Wednesday, July 29, 2009


Bioterrorism is release germ or microbe purposely that cause diseases like virus, bacteria, or another micro organism with target to make pain or death especially to human. Patogen microorganism can be spread in the air, water resource, or food. The story goes that patigen mico organism has been developing asa biological weapon in war since 6th century. In 1520 reported a Spain General, Fransisco Pizarro, who lead his army to conquered Inca Kingdom in Peru give cloth contain small vox to Inca people. We know the impact of this disease to them. Now, bioterrorism has been global treatment because the spread of this disease so fast and no have border . Bioterrorism more dangerous than conventional bomb because the action is hard to detect. It is different with bomb blaster like in Jakarta, directly we can feel the impact and immadiately can be overcome. Meanwhile infection disease by microorganism need time to cause impact. The patient still going around and infected diseases to another person. Micro orgnism also can be growth so bioterrorism will have potensial to kill more people than convensional bomb. The biologist agent chosen commonly cause pain or mass deathly, like anthrax, small vox, ebola, and botulinum. As sxample, anthrax cause by Bacillus anthracis bacteria, produces very stabil spora and still life in soil or water for a long time. This is micro organism match to be used as bioterrorism.
Microorganism for bioterrorism can be very dangerous, like easy to outbreak, big number of victim, and need special overcoming, because this terror design to make panic and social chaos in society. To prevent and overcome bioterrorism need to participaty for all party. From society, medical officer, scientist, and police, need to aware about bioterrorim pontention and they must have enough information about how to prevent and overcome it. Police and other security officer likes in public area must have basic knowledge to secure people from this treatment. Scienctish need to involve to detection, indentification, and to trace source of biologist agent. Scientist also need to development medicine or cure biologist agent. All people must be beware of bioterrorism. We don’t know when this terror will be happen.

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