Monday, September 7, 2009

Earthquake in Jakarta

Because my busy day to followed meeting about Lebaran Day route, I forget to write about my experience when earthquake disaster happened in Jakarta. By the way, Lebaran is that white gift and the day when all Muslims forgive each others' faults. Lebaran Day celebrated after fasting for the whole month in Ramadhan. Back to the topic, I was remembered at that time is September 3, 2009. I was at 8th office chat with my friends. Suddenly at 14.25, I felt my chair shake. I think this happen because the chair peer had no well function anymore. But I also felt floor also move to right and left like we surfing. What happened? I stared my friend with astonishment and he does the same thing. He stared at me without blink. “Earthquake?” ask me quietly. My friend no answered my question yet, suddenly my boss from his room shouted “EARTHQUAKE!”. This followed by another shouts from outside my division office room. “Allahu Akbar! Allahu Akbar (Allah The Mighty! Allah The Mighty!)!” shout another man. Ok, don’t panic! Relax. I said to my self. Relax doesn’t means I must slowly but I must think clearly. Earthquake goes harder than before. Lift automatically shut down. It is dangerous if we used lift when earthquake happen. We could be trapped inside lift. So I and my friends looked emergency stair. Some people choose to hide under their table. Before that I chose to do like that but earthquake shake not stopping yet. I better go to outside building. I am afraid this building will be collapse. I known my building office was designed to face earthquake till 8 Richter scale. But this building design 20 years ago. It’s old building. Some of women employees start to cry and panic. Some women behind me pushed me in emergency stair. “Hurry up! Harry up!” she says. “Calm down, please,” I say that because emergency stair is filled with panic crowded people. If we panic can make chaos. When chaos happened, someone can be fall down and stepped by another. I felt safe when arrived in wide field in front office building. Some of employee escape from building only used sandal even some of them ran in bare foot (what I are doing with yours shoes?). Duration earthquake shake maybe takes 3 minutes. Some employees already go home for the first time their arrived in field. After wait about half hour and think earthquake already stopped, I back to my office to take my bag I go home. I back to my room because in my bag I put my motorcycle key, important paper, and some money. I so tired when I must used stair to get 8th floor and back down again. They are who working in 1st floor was so lucky. My boss does the same thing. I pray to God, “Thank God, you save me today. Thank a lot.” Later from news on television I known the earthquake have powered 7.3 Richter scale and epicenter location about 142 kilometers from south Jakarta with 30 depth kilometer under Indonesian Ocean.

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