Sunday, July 26, 2009

Jakarta needs Rp. 104.9 Billion for Recovery

To recovery Jakarta image as safe city after bomb blaster at JW Marrriot Hotel and Rotz Charlton Hotel are more complicated than recovery Bali after bomb blaster. The reason is jakarta have multy dimention side as capital of Indonesia, government center, the enter gateway for foreign investment, trade, and tourism. As government center, Jakarta must show to the public that they still exist and ready to give services to citizen and society. Jakarta need ti finished this bom blaster case immidiately, including tp reveal motivation behind the bomb blaster. It is important to increase compfortibilty of economy activities, specially consumption in the big cities. Based from this fact, budget for Jakarta recovey will be the same with Bali recovey. Budget for Bali used by government to recovery tourism industry is Rp. 104.9 billion. From this amount, Rp 34.8 allocated to increased Bali security and give to police department. Jakarta need budget ti increase security in entering and exit gateway, public fasilutuesm and cost for police department.

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