Sunday, July 26, 2009

Swim Suit Technology Competition is Over

Fédération Internationale de Natation (FINA) is the International Federation (IF) for administering international competition in the aquatic sports on July 24, 2009, was agreed that starting in 2010 high technology swim suit is forbiden. Swim athlete only allowing use textile material for swim suit. Based site, only 7 countries ignore or disagree with this forbiden idea for use plastic and kind of that for swim suit. In the order side, more over 180 countries agree with this regulation and supported this idea. This proposal comes from USA. This proposal appraisal by almost congress members as answered for controvertion raised on February 2008. On that time, Speedo released new high technology swim suit material from polyurethane (some kind of plastic) named LZR. Since that, technology competition happened in swim suit producers. In the same time, a hundred times record falling down changes by new record. This situation makes swimming competiton no longers depend on the athletes but also depend on what swim suit technology they use. This situation is not good for swimming sport. Swimming already swim suit producers competition and not the atheletes. Because this forbiden effective on 2010, this swim suit technology still can be used in international competition in 2009. Polyurethane is non textile material because can absorp water and make the air trap. Textile material is commonly made by fiber likes cotton, sewed and not water resistance.


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