Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Because MU

From my posting before, you know I disappointed Manchester United (MU) canceled their to in Jakarta. My disappointed is nothing compared with this woman from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia ever done. The reason : her husband break a promise to her. Polices arrested this woman because stabbed her husband exactly in his chest after he wacthed match between MU vs Malaysia, Her husband has promised to her that he will come home soon after that macth in Kuala Lumpur. Promise is promise, this wife waiting her husband in the afternoon. But he lied to her. The wofe really..really angry when know her husband go back home after midnight. She really mad and can’t think clearly. She stabbed her husband with kitchen knife. Her husband immediately bring to hospital and the doctor reports this accident to police office. Her husband breal a promise because after macth, he having fun with friend until midnight. In the macth, MU beaten Malaysia 3-2. This is warning for husbands. Dont break a promis to your wife. It’s dangerous.

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