Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Unicycle Robot

photo: dailymail.co.uk

A Japan sparepart company Murata Electronics showed their product, an unicycle robot named Murata-seiko-chan. Demonstration exhibition held on Nagaokakyo City, Kyoto prefecture, West Japan on September 26, 2009. Robot with height 50 centimeter and weight around 6 kilogram have many kind censor to keep it balance when pedal move forward and when it turn to the right or left.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Crazy Marketing Way

I am sure marketing experts not agree with this company marketing already had done. This new maybe was a month ago. Max Motors, a truck dealer company in United States of America (USA), maybe has no idea to competed in the market and catch customer interest. So to overcome this problem, this dealer offered free AK-47 for every truck sales. It’s crazy way to get customer. The customers maybe not interested with this promotion but on the contrary they afraid to buy a truck. As customer you can be assumed as terrorist because have AK-47.

Monday, September 14, 2009

The Oldest Person in the World Dies at 115 Years Old

photo: metro.co.uk

The oldest person in the world, Gertrude Baines, 115 years old, dies on Friday September 11, 2009. Besides known as the oldest man in the world, this woman be more famous because become the oldest United of States citizen who chosen Barrack Obama in the past president election. Baines, an Afro American, dies at Western Convalescent Hospital since the last ten years of her rest of life. “She is respectable woman. This is blessing and honor for us to take care of Baines for the last ten years,” says Emma Camanag, a hospital employee. Baines become the oldest person in the world when Maria de Jesus from Spain dies at 115 years old on January 2009. Now, the oldest man predicate keeping by Kama Chien, 114 years old Japan citizen.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Formula Milk at Refuge Camp Can Dangerous

The United Nations Children's Fund (Unicef) remembered that formula milk given at disaster area can become dangerous for baby and child healthy. Government appealed to tighten donation and formula milk shared monitoring to all victim of West Java earthquake that happen on last September 9, 2009. “We pushed mother to keep give mother milk to their children and not to consume formula milk from donation because it can be dangerous for children,” says Head of Unicef representative in Indonesia Angela Kearney on press release on September 10, 2009. In the emergency situation in disaster area consumed formula milk can become high risk because water supply minimum. “It the main reason why formula milk can become dangerous,” says Kearney. From Unicef survey result in Yogyakarta earthquake disaster area in 2006 found diarrhea cases in under 6 months babies happened because they drink formula milk (25.4%) twice more than compared with babies who not drink formula milk (11.5%). Amount of diarrhea cases happened on child between 6-23 months also increased fivefold compared with amount of diarrhea cases before earthquake happened.

Blackberry Market in Indonesia is Very Conducive

Regional Vice President Asia Pacific Research In Motion Singapore Pte Ltd Gregory Wade said Indonesia market very conducive from Blackberry products. This is because internet penetration in Indonesia still low, people enjoyed social networking features and like opened various features in the same time, that can facilitated by Blackberry. “Analyst saw Indonesia not any longer part of Southeast Asia, because Blackberry product sale level is so high,” says Wade on Thursday (September 10, 2009) in Jakarta. Since end of August, Blackberry producer, Research In Motion operated 15 Balckberry Authorized Customer Center offices.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Marriage on 09/09/09

More than 250 couples in Malaysia said their promise vow in mass marriage ceremony at Buddha Temple in Malaysia on September 9, 2009. The special date 09/09/09 mirrored that their marriage can be everlasting till grow old and death do their apart. Mass marriage also organized at some places in Malaysia. That country has China ethnic citizen life together with Malaya and India ethnic citizen. “I choose 09/09/09 because the date symbolized eternal love,” says construction supervisor Thomas Wong (30) and agreed immediately by his couple, Ivy Tan 925). “I hope can give marriage reception party that can be remembered forever. Only once in our life time to get that special number date,” she added. Wong realized his marriage at Thean Hou Temple in Kuala Lumpur. Date of 09/09/09 fir China ethnic people is very special number because they mention number I seem like voice for “forever” word in China language. A spokesman at that temple said that mass marriage ceremony is the biggest compared with previous mass marriage on August 8, 2008 (08/08/08). Number 8 in China culture also means “prosperity”. At that time was 470 couples join to mass marriage and this year is 556 couples. Meanwhile in Florida, United States, a local vital statistic officer offered that marriage registered for special date with price US$ 99.99. Another moment connected with that date is new iPod release. Their rescheduled iPod launched from September 8 become September 9, 2009. Focus Features also released their new movie titled 9, a animation movie about the ninth revelation. That date is not only good to make sale promotion but also the last number repeated.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Japan Promises Reduce 25 Percent Their Carbon Emission

