Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Breakfast In McDonald's

Yesterday I got breakfast at McDonald's Tangerang City. This McDonald's open 24 hours everyday. I ordered chicken gourmet, beefburger and Panas. What is Panas? Panas is abbreviation of Paket Nasi, means Rice Packet. This packet consist one fried chicken (you can choose chest or thight), rice, and one regular coca cola. I am ate breakfast at McDonald's because my domestic servant who have duty to cooking is not come. This McDonald's stand have wi fi connection. I saw some student used this connection with their notebook.
Fried Chicken is almost favorite food Indonesia people for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. So burger is second option after fried chicken. Breakfast is not breakfast if you eat without rice. I think McDonald's in Indonesia introduced Rice Packet to fulfill of Indonesia favorite food and to competitive with Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC). KFC is the most famoust fried chicken in Indonesia. You must know KFC or McDonald's must put halal label in their package. A food label is stamped halal if the contents of the food conform with Muslim dietary laws. A halal certification is analogous to a kosher certification, in that it is provided by a certified third party agency, but kosher food is not necessarily halal, and halal food is not always kosher. For Muslims who are concerned about obeying the syariah (sharia), or Islamic law, a halal label acts as an assurance that the contents of the food are not haram, or forbidden. Without halal label you cant expection some much that your food product will be selling or popular because majority religion of Indonesia people is Muslim. After breakfast in McDonald, my stomach is full.

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