Monday, August 3, 2009

IMF : Indonesia Stronger Faces Crisis

International Monetary Fund praised Indonesia stage to overcome global economy crisis. If government consistent to his regulation, Indonesia will recovery in two years. Chief of IMF Representative in Indonesia, Thimas Rimbaugh, explains this thing in teleconference from Washington DC on July 29, 2009, Rombaