choices, 10 TV programs, 35 music album choices, and 25 interactive video games. For information and reservation, you can contact Call Center and Garuda Indonesia sales offices or your travel agent. You also can see the information at and 24 hours Garuda Indonesia information phone at 0 804 1 807 807 or (021) 2351-9999. I hope someday I can enjoy this flight too. I hope so....

Internet For Campaign in Japan

Seiji Ohsaka, a member of Japan parlement member from oposition side, feel disappointed when known taht he must stop posting in social networking Twitter when he make official campaign starting on August 18. Japan Election regulation in 1950 forbiden the candidate to update their pages, send electronic mail, or use social networking. That regulation, no attention from elector and most of them prefer to old campaign style, makes cyber politic not really popular in Japan. This condition contrast with 70 percent of Japan citizen who known internet. Survey by Tetsuro Inaba from Hitotsubashi University found that only 22 percent Japan elector received information by online in 2005 election. “Internet must use for campaign. That is impossible to say No Use Internet,” Ohsaka says. Face the reality, Democrat Party of Japan (DPJ) was declared to erase this internet for campaign forbiden in their program. Parties make connection with people by internet, So for that, they can use many methods and internet play big rules,” says Etsushi Tanofuji, Waseda University lecture. Analist said that politician from authority party, Liberal Democratic Party (LDP), feels no comfortable with reformation like that. “When they interest face with the new type media, they feel treated and hard for them to give green light,” says Yoshikazu Iwabuchi, lecture at Nihon University. Because politic outside campaign schedule is permited, blog politician owner and video from ministers in YouTube become usual to find it. DPJ politician broadcasted online pers conversion and downloadable games.

China Rich Cause Worker Force Contribution

China can finance United States of America (USA) economy because their work force bigger than children and senior citizen. That conclusion from an analysist to opened mystery why Beijing became USA main nett creditor. Ratio of work force and people who depend on workers make China luckier. This will keep continue for 15 next future years. In the other word, depend on in USA is higher than China. Bit this China benefit will be decreasing because increasing of senior citizen burden. That one of research result in Bank for International Settlement (BIS) publication in Basel, Swiss on Sunday, August 2nd, 2009. This study also explain that force worker compotition is asymmetrical between USA and China. Youth citizen starting to work at 15 years old in China. This 15 years old increase in China. This is make bigger of force worker number. Economist Guonan Ma and Zhou think the flentiful of China deposit can explain with lower of depend on level. This is pointed to 15 years old population ratio to worker population. Also with depend on senior citizen ratio, that is compare between retired age in over 65 yeras old percentage to worker force, China more superior than USA. In USA, youth citizen starting to work commonly over 18 yeras old. Beside that, senior citizen, retired people, is bigger. This demographic factor be main cause factor why China can buy many assets in all over the world, like to be USA obligation holder in numerous number. It is suprised in USA-China realtionship.

Monday, August 3, 2009

Ex-Philippines Leader Corazon Aquino Dies at 76

Ex-the 11st Philippine president Corazon Aquino (or her nick name famous is Cory) dies on Sunday, August 1, 1009, in Manila caused by advanced colon cancer that she long had been suffering. Philippine and world citizen feel sorrow after heard this news. Many feel like sad and happy mixed remembered what the late have done. Sad because Philippine democration icon with shinning inner beuaty to all over the world has passed away. Happy because Cory is one country moral icon who not tempted to misuded his power that she get from Ferdinand Marcos , the previous persident. “Mother died in peace on August 1, 2009 at 03.18 am,” says her son, Senator Benigno Aquino Jr, outside Makati Medical Center, Manila. Cory got medical treatment in this hospital for a few days before she dies. Yes, I also sad here Corazon Aquino died because she is one of my president idol. I remember when I in junior high school, oftened heard news from televison or radio and also read it in newaspaper about her life and leadership. She is get president when Indonesia president Soeharto has power. Both of them now is gone. Based information from World Health Organization (WHO) in the world, colon cancer is kill 655,000 person every year. So from this fact is not wrong if colon cancer placed the second position of the most killer cancer. Philippine president Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo where at that time was visiting United States of America, directly declared ten days of national mourning. Arroyo called Corazon Aquino as national asset. Cory was house wife type who have not political ambition, to be president because by condition pr destiny. However, she morality, humble, low profile, kind, and personal greatness make her always remembering by Philippine and maybe the world citizen. Her prestiges was increased suddenly after her husband dead becuase shooted when he landed in Manila International Airport in 1986. Prediction of his died because president Marcos plan. But until now, there never know who really asasination of Benigno Aquino mastermind. Good bye, Cory.....I always remember you....

IMF : Indonesia Stronger Faces Crisis

International Monetary Fund praised Indonesia stage to overcome global economy crisis. If government consistent to his regulation, Indonesia will recovery in two years. Chief of IMF Representative in Indonesia, Thimas Rimbaugh, explains this thing in teleconference from Washington DC on July 29, 2009, Rombaugh gives result report from IMF executive council about Indonesia. “Indonesia already take good action in this crisis impact, even can be projection to be big three developing of G-20 countries,” says Rimbaugh. IMF see Indonesia in very good macroeconomy condition when crisis happening. This condition also supported by suitable to correct regulation to face crisis. One of Indonesia benefit compare to another Asia Pacific countries who depend on export is domestic market. IMF prediction Indonesia will still keeping this good condition. Economy recovery in first quarterly run faster than prediction be one factor to increasing investors trust. Rimbaugh said, in fiscal regulation side, stimulus must be still programming, specially in infrastructure. For that, IMF thinks stimulus packet still continue in 2010. To reduce budget defisit, to stricten tax regulation and reduce energy subsidies can created space for fiscal. In moneter regulation side, IMF thinks need more loosen, more space for Bank of Indonesia to cut interest rate. Indonesia devisa reserve at this time is safe enough. Until last Juni 2009, total of devisa reserve managed by Bank of Indonesia was reached US$ 57,58 billion dollar. IMF prediction that is inflation for this year approximately 5 percent, even in the last quarterly of this yaer maybe around 4 percent, and for next year prediction inflation will be stabil in 5 percent.

The Last Maharani of India

Mahari Gayatri Devi, 90 year old, had closed her glamour and colourful life journey. Her dead will be the last era for India aristrocrat era. In one ceremony for her dead, Amot Roy, a veterant comentator, says “Passed away of Mahari Gayatri Devi make the truly India queen is over.” Born from aristocrat family, Devi growe up in palace on Jaipur with 500 servants. In her popular otobiography, A Princess Remembers, Devi said his during her childhood, she arounded by 100 mahouts (elephant trainer), 20 gardener, 20 horse worker, one tenis coach, and many servant and chef. Devi very close with British Kindom families. By international society, she known as jet set queen who like speaks with Elizabeth Queen from England in polo match, dance in night club, and ruler of Jaipr Palace life. After India freedom frm England in 1947, Devi chosen her carrier to be potician as parlement member. She also had been jailed for five months in 1975 for tax blackout accused that never proven followed his oods with India Prime Minister in that time, Indira Gandhi. The Times of India pictured Devi as “four years old little girl who life in London and often shopping at Harrods alone”. At 21 years old, she already had her own privacy jet plane. Mail Today remembered Devi ate caviar when she in jail and driven white jaguar car. Her merried with Maharaja Jaipur also recorded in Guinness Book of World Records as the most expensive merried ever. Devi represnted some noble and aristrocrat traditon, that is maharani must be pretty, powerful, world jet set society, closely friend of Birtish Kindom families, and strong politician. That what Hindustan Times discribed her.
At 14 years old, Davi falling in love woth Maharaja Jaipur and merried with him as third wive. Her life change to be more glamour. But she must obey some tradition for women. One of them is purdah tradition or secluded of marriageable girl. From that, she fight so that girl in India given more freedom. IN 1943, Devi opened school for girl named from her name, Gayatri Devi. Now is still one of the best school in India. After her husband died in 1970, Devi more active in social life. Her time divided between in London when summer time and in India when winter season before she falled sick a few week ago. His corpse was buried in Jaipur and will be cremation.

Car Bomb Explosion in Madrid.

At least 50 person injure by car bom explosion outside Civil Guard army bararck complex in Burgos City, Nort Spain on Wednesday, July 29, 2009. This explosion blow up at 04.00 am on local time, destroyed biggest part of outside wall Civil Guard barrack, this place is domicily for paramiliter police officer and his family. Local pers reported, van that explode was loaded 200 kg bomb material. Police departemen said 46 person who life in barack, including 22 women and 6 children, most of them had no seriously injured, like wounded by piece of glass. Spain Internal Affair Ministry Alfredo Perez Rubalcab who visitid bomb explosion location directly accused ETA (for Euskadi ta Askatasuna, which means “Basque Fatherland and Liberty”) as actor behind this tragedy. Bom esplosion happened only to day before 50 years ETA fonded ceremony on July 31, 2009.

Reopening of Ritz-Carlton and JW Marriott Hotel

After 12 days closed cause by bomb explosion, two luxurious hotels at Mega Kuningan Jakarta,Ritz-Carlton and JW Marriott reopening Wednesday on July 29, 2009 at 10:00 am. In the written explanation, Ritz-Carlton Management clarified that two hotels officially reopening. Based on Management, before bom bluster, security procedure in hotel already in high level position. Meanwhile, after the bom bluster, security procedure in hotel will be more upagrader again. However, safety and comfortly of guests still in first priority. Even the hotel was opened for public, security in both hotel still closely guarded and guest will be check their all bodies one by one. At Ritz-Carlton and JW Marriott Hotel still watching in front and inside the building. A dog still preparing in hotel lobby. In other part of hotel, some workers busy to finished Airlangga Restorant renovation, included cookie shop. From this restorant the bomb explosion came from.
This time, not many guest take lunch at Prime Restorant in Ritz-Carlton Hotel. Lift for guest had already fixed and can be use by guests. Before that, the guest must used goods and employee lift, because the lift had damage too by bomb explosion. JW Marriott Hotel where have location side by side with Ritz-Carlton Hotel is already busy and operating to served their guests. Sailendra Restorant was visited by many guests. Security procedure in JW Marriott Hotel also extra stricted. Every guest must passed detail and careffuly inspection before they enter to Hotel.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

World Cup Treat By A-H1N1 Virus Infected.

Plan to celebrate World Cup in South Africa can’t run from shadowing of A-H1N1 infected treatment. Connected to this case, World Health Organization (WHO) met with South Africa government on July 28, 2009. From meeting between WHO and South Africa government heart of matter is how to prevent and push potention of infection and A-H1N1 impact. On schedule, World Cup in South Africa will be present on June and July 2010. According WHO, in that month is the peak period of virus spread because earth in west side moving to winter seaseon. WHO and South Africa right now still make plan to prevent A-H1N1 maximality. In World Cup 2010, South Africa will accept 450.000 guest from foreign countries. WHO suggested South Africa government to avoid place for supportes meeting nearly with place suspect that have A-H1N1 infected cases. WHO also suggested to provide immunity vaccine and masker to early prevention. In World Ciup 2006 in Germany, WHO also gove suggested to football supporters to not closely with school that indentification have diseases attack. The last WHO report said 95,000 person on the world get A-H1N1 infection and 816 person is dead. WHO also said the vaccine for this disease possibility available on September. Beside World Cup 2010, WHO also take attention to hajj ritual in Saudi Arabia. Same with South Africa, WHO also discussing this problem with Saudi Arabia government.

China Will Be Number 2

If we compared betweenUnited State of America (USA) and China economical dynamic in the middle of global financial crisis is so contrast. USA financial is depressed or become slow and China is very enthusiastic. China enthusiastic more showing because it is almost definite China will take over Japan position as the second biggest economy por. Meanwhile, USA as the biggest economy power right know have many problem cause started from finacial crisis. Effort to release frim this crisis more difficult because budget deficit reached over US$ 1 trillion. Problem of budget and trade deficit with China makes this problem as main topic of USA-China discussion in Washington, USA. Until May 2009, USA deficit in their trading with China reached US$ 84,6 billion and for 2008 reached US$ 268 billion. That is already appear prediction that not until next 50 years, China will be number one economy power change USA position. If this prediction is correct, it will be reapeatly of China history. In te beginning 19th century, China showed as biggest economy power in the world. Based on prediction, in 1820 China controlled approximately 29 percentof global economy activities. Observator tendency think China will be main locomotove to pull out another countries from crisis, because this country can keep their economic progress averanged 7 percent and succeed to make stimulus work. Can imagine, after this global economy crisis over, China will more step forward because infrastructur already built as long as crisis happen with stimulus packet worth US$ 586 million. So we can wait can China take over USA position as the biggest economy power?

New Loan Rp 3 Trillion from France

France government gove loan by Climate Change Program Loan (CCPL) mechanism with nominal Rp 3 trillion (US$ 300 million) or totally is Rp 5 trillion (US$ 500 million) for two last years. This addition budget hope can increasing Indonesia ability to decrease negative impacts by global climate change. This loan loan transfer do by credit facility agreement assignment between Director General of Loan Management, Departement of Finance, Rahmat Waluyanto and France Associated for Development representative , Joel Daligault in Jakarta. CCPL Stage 1 will clearane in 2008 worth US$ 200 million or Rp 2 trillion. Rahmat said for the same purpose, Indonesia also get loan from Japan International Corporation Agency (JICA) worth US$ 400 million or Rp 4 trillion, so total loan for climate change reached US$ 900 million.

Pintu Terlarang Win Best Film in Bucheon

Pintu Terlarang (Forbiden Door) directed and scenario by Joko Anwar, production by LifeLike Picture wins highest appreciaton as best film on Puchon International Fantastic Film Festival 2009. This award given in closing this festival on July 23, 2009 in Bucheon, South Korea. PIFAN is the biggest festival for fantasy and horror genre film in Asia, with affliation in European Federation of Fantastic Fuilm Festival. It is the 13th festival followed 200 chosen film all over the world. 12 of those film chosen to winning best appreciation, including Hollywood horror movie tittle Cold Souls, and Martyr (France) that already get attention in Cannes Film Festival. Pintu Terlarang with produser by Sheila Timothy and starring by Fachri Albar, Marsha Timothy, Ario Bayu, Otto Djauhari, Henidar Amroe, and Tio Pakusadewo, story about a success sculptor whhen suddnly face some misteries that make dangerous his life. Pintu Terlarang get praises from international criticus, including from TIME International magazine and The Hollywood Reporter, was many times following presticious international film festival inlucing on those festival is Rotterdam International Film Festival, Udine Far East Festival, New York Asian Film Festival, and Neuchatel Fantastic Film Festibal. This film was adaptation from Sekar Ayu Asmara novel. This film also have plan schedule to following Toronto After Dark Film Festival, Vancouver International Film Festival, and London International Film Festival.

Uighur Leader Visiting Japan

Visiting of minority Uighur China, Rebiya Kadeer (62) to Japan, Tuesday om July 28, 2009, make Beijing government disappointed. China disappointed when Japan to give entering permit to someone who have criminal lebeling by her own government. “Pretend ignored to repeatly softly warning by China government, Japan government is still give Rebiya Kadeer to do her separatism activities,” say spokeman from Department of Foreign Affair China, Qin Gang. Last Sunday, documenter film with title Ten Conditions of Love about Uighur prominent figure and was nominated for Peace Nobel 2006 is fail to play in Melbourne International Film Festival. The director pull out this film because have protest from China government. Even in last week, Melbourne International Festival website attacked by hacker by sent China flag. After that 4 China films also pull out from festival.
However, spokeman from Departemen of Foreign Affair Japan, Kazuo Kodama said arrival Rebiya Kadeer to Japan is not official visiting and no have meeting with anyone in Japan government official. “We check visa request from her, so we give permition base on usual procedur,” said Kodama. He sure visiting for three days of Rebiya to Japan will not distrub Japan-China relationship. Rebiya, mother of 11 children and World Uighur Congress leader stay in Washington, USA, China government accused her of masterminding for protest action that changed to be violance action in Urumqi, capital of Uighur city, Xinjiang Province, in China on early this one with 197 death victims. “I go to here in order to Japan people to know what really happen in Uighur. How they cacthed and then killed,” say Rebiya when interviewed by NHK, Japan televison.

Go to Barbershop

Yestedat I go to barbershop tp cut my hair. My hair is too long for an employee. So I look not like employee but freeman. Beside that, I feel hot in my head especially when I sweaty. So annoying. So after office hours, I had plan to directly go to barbershop near at my home in Tengerang City. I must stand in line because this barbershop is popular enough. After wait for 15 minutes, I go my turn. Tariff for cut hair in this barbershop is moderate. Not cheap and also not too expensive. For adult is Rp. 9,000 (US$ 0.9), child Rp 6,000 (US$ 0.6). The last time I cut my hair is a month ago, the tariff is Rp 7,000. I asked barbershop employee why they tariff increase. They said must increasing tariff because everything prices is increasing too. Like electric energy, soap, and other. But I think for barbershop they only use scissor and to do they jobs. For me, the inceasing tariff is fine, but many customers protest with this regulation. But what can we do?
Compare with cheap barbershop, the put tariff for Rp. 3,000 – 5,000 and for expensive class like executive barbershop or saloon, tariff is more over tahn Rp. 10,000. I had experience cut myhair in saloon, I must pay Rp. 30.000 plus tips. But the result is same with this barbershop. So why I must spend more money in saloon if I can get better.
I like cut my hair in this place because I know the employee. They are polite, patient, and as customer I get massage in head, shoulder, and hand after they cut my hair. Duration for cutting my hair is 15 minutes plus 2-3 minutes for massage. I give tips to barbershop employee Rp. 2,000. If you think the tariff is enough, is okay to not give tips. It is depend on us. I look myself in the mirror. I look more handsome than before, ha..ha..ha...


Bioterrorism is release germ or microbe purposely that cause diseases like virus, bacteria, or another micro organism with target to make pain or death especially to human. Patogen microorganism can be spread in the air, water resource, or food. The story goes that patigen mico organism has been developing asa biological weapon in war since 6th century. In 1520 reported a Spain General, Fransisco Pizarro, who lead his army to conquered Inca Kingdom in Peru give cloth contain small vox to Inca people. We know the impact of this disease to them. Now, bioterrorism has been global treatment because the spread of this disease so fast and no have border . Bioterrorism more dangerous than conventional bomb because the action is hard to detect. It is different with bomb blaster like in Jakarta, directly we can feel the impact and immadiately can be overcome. Meanwhile infection disease by microorganism need time to cause impact. The patient still going around and infected diseases to another person. Micro orgnism also can be growth so bioterrorism will have potensial to kill more people than convensional bomb. The biologist agent chosen commonly cause pain or mass deathly, like anthrax, small vox, ebola, and botulinum. As sxample, anthrax cause by Bacillus anthracis bacteria, produces very stabil spora and still life in soil or water for a long time. This is micro organism match to be used as bioterrorism.
Microorganism for bioterrorism can be very dangerous, like easy to outbreak, big number of victim, and need special overcoming, because this terror design to make panic and social chaos in society. To prevent and overcome bioterrorism need to participaty for all party. From society, medical officer, scientist, and police, need to aware about bioterrorim pontention and they must have enough information about how to prevent and overcome it. Police and other security officer likes in public area must have basic knowledge to secure people from this treatment. Scienctish need to involve to detection, indentification, and to trace source of biologist agent. Scientist also need to development medicine or cure biologist agent. All people must be beware of bioterrorism. We don’t know when this terror will be happen.

Indonesia United : We Not Affraid

After bomb blaster at Mega Kuningan, Jakarta, friendship appication programs like Facebook and Twitter crowded by comments to expression their anger, condemn, nauseated, emphaty and other feeling to terrorist action. This all feeling then make growing discussion about how to act facing bomb blaster in Jakarta. Not so long, born Indonesia Unite community that asked people do not affraid to terrorist action (because it is terrorist want for their action) and more self binded and proud to be part of Indonesia. Raising the Sang Saka Merah Putih (means Indonesia flag or nationalism spirit) in twitters photos. The next step of community is make t-shirt, ballon, and sticker instribed with words : “Kami Tidak Takut” (We Not Affraid). All this steps is to urged people not to stop their activities because affarid of bomb or bomb treatment around them.
“If our activities stop, Indonesia economy will collaps, because of that come on keep work like usual , dont be surender to terrorists,” say Yudi, one of twitters met last Friday at Mazee FX.
Response for urged dont be affraid and not give up to terror is echoing on and on and have wide response from all society levels. They do something to not surrender and affraid to terrorist. For example, Indah and Iwan Espeje makes full support to Indonesia Unityed. This spouse since four years ago feel no worries by travell warning regulation to Indonesia after Bali bomb blaster and Kuningan have blog “Indonesia Bertindak” (Indonesia Action). Both of then always campaign by “Indonesia Dangerously Beatiful” slogan. “Travel warning we response back with statement how beautiful Indonesia and what they gonna loses if not come this amazing country.” With t-shirt, pin, sticker, and bag selling, they keep campaign in Indonesia and foreign countries. This day many ways do by people to not stop show their love to Indonesia. I love Indonesia too.....

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Swim Suit Technology Competition is Over

Fédération Internationale de Natation (FINA) is the International Federation (IF) for administering international competition in the aquatic sports on July 24, 2009, was agreed that starting in 2010 high technology swim suit is forbiden. Swim athlete only allowing use textile material for swim suit. Based site, only 7 countries ignore or disagree with this forbiden idea for use plastic and kind of that for swim suit. In the order side, more over 180 countries agree with this regulation and supported this idea. This proposal comes from USA. This proposal appraisal by almost congress members as answered for controvertion raised on February 2008. On that time, Speedo released new high technology swim suit material from polyurethane (some kind of plastic) named LZR. Since that, technology competition happened in swim suit producers. In the same time, a hundred times record falling down changes by new record. This situation makes swimming competiton no longers depend on the athletes but also depend on what swim suit technology they use. This situation is not good for swimming sport. Swimming already swim suit producers competition and not the atheletes. Because this forbiden effective on 2010, this swim suit technology still can be used in international competition in 2009. Polyurethane is non textile material because can absorp water and make the air trap. Textile material is commonly made by fiber likes cotton, sewed and not water resistance.

Travel Warning Not Withdraw Australian to Jakarta

At least 24 Australian to still comes to Jakarta although Australia Government released travel warning. The 24 Australians are golf players who comes to following Asian Golf Tournament at Damai Indah Golf, Bumi Serpong Damai, Tangerang, on July 23-36. They are part of 140 foreign golf players would to comes to the first intenational tournament after bomb blaster in Jakarta. Gary Simpson, one of Australian golf players said he still comes although his government released travel warning. “However, I ignored it. I am sure Jakarta is safe for us,” say Simpson. Simon Griffiths, another Australian players say “I think there is no reason for me to be affraid. This situation can be happen on every where place in this world, including in London.” So, you don't worry to come to Jakarta.
In the same time, Jakarta also present Indonesia International Motor Show (IIMS) at Hall A and B, Pekan Raya Jakarta (PRJ) until August 2, 2009. In this motor show event, you can see Hummer Limosin, Hyundai i20 (city car), Proton, and other great cars. This show followed by 21 brands. But BMW, Mercedes Benz, and General Motor Auto World Indonesia absent in this event. IIMS 2009 ticket for Sunday-Thurday is Rp. 20.000 (US$ 2) and Friday-Sunday is Rp 30.00 (US$ 3).

Virginity Auction via Internet

I just to know, that is not only old and antique things can be listing in auction market, but virginity also can be auction. Like bews source from The Sun that Evelyn Ducvos, 18 years old woman from Equador, auction her virginity for £ 2 million or US$ 3,8 million. Evelyn have to do this because she need money to take care his mother and to finished her study in school of medicine. Her salary as employee in Valencia is not enough for that. This auction until today is have no bidder. Maybe is too expensive for them. Based on history, virginity auction is started when a virgin from Rumania, Alina Parcea, succeed to offered her virginity to a 45 years old man from Italy with bid £ 8.782. So big different price to what Evelyn offered. Then they met on a hotel in Venice to finished the transaction. Alina need money to finished his study in computer college. This man said Alina, treated her so gentle and polite. “Honestly, I really bervous but he makes me comfort and everything is gonna be alright and I like it,” say Alina. Alina also bring certificated to prove that she is virgin to the Italian Man. Do you intersting to follow this auction? For me this auction too weird or I just old fashion for this? But I disagree to this auction. Technology really have two faces.

Reduce Global Warming From Working Place

At least 1/3 of ourtime in a day spending to do job in office. Many person not aware that make our working mindset on our head and have impact to our life style, healthy, and satisfied. Unfortunately, awareness of the impact for enviroment frim our working activities is lack. Office building and the activities doing by employee everyday use electric energy, water, papaer and other resourses making contribution to carbon gas emission. This emission is to be the main cause of global warming.
For example, environment scientist said that averange paper use in an office is 0,5 kg each employee per day. Ans total employees in Jakarta approximately 4 million, so take a half pf this number use paper for their jobs. So that more than 1 million kg of paper consumption to this working activites each day. To produce 1 ton paper need 10 trees. Than on one day employees in Jakarta need averange 10.000 trees. Survey from MARS Indonesia said 78,4 percent emloyees in Indonesia is more comfortable to use private vechicle to office than use public vehicle like bus or train.How many gasoline needed for this and how many air pollution makes from this vehicles. Can you imagine how much emission must be burden by our atmosphere. This is bad news. But the good news is we can change our bad habit in office and starting to give contribution to slow down the destroyer effect for our earth. Many little thing in office that we can do. Like using used paper, shutdown computer and lamp after finished our working hours, hybernate the computer to help reduce electric energy. Corporation also can following to reduce global warming effect by provide bus for employee, use technology teleconference to reduce travel cost. Beside make reduce of pollution, this action also hgve efficiency for corporation.

Bacteria produces sugar

Genetic modification of saccharaphagus degradans bacteria in tested for commercial scale able to change 1 ton of celluosa to sugar in 72 hours. This result showed this organism have potential to produce more cheaper and efficient etanol in industy scale. Microorganism from Chesapeake Gulf in Maryland, USA, have been modification by Steven Hutcheson, cell biology and mollecular genetic professor from Marykand University. In 2006, Smatis, a start up company, developing for commercial scale.

World More Warmer, Star More Smaller

Climate change make impact to some species in every place on earth. From polar bear in the Artic to ridge of rock in tropic sea. Two ecology changes was recorded is some species – animal and plant – moving to higher places and also moving to different diagonal places for searching suitable temperature. The other changed is life cycle of some species and flower season and bird migration had already time changed. Now is third changed, that is increasing Earth temperature following with smaller size of organism – even community or individual size. This is declared by team leader of Martin Dauftesne reasearcher from cemagref Aix-en-Provence, researcher institute owner by France govenment. Result from this study will be exposed in scientist journal Proceedings of The National Academy of Sciences. This research had taken the long time studies in water community – including bacterium, fitoplankton, and fish in river, lake, and ocean, based Daufresne, fish group in rivers in France is decrease of amount more than 60 percent in the study for two decades.

Jakarta needs Rp. 104.9 Billion for Recovery

To recovery Jakarta image as safe city after bomb blaster at JW Marrriot Hotel and Rotz Charlton Hotel are more complicated than recovery Bali after bomb blaster. The reason is jakarta have multy dimention side as capital of Indonesia, government center, the enter gateway for foreign investment, trade, and tourism. As government center, Jakarta must show to the public that they still exist and ready to give services to citizen and society. Jakarta need ti finished this bom blaster case immidiately, including tp reveal motivation behind the bomb blaster. It is important to increase compfortibilty of economy activities, specially consumption in the big cities. Based from this fact, budget for Jakarta recovey will be the same with Bali recovey. Budget for Bali used by government to recovery tourism industry is Rp. 104.9 billion. From this amount, Rp 34.8 allocated to increased Bali security and give to police department. Jakarta need budget ti increase security in entering and exit gateway, public fasilutuesm and cost for police department.

Beckham Still Patient.

Do you like football? Of course, football in the world have different mean with United State of America (USA). In USA maybe the popular name for this sport is soccer. In America football is not really popular comparing with basket ball (NBA) or softball. I know, in USA playing ball sport with hand is more populer than playing ball with foot. Beckham, one of my favorite football player is play in Los Angeles Galaxy team, USA. David Beckham can't hide his expectation to play football again with AC Milan, Italy. He wants come back to San Siro if football competition season in USa is over this year. At this time, David Beckham must play with his club LA Galaxy. Bekham looks don't care if his come back to AC Milan makes angry LA Galaxy supporters. Victoria Beckham husbam choose to concentration in every LA Galaxy match and don't want his performa disturbing by supporters mockery who labeled him as betrayer because ignore to comeback to LA Galaxy after his borrower status in AC Milan was over in last March. Beckham also make enemy with his partner team and icon of LA Galaxy, Landon Donovan. But right now his relationship with Donovan is going better. However, Beckham still worries if his children Brooklyn, Romeo, and Criz watch the LA Galaxy supporters mockering him. Be patient, Beckham.

Only One Child Program Is Not Enough

Since 1979, China Government reagulated ony One Child Program for family who life in cities. For people who life in rural they have permited to have more than one child. Family in city who disobey this regulation must paid high fine, although sometimes they get discrimination in their office. After this regulation run make new problems. Propotion of senior citizen with productive age ciziten not balance anymore. This problem also makes unbalance jender proportion cause in China tradition mostly like to get boy than girl baby. Because of that, many parents in the cities chosen abortion way when they know get girl fetus. Except that, in future their afraid lack of worker. Singel child in family is tender to be egoism and spoiled. Many little boys in China get title as “Little Caesar”. Growing as single child is not always easier. Many parent want their child to be number one in everything. So the only child must followed they parent want and expectation. Sometimes parent too many push their child to do what they want.
Lately, this One Child Program regulation will be loosen. Government today pushing the parents to have second children. This is suitable with women expectation in China. China Daily explain 70,7 percent China womwn want more tahn one child in their family, 83 percent wants have one boy and one gorl in their family. Shanghai Govenment supported the regulation for two children. Shanghai itself is the most densily populated in China mainland. Three million population in Shanghai is 60 years old or approximately 22 percent of population. In 2002, thispopulation increase to 34 percent. Not all parents agree with the reagulation. They said to growing up one child is so difficult. The One Child Program that we know get many critics and protests from China itself and other countries. Because to make One Child Program running well, the government legally abortion and other violonce to women. China government want they population still on 1,36 million next year or same with this year.

Big Leap For Garuda Indonesia

President of Republic of Indonesia, Susilo Bambang Yudhono praises recovery of Garuda Indonesia works. His said that recovery by state-owned corporation like Garuda, including to put professional as leaders was bring state-owned corporation make big progress. President mekes this statement when he comes to opened ceremony in Soekarno Hatta Airport at Tangerang on July 23. President gives example what Garuda Indonesia Airlines reached. This national airlines was suffered Rp 811 billion (US$ 81,1 million) financial loss in 2004. But, since 2007 their have profit Rp 60 billion (US$ 6 million), and nett income for 2008 increased to Rp 699 billion (US$ 69 million). Garuda already improve their company management to increasing their services quality, effiency, productivity, and competition power. “I want to say thank you and appreciation to State Owner Corporation Minister and staff for their jobs to improve the company and make it better every years,” say President.
Data for the last four years, Garuda Indonesia management succeed to change loss to profit. From suffer Rp 811 billion financial loss (2004) to eached profit Rp 669 billion (2008). Profit have deeply meaning in the middle of international airlines collaps and global crisis. One of big leap from Garuda is to added and renovation their fleet. If this year Garuda only have 62 planes to fly, in 2014 reach 116 planes. 50 units is Boeing 737-800NG (next generation) was ordered and the first planes comes in this month, On services for long haul already ordered 10 units of B777-300ER (Extended Range) and will came in 2011. For this year, Garuda Indonesia will bring their customer to new and more comfortable zone by 4 new Airbus A330-200 for long haul or long distance destination.
For illustration of new Garuda Indonesia Airbus A330-200, Executice Class have 36 Flat Bed Seats to maximality your rest on plane. This seat is like your bed with large space for foot. Facilitated with laptop power, personal reading light, drink bottle holding, and touch 11 screen LCD TV. Economy Class have 186 ergonomic seats with 31 inch space for foot, and 9 inch touch screen LCD TV with remote. This plane also have audio video on demand start with 25 films selection, 10 TV programs, music album, and 25 kind of interactive video games each class. And aircraft performance this airbus use Rolls Royce Trent 772 engine can reach 22,550 km in standard configuration. This engine also environmental friendly.