Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Without No Seat on The Train

I had not really good experience with train. This happening two weeks a go when I have task in Central Java. I must survey road and bridge condition in this area. The last day of survey, I got news from my wife that my beloved son got sick. Influenza. He can sleep because cant breath well. So I have decision as soon as possible to come back to Jakarta. I am at that time at Purwakerto. That day was night, almost 9 pm. I have no choice to go back to Jakarta execpt by train. The schedule I have to back to Semarang and back to Jakarta by plane. However at that time no gurantee I got plane ticket for flight tommorow morning. Because this is peak season when student got holiday and week end. Then trip Purwokerto to Semarang, capital of Central Java, takes seven hours. Wasting time. No matter what, I must go back to Jakarta that night. I have 20 minutes to catch the train. Buy the ticket in locket price is Rp. 80.000 (approx. US$ 8). In ticket I can see the word : no seat. Many passenger luike me buy no seat ticket. I buy newspaper to use as match in train floor. Take pity on me. Floor is full by passenger. So I must seat in floor near toilet. So smell so stink and I got dizzy. To solve this problem I used my handkerchief as masker. This is not enough, I still can smell the toilet aroma. I spray parfume to my handkerchief. This is better.
My unluck not stop in that stink smell. Because I am in business train, amolst in every station, the train stop to wait another train pass through (becuase only one railway track). This is make worse by street vendor on the train to selling their good or food (like satay or friend rice on the package). So noise and I must be carefull because sometimes thief or pick pocket pretend as street vendor. I really can sleep by this noise, wind, and smell. Enough is enough. Next times I better looking hotel then go back by bus in the morning. It’s more comfortable and safe. So tired. Don’t laugh, I saw the worse condition than me. When the train stop for while in station ( I can see the name of station, but it is dark), I saw passengger in the enonomic train beside our train. The economic train really overloaded. Many passenger cant seat and only can stand up (they cant sit) in the toilet room with another six or seven passengers and the toilet have no lamp. So beside the smelly and small toilet room is also dark and hot. In that way, I feel lucky. The trip from Purwokerto to Senen Station takes 8 hours (compared to only one hour by plane). Lucky me, my son is going better and better. Makes my tired disappered.
NB : I still looking my train ticket. I want to show you.

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