New chosen Japan Prime Minister, Yukio Hatoyama, who will inaugurate on September 16, 2009 has brings changed connected with climate change regulation. He promises Japan will reduce their carbon emission till 35 percent in 2020 from emission in 1990 based. This is very big reduce compared with 8 percent that promised by business partner society of former Japan Prime Minister Taro Aso. Hatoyama stressed, his government will take aggressive movement about climate change problem. He shows this attitude in New York, United States of America, when met with another countries leader.

Religion Figures Agreed to Help Diseases Socialization

To prevent and cured infected and another diseases, some religion figures agreed to inform and give explain about healthy living behavior socialization to people. More over with increased of A-H1N1 influenza and bird influenza (H5N1) cases in Indonesia and season disease like dengue, malaria, and diarrhea. That kind of diseases can reduce their spread by healthy living behavior. “When religion figures talks, people will considered that thing is must be done because become part of deed and devotion,” explains General Director of Disease Control and Environment Healthy, Department of Health, Tjandra Yoga when talk in prevent and cured of various diseases in Indonesia socialization with some religion and youth figure on September 7, 2009.

Monday, September 7, 2009

Earthquake in Jakarta

Because my busy day to followed meeting about Lebaran Day route, I forget to write about my experience when earthquake disaster happened in Jakarta. By the way, Lebaran is that white gift and the day when all Muslims forgive each others' faults. Lebaran Day celebrated after fasting for the whole month in Ramadhan. Back to the topic, I was remembered at that time is September 3, 2009. I was at 8th office chat with my friends. Suddenly at 14.25, I felt my chair shake. I think this happen because the chair peer had no well function anymore. But I also felt floor also move to right and left like we surfing. What happened? I stared my friend with astonishment and he does the same thing. He stared at me without blink. “Earthquake?” ask me quietly. My friend no answered my question yet, suddenly my boss from his room shouted “EARTHQUAKE!”. This followed by another shouts from outside my division office room. “Allahu Akbar! Allahu Akbar (Allah The Mighty! Allah The Mighty!)!” shout another man. Ok, don’t panic! Relax. I said to my self. Relax doesn’t means I must slowly but I must think clearly. Earthquake goes harder than before. Lift automatically shut down. It is dangerous if we used lift when earthquake happen. We could be trapped inside lift. So I and my friends looked emergency stair. Some people choose to hide under their table. Before that I chose to do like that but earthquake shake not stopping yet. I better go to outside building. I am afraid this building will be collapse. I known my building office was designed to face earthquake till 8 Richter scale. But this building design 20 years ago. It’s old building. Some of women employees start to cry and panic. Some women behind me pushed me in emergency stair. “Hurry up! Harry up!” she says. “Calm down, please,” I say that because emergency stair is filled with panic crowded people. If we panic can make chaos. When chaos happened, someone can be fall down and stepped by another. I felt safe when arrived in wide field in front office building. Some of employee escape from building only used sandal even some of them ran in bare foot (what I are doing with yours shoes?). Duration earthquake shake maybe takes 3 minutes. Some employees already go home for the first time their arrived in field. After wait about half hour and think earthquake already stopped, I back to my office to take my bag I go home. I back to my room because in my bag I put my motorcycle key, important paper, and some money. I so tired when I must used stair to get 8th floor and back down again. They are who working in 1st floor was so lucky. My boss does the same thing. I pray to God, “Thank God, you save me today. Thank a lot.” Later from news on television I known the earthquake have powered 7.3 Richter scale and epicenter location about 142 kilometers from south Jakarta with 30 depth kilometer under Indonesian Ocean.

