Thursday, July 23, 2009

Suicide cause accused for losing iPhone Prototype

This really happened in China. Because felt guilty or very afraid be fired, an employee of iPhone pabric in Chine kill himself after one of iPhone prototype missing. Apple Inc management asked to their supplier to not too pushed the employee and trearted them more humance. Sun Danyong, 25 years old, Foxconn Technology Group that is Apple Inc vendor for new iPhone production. Danyong has responsibility to assure to deliver the 16 newest iPhone prototypes. However, he loses one unit iPhone prototype. This is importance to keep secret of newest iPhone prototype to face competitor. Foxconn stressed this to employee. This stressed and pressure makes employee stress or depression like Danyong because he losing one prototype. This stressed come for faster changed technology like handphone, mostly gadget. Secret of product is one key of success to winning the market.
When Foxconn got report that one of prototype was missed then the make internal investigation. The company pushed Danyong to confess and searched in his apartment. They find nothing. The report said that factory security makes violence to him, pushing Danyong to confess that his stolen the prototype. Can’t endure this pressure, makes Danyong committed to suicide by jump from 12nd floor of apartment. Apple spokesman asked in press release suggest that concern about this accident.

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  1. pity for him.i wish the one responsible will be conscienced about hs death, if indeed it was not his fault.