Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Indonesia United : We Not Affraid

After bomb blaster at Mega Kuningan, Jakarta, friendship appication programs like Facebook and Twitter crowded by comments to expression their anger, condemn, nauseated, emphaty and other feeling to terrorist action. This all feeling then make growing discussion about how to act facing bomb blaster in Jakarta. Not so long, born Indonesia Unite community that asked people do not affraid to terrorist action (because it is terrorist want for their action) and more self binded and proud to be part of Indonesia. Raising the Sang Saka Merah Putih (means Indonesia flag or nationalism spirit) in twitters photos. The next step of community is make t-shirt, ballon, and sticker instribed with words : “Kami Tidak Takut” (We Not Affraid). All this steps is to urged people not to stop their activities because affarid of bomb or bomb treatment around them.
“If our activities stop, Indonesia economy will collaps, because of that come on keep work like usual , dont be surender to terrorists,” say Yudi, one of twitters met last Friday at Mazee FX.
Response for urged dont be affraid and not give up to terror is echoing on and on and have wide response from all society levels. They do something to not surrender and affraid to terrorist. For example, Indah and Iwan Espeje makes full support to Indonesia Unityed. This spouse since four years ago feel no worries by travell warning regulation to Indonesia after Bali bomb blaster and Kuningan have blog “Indonesia Bertindak” (Indonesia Action). Both of then always campaign by “Indonesia Dangerously Beatiful” slogan. “Travel warning we response back with statement how beautiful Indonesia and what they gonna loses if not come this amazing country.” With t-shirt, pin, sticker, and bag selling, they keep campaign in Indonesia and foreign countries. This day many ways do by people to not stop show their love to Indonesia. I love Indonesia too.....

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