Saturday, September 12, 2009

Formula Milk at Refuge Camp Can Dangerous

The United Nations Children's Fund (Unicef) remembered that formula milk given at disaster area can become dangerous for baby and child healthy. Government appealed to tighten donation and formula milk shared monitoring to all victim of West Java earthquake that happen on last September 9, 2009. “We pushed mother to keep give mother milk to their children and not to consume formula milk from donation because it can be dangerous for children,” says Head of Unicef representative in Indonesia Angela Kearney on press release on September 10, 2009. In the emergency situation in disaster area consumed formula milk can become high risk because water supply minimum. “It the main reason why formula milk can become dangerous,” says Kearney. From Unicef survey result in Yogyakarta earthquake disaster area in 2006 found diarrhea cases in under 6 months babies happened because they drink formula milk (25.4%) twice more than compared with babies who not drink formula milk (11.5%). Amount of diarrhea cases happened on child between 6-23 months also increased fivefold compared with amount of diarrhea cases before earthquake happened.

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