Monday, July 20, 2009

Prudential Insurance Offered

Three days a go I got phone from Citibank. They offered me to follow Prudential Insurance via Citibank Credit Card. So every month my credict will autodebet for paid premium insurance. They offered me that insuranced covered various diseases and I claim 100 percent from insurance. The Citibank officer said for ten special diseases covered only 50 percent. I forget all of ten diseases, but some is heart attack, stroke, and diabetes. The officer added I also can follow special insurance for three man diseases. Again, I forget but one of them is prostat cancer. The premium insurance is not expensive, only Rp. 110.000/month (it’s about US$ 10/month) for 10 years. Truthly, I interest but I already have another insurance from another bank. They are too late to give me this offered. If you are Citibank credit card member and interest to follow this program, you can contact Citibank officers. This program offered for selection citibank credit card member. The insuranced covered almost all diseases including if you are dead by suicide (who want to suicide to get insurance?).

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