Wednesday, July 29, 2009

China Will Be Number 2

If we compared betweenUnited State of America (USA) and China economical dynamic in the middle of global financial crisis is so contrast. USA financial is depressed or become slow and China is very enthusiastic. China enthusiastic more showing because it is almost definite China will take over Japan position as the second biggest economy por. Meanwhile, USA as the biggest economy power right know have many problem cause started from finacial crisis. Effort to release frim this crisis more difficult because budget deficit reached over US$ 1 trillion. Problem of budget and trade deficit with China makes this problem as main topic of USA-China discussion in Washington, USA. Until May 2009, USA deficit in their trading with China reached US$ 84,6 billion and for 2008 reached US$ 268 billion. That is already appear prediction that not until next 50 years, China will be number one economy power change USA position. If this prediction is correct, it will be reapeatly of China history. In te beginning 19th century, China showed as biggest economy power in the world. Based on prediction, in 1820 China controlled approximately 29 percentof global economy activities. Observator tendency think China will be main locomotove to pull out another countries from crisis, because this country can keep their economic progress averanged 7 percent and succeed to make stimulus work. Can imagine, after this global economy crisis over, China will more step forward because infrastructur already built as long as crisis happen with stimulus packet worth US$ 586 million. So we can wait can China take over USA position as the biggest economy power?

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