Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Uighur Leader Visiting Japan

Visiting of minority Uighur China, Rebiya Kadeer (62) to Japan, Tuesday om July 28, 2009, make Beijing government disappointed. China disappointed when Japan to give entering permit to someone who have criminal lebeling by her own government. “Pretend ignored to repeatly softly warning by China government, Japan government is still give Rebiya Kadeer to do her separatism activities,” say spokeman from Department of Foreign Affair China, Qin Gang. Last Sunday, documenter film with title Ten Conditions of Love about Uighur prominent figure and was nominated for Peace Nobel 2006 is fail to play in Melbourne International Film Festival. The director pull out this film because have protest from China government. Even in last week, Melbourne International Festival website attacked by hacker by sent China flag. After that 4 China films also pull out from festival.
However, spokeman from Departemen of Foreign Affair Japan, Kazuo Kodama said arrival Rebiya Kadeer to Japan is not official visiting and no have meeting with anyone in Japan government official. “We check visa request from her, so we give permition base on usual procedur,” said Kodama. He sure visiting for three days of Rebiya to Japan will not distrub Japan-China relationship. Rebiya, mother of 11 children and World Uighur Congress leader stay in Washington, USA, China government accused her of masterminding for protest action that changed to be violance action in Urumqi, capital of Uighur city, Xinjiang Province, in China on early this one with 197 death victims. “I go to here in order to Japan people to know what really happen in Uighur. How they cacthed and then killed,” say Rebiya when interviewed by NHK, Japan televison.

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