Sunday, July 26, 2009

Manchester United Comes to Indonesia in 2011?

Manchester United (MU) was canceled his match in Indonesia. This incident like happened in Malaysia in 2007. But two incident have different reasons. In Malaysia canceled because the event have same agenda with Asia Cup and AFC (Asia Food Ball Cup) protest about it. Canceled in Jakarta, Indonesia is tragedy. Bomb in JW Marriot and Ritz Charlton on July 17, is the reason. Commitee and some companies like Nike, Hutchison Telecommunications Indonesia, Bola Tabloid (bola is word in Indonesia for ball), suffer a financial loss for this force majeur. Committe for MU match in Jakarta said their suffered Rp. 25 billion (US$ 2,5 million) financial loss, Hutchison Telecommunications who have contract for “3” in MU tour loses US$ 8 million, Nike approximately Rp. 1,5 million (US$ 150.000), and Bola Tabloid suffer Rp 250 milion (US$ 25.000). Hutchison Telecommunications Indonesia expect as sponsor for MU Tour, they have license for MU product services by celluler, likes video clip, ringtone, prediction, and prepaid celullar card with logo and player pictures. This license valid until 2012.
MU coach, Sir Alex Ferguson don’t want to take risk by bring MU players comes to Jakarta. Therefore MU committe goes to Kuala Lumpur Malaysia makes persuation to Sir Alex Ferguson so that they still comes altough just for press convention. But Sir Alex Ferguson still in his decision.
MU Chief of Executive David Gill promises that one day they will comes to Jakarta. In the begining of Asia Tour Sir Alex Ferguson said Jakarta is the most expectation destination city. We dont know they will seriously with their promises or this is only promises. If the bomb blaster not happened in Jakarta because act of terrorsim, can we hope they come to Jakarta in 2011. Still Ferguson thinks Jakarta is the most expectation city for MU tour in Asia? We just wait and see.....

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