Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Microsoft-Yahoo Rely On Bing

Coorperation between Mocrosoft Corp and Yahoo Inc to MENGGANJAL Geogle will be more tighten. Microsoft search engine combine with Yahoo expert to get customers, with Bing, they will be a serious challange for Google. Competition between Google and Bing can be real if this cooperation have agreement from regulator. In stock market, Yahoo stock price down 12 percent. Imvestors feel disappinted because this cooperation only for temporary and not included down payment for Yahoo from that cooperation. Some investors hope of reached US$ 3 billion down payment, according to Berstein, accepted on Sunday August 2nd 2009.
“I more like money,” Ryan Jacob says, investor manager of Jacob Management Asset. He complains no down payment for Yahoo. Beside that, on product clause and budget aconomizing for this cooperation is not as high as they expectation. In other side, Microsoft stock price increased 1.4 percent and Google stock price down 0.8 percent. Yahoo prediction that cooperation will increasing their operational annual earnings to approximately US$ 500 million and cant cut operasional cost US$ 200 million. Yahoo also have expectation operasionacash flow will increase to US$ 275 million. Based on cooperation annoucement, Bing search enginee will increase Yahoo capacity. This cooperation only have one theoretical challange to Google at this time. That need at leas two and half years to get agreement from authority. At least, this cooperation will be fully effective in 2012. Microsoft and yahoo also have problem that is anti-trust issue. Google canceled their cooperation with Yahoo of end last year after get stressed from Departement of Justice. However, experts declared if that cooperation will continue after Obama governance evaluation about anti-trust. This cooperation will make heavy challange for Google. Both of cooperation must meet together and dicussion again after Yahoo refused Microsoft buy offered with price US$ 47,5 billion last years.

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