Monday, July 20, 2009

Welcome To Bandung

Bandung also knowed as Paris van Java, is crowded in week end or holiday. Many tourism object you can visit in Bandung. If you like nature object, you can visiting Tangkuban Perahu, tea plantation on Lembang, Dago, and many object. Next time I will inform you more. If you like to shoping especially cloth, you can come to factory outlet (FO). FO means clothes have pabric prince with export quality. You must carefull not all clothes have good quality. But you don’t worry, the famous FO usually sell good quality. Or if you like culiner, many place you can visit. Bandung famous food is Siomay Riri, Brownies Kukus Amanda (many fake brownies with almost same name and packaging), serabi NHI, mie kocok, kupat tahu, and so on. Too many place. In Bandung, usually I choose to stay at my parent house. Why? I like before in week end or holiday, Bandung is too crowded. In ordinary day, form my parent house to down town only takes 30 minutes. In holiday? Wow, I must take two hours to get to down town. You must patient with traffic jam in Bandung on the week end. So enjoy Bandung.

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