Sunday, July 26, 2009

Beckham Still Patient.

Do you like football? Of course, football in the world have different mean with United State of America (USA). In USA maybe the popular name for this sport is soccer. In America football is not really popular comparing with basket ball (NBA) or softball. I know, in USA playing ball sport with hand is more populer than playing ball with foot. Beckham, one of my favorite football player is play in Los Angeles Galaxy team, USA. David Beckham can't hide his expectation to play football again with AC Milan, Italy. He wants come back to San Siro if football competition season in USa is over this year. At this time, David Beckham must play with his club LA Galaxy. Bekham looks don't care if his come back to AC Milan makes angry LA Galaxy supporters. Victoria Beckham husbam choose to concentration in every LA Galaxy match and don't want his performa disturbing by supporters mockery who labeled him as betrayer because ignore to comeback to LA Galaxy after his borrower status in AC Milan was over in last March. Beckham also make enemy with his partner team and icon of LA Galaxy, Landon Donovan. But right now his relationship with Donovan is going better. However, Beckham still worries if his children Brooklyn, Romeo, and Criz watch the LA Galaxy supporters mockering him. Be patient, Beckham.

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