Wednesday, July 29, 2009

New Loan Rp 3 Trillion from France

France government gove loan by Climate Change Program Loan (CCPL) mechanism with nominal Rp 3 trillion (US$ 300 million) or totally is Rp 5 trillion (US$ 500 million) for two last years. This addition budget hope can increasing Indonesia ability to decrease negative impacts by global climate change. This loan loan transfer do by credit facility agreement assignment between Director General of Loan Management, Departement of Finance, Rahmat Waluyanto and France Associated for Development representative , Joel Daligault in Jakarta. CCPL Stage 1 will clearane in 2008 worth US$ 200 million or Rp 2 trillion. Rahmat said for the same purpose, Indonesia also get loan from Japan International Corporation Agency (JICA) worth US$ 400 million or Rp 4 trillion, so total loan for climate change reached US$ 900 million.

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