Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Go to Barbershop

Yestedat I go to barbershop tp cut my hair. My hair is too long for an employee. So I look not like employee but freeman. Beside that, I feel hot in my head especially when I sweaty. So annoying. So after office hours, I had plan to directly go to barbershop near at my home in Tengerang City. I must stand in line because this barbershop is popular enough. After wait for 15 minutes, I go my turn. Tariff for cut hair in this barbershop is moderate. Not cheap and also not too expensive. For adult is Rp. 9,000 (US$ 0.9), child Rp 6,000 (US$ 0.6). The last time I cut my hair is a month ago, the tariff is Rp 7,000. I asked barbershop employee why they tariff increase. They said must increasing tariff because everything prices is increasing too. Like electric energy, soap, and other. But I think for barbershop they only use scissor and to do they jobs. For me, the inceasing tariff is fine, but many customers protest with this regulation. But what can we do?
Compare with cheap barbershop, the put tariff for Rp. 3,000 – 5,000 and for expensive class like executive barbershop or saloon, tariff is more over tahn Rp. 10,000. I had experience cut myhair in saloon, I must pay Rp. 30.000 plus tips. But the result is same with this barbershop. So why I must spend more money in saloon if I can get better.
I like cut my hair in this place because I know the employee. They are polite, patient, and as customer I get massage in head, shoulder, and hand after they cut my hair. Duration for cutting my hair is 15 minutes plus 2-3 minutes for massage. I give tips to barbershop employee Rp. 2,000. If you think the tariff is enough, is okay to not give tips. It is depend on us. I look myself in the mirror. I look more handsome than before, ha..ha..ha...

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