Sunday, July 26, 2009

Virginity Auction via Internet

I just to know, that is not only old and antique things can be listing in auction market, but virginity also can be auction. Like bews source from The Sun that Evelyn Ducvos, 18 years old woman from Equador, auction her virginity for £ 2 million or US$ 3,8 million. Evelyn have to do this because she need money to take care his mother and to finished her study in school of medicine. Her salary as employee in Valencia is not enough for that. This auction until today is have no bidder. Maybe is too expensive for them. Based on history, virginity auction is started when a virgin from Rumania, Alina Parcea, succeed to offered her virginity to a 45 years old man from Italy with bid £ 8.782. So big different price to what Evelyn offered. Then they met on a hotel in Venice to finished the transaction. Alina need money to finished his study in computer college. This man said Alina, treated her so gentle and polite. “Honestly, I really bervous but he makes me comfort and everything is gonna be alright and I like it,” say Alina. Alina also bring certificated to prove that she is virgin to the Italian Man. Do you intersting to follow this auction? For me this auction too weird or I just old fashion for this? But I disagree to this auction. Technology really have two faces.

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