Sunday, July 26, 2009

Climate Change

There are warning from scientists that surface of Earth temperature is not allowed increase more 2 Celcius degrees. If this condition happened, more than 300 million people will be moving from their home living area right now. Beside that, thousand of islands will be sink, the land will be dry, and spred of many new diseases. At this time, I feel Jakarta is hotter than three of four years a go, altough ten year is still hot too. This condition make fisher and farmer more difficult and their in the front line faces the climate change. They will be loses their job. Preventive effort to avoid the raising of world temperature must have commitment from government. Without that is difficult to moblization ot arranged their citizen or people make it change. People needs model. For developed country gather together in Annex I makes commitment to decrease emition from glass house effect. However this is effort run so slowly. The G-8 meeting in the middle of this month also no bring the new era for decrease climate change when the developed country facing the obligation they must help the developing and poor country with give them budget. The developed country dont wanna give their budget to another country.
Based UNFCCC mention at least four target must be raeched in COP-15 n Copenhagen, Denmark. They must have progress in four field so that wat yo make new deal to change Tokyo Protocol will be finished in 2012, running smoothly. Now there is three countries

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