Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Types of Terrorist

After bomb blast in Jakarta. I think what the looking for? What they goal for this action. Here I got type of terrorist based article in Kompas Newspaper on July 21, 2009 written by Ivan A Hadar. First, revolusioner type, that is non-nation group try to fight or changed nations, rules, or try to overthrow the authority. Second, nation type, various action from authority to make terror and repress their own people. They iused death squad as part of secret police to makes terror, disappeared and killed, put their opponet (enemy) to jail or consentration camps, and another kinds of intimidation. Third, state-sponsored, that the government rent terrorist non nation (state) to do their dirty jobs to intimidation their opponent or oppotition group. Forth, enterpreneurial that is group non nation (state) or professional army to do various limited jobs in politic and economy. Terrorirst came for this kind of type. I think the bomb blaster action in Jakarta included to first type. They tried to make chaos and destabilization in Indonesia.

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