Tuesday, September 1, 2009

RIP of My Auntie

Yesterday on September 2nd, 2009, my beloved auntie dies at 56 years old. In my previous posting I written that my auntie get cancer but the last time checked is not breast cancer but breast tumor infection from inside wound already spread in her internal vital organs like liver, lung, and brain. The last day she gets bloody vomit from her internal organs wounds. Food gives to my auntie via small tube on her noses. But some food come to her stomach, she throws up four times of food sum mixed with blood. She can’t eat anymore. Doctors said the family must prepare for the worst condition. Doctor suggested to family that my auntie uses breath helper on her mouth but doctor also said this is only make longer her physical life but not her biological life because some internal organs is doesn’t works anymore. My uncle denied to used breath helper because if her wife dies, he doesn’t know that breath is from her beloved wife or machine. He wants his wife dies by naturally. And God have best plan for my auntie. She dies at 09.00 am at Dharmais Cancer Hospital in Jakarta. Doctor said my auntie dies because of multi organs failure. Goodbye my beloved auntie, I always remember your kindness, laughs, and of course your rica-rica (traditional delicious food from Manado, North Sulawesi). My auntie left husband and a daughter. Lesson from this happening is: don’t wait till everything too late.


  1. i'm very sorry for your auntie, may God forgive her for all her mistakes & sin, and give her a mercy and beautiful place in Gods heaven, amin.