Frog inside Diet Pepsi Can

A test by Food and Drug Administration (FDA) showed that is a frog inside soda can from an Ormond Beach, Florida, USA citizen. Test from FDA had been confirmed there is still that animal pieces leave inside Diet Pepsi can owned by Fred Denegri. Denegri opened that can on July 23, 3009 when he organized barbeque party at Ormond Beach. Pepsi spokesman said that the soda drink company respected FDA investigation result. After tracked, the can was come from fabric in Orlando. In there, produces 1,200 Pepsi cans per minute. Spokesman said with production process speed and straight quality control that is impossible a frog jump inside to can. Denegri believes that frog already exist in can before he opened it.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

A Suicide Planet Found

Some astronomy experts found phenomena that look like planet suicide action because the planet position is very close withy itself star and make great wave. That planet is WASP-18b already existed for million years and found by Coel Hellier, a professor of astrophysical at Keele University in England. Hellier explains his report on scientist journal The Nature on Thursday (August 27, 2009). “By make that wave, the planet destroyed itself,” says Heller. The star of planet is WASP-18 (without “b”). This planet orbited the star by Phoenix constellation and have distance about 325 light years from earth (one year light us about 9.3 billion kilometers). That means it in neighbor area of our milky way. Distance between the planet and it star is about 1/50 earth and Sun distance. Planet size is about 10 times bigger than Jupiter size. Wave between that planet and it star can be analogy with moon and earth that can make twice waves. So far astronomy experts have found more than 370 planets outside our solar system. Planet suicide is rare to found.

Usain Bolt Become Real Madrid Supporter

Usain Bolt, 23 years old athlete, world sprinter king from Jamaika, stressed that he become Real Madrid supporter. Real Madrid is famous soccer team from Spain. This is proven by Bold with came to watch directly first match Real Madrid in this season face Deportivo La Coruna as guest on Saturday, August 29, 2009. Bolt also became Manchester United supporter in English Primaries League. “I become MU permanent supporter in English Primaries League. Now I also already became Real Madrid supporter because Ruud van Nistelrooy always became my favorite player,” says Bolt to the press at Bernabeu Stadium. “I like play soccer, cricket, or basket ball. Next when I to changed sport, I will choose the easier one.”

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

RIP of My Auntie

Yesterday on September 2nd, 2009, my beloved auntie dies at 56 years old. In my previous posting I written that my auntie get cancer but the last time checked is not breast cancer but breast tumor infection from inside wound already spread in her internal vital organs like liver, lung, and brain. The last day she gets bloody vomit from her internal organs wounds. Food gives to my auntie via small tube on her noses. But some food come to her stomach, she throws up four times of food sum mixed with blood. She can’t eat anymore. Doctors said the family must prepare for the worst condition. Doctor suggested to family that my auntie uses breath helper on her mouth but doctor also said this is only make longer her physical life but not her biological life because some internal organs is doesn’t works anymore. My uncle denied to used breath helper because if her wife dies, he doesn’t know that breath is from her beloved wife or machine. He wants his wife dies by naturally. And God have best plan for my auntie. She dies at 09.00 am at Dharmais Cancer Hospital in Jakarta. Doctor said my auntie dies because of multi organs failure. Goodbye my beloved auntie, I always remember your kindness, laughs, and of course your rica-rica (traditional delicious food from Manado, North Sulawesi). My auntie left husband and a daughter. Lesson from this happening is: don’t wait till everything too late.

Gay Group Criticize Italia Soccer Coach Marcello Lippi

Statement by Marcello Lippi about he don’t want to put in gay (homosexual) player in his soccer team get some critics. Italian Gay Defender Forum (Arcigay) back to accused Lippi has purpose to dropped gay community “Lipii with purpose poisoned with spread fear and suspicious especially in youth people,” that is some statement at Archigay website. Before, Lippi said that presence of gay player on his soccer team squad only give negative influence. Lippi exposed the statement because in this week often happen violence to gay community, especially in Rome City. A club for gay community even almost burn by mass.