Sunday, July 26, 2009

Reduce Global Warming From Working Place

At least 1/3 of ourtime in a day spending to do job in office. Many person not aware that make our working mindset on our head and have impact to our life style, healthy, and satisfied. Unfortunately, awareness of the impact for enviroment frim our working activities is lack. Office building and the activities doing by employee everyday use electric energy, water, papaer and other resourses making contribution to carbon gas emission. This emission is to be the main cause of global warming.
For example, environment scientist said that averange paper use in an office is 0,5 kg each employee per day. Ans total employees in Jakarta approximately 4 million, so take a half pf this number use paper for their jobs. So that more than 1 million kg of paper consumption to this working activites each day. To produce 1 ton paper need 10 trees. Than on one day employees in Jakarta need averange 10.000 trees. Survey from MARS Indonesia said 78,4 percent emloyees in Indonesia is more comfortable to use private vechicle to office than use public vehicle like bus or train.How many gasoline needed for this and how many air pollution makes from this vehicles. Can you imagine how much emission must be burden by our atmosphere. This is bad news. But the good news is we can change our bad habit in office and starting to give contribution to slow down the destroyer effect for our earth. Many little thing in office that we can do. Like using used paper, shutdown computer and lamp after finished our working hours, hybernate the computer to help reduce electric energy. Corporation also can following to reduce global warming effect by provide bus for employee, use technology teleconference to reduce travel cost. Beside make reduce of pollution, this action also hgve efficiency for corporation.

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