Sunday, July 26, 2009

World More Warmer, Star More Smaller

Climate change make impact to some species in every place on earth. From polar bear in the Artic to ridge of rock in tropic sea. Two ecology changes was recorded is some species – animal and plant – moving to higher places and also moving to different diagonal places for searching suitable temperature. The other changed is life cycle of some species and flower season and bird migration had already time changed. Now is third changed, that is increasing Earth temperature following with smaller size of organism – even community or individual size. This is declared by team leader of Martin Dauftesne reasearcher from cemagref Aix-en-Provence, researcher institute owner by France govenment. Result from this study will be exposed in scientist journal Proceedings of The National Academy of Sciences. This research had taken the long time studies in water community – including bacterium, fitoplankton, and fish in river, lake, and ocean, based Daufresne, fish group in rivers in France is decrease of amount more than 60 percent in the study for two decades.

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