Monday, July 20, 2009

Manchester United and Bomb Blast in Jakarta

Indonesia people really angry and condemn to bomb blast in Jakarta. Beside that, Indonesia people also upset when know that MU canceled their macth in Senayan Stadium in Jakarta. I am upset too. I just waiting this moment for few month a go. I have no plan to wacth directly in Senayan even my friend offered me free ticket. I will watch in one of private ownership television channel because at the time I visiting my parent in Bandung, West Java. We can blame if MU cancel to visiting Indonesia. It’s force majeur. Some of MU player said the match with Indonesia All Star would makes new condition, because Indonesia is pne of the most MU fans in Asia. Of course this bomb balast makes MU not gorget tragedy on February 6, 1958 when plane that bring them crash before take off from Munchen, Germany after filled fuel. Eight of MU player dead added 15 another pessanger, I condemn this terrorist action. They killed innocent people and bring sport to politic area. This is coward action. The last news I watched in Metro TV, the suicide bomber from Laskar Jamaah Islamiyah.

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