Sunday, July 26, 2009

Only One Child Program Is Not Enough

Since 1979, China Government reagulated ony One Child Program for family who life in cities. For people who life in rural they have permited to have more than one child. Family in city who disobey this regulation must paid high fine, although sometimes they get discrimination in their office. After this regulation run make new problems. Propotion of senior citizen with productive age ciziten not balance anymore. This problem also makes unbalance jender proportion cause in China tradition mostly like to get boy than girl baby. Because of that, many parents in the cities chosen abortion way when they know get girl fetus. Except that, in future their afraid lack of worker. Singel child in family is tender to be egoism and spoiled. Many little boys in China get title as “Little Caesar”. Growing as single child is not always easier. Many parent want their child to be number one in everything. So the only child must followed they parent want and expectation. Sometimes parent too many push their child to do what they want.
Lately, this One Child Program regulation will be loosen. Government today pushing the parents to have second children. This is suitable with women expectation in China. China Daily explain 70,7 percent China womwn want more tahn one child in their family, 83 percent wants have one boy and one gorl in their family. Shanghai Govenment supported the regulation for two children. Shanghai itself is the most densily populated in China mainland. Three million population in Shanghai is 60 years old or approximately 22 percent of population. In 2002, thispopulation increase to 34 percent. Not all parents agree with the reagulation. They said to growing up one child is so difficult. The One Child Program that we know get many critics and protests from China itself and other countries. Because to make One Child Program running well, the government legally abortion and other violonce to women. China government want they population still on 1,36 million next year or same with this year.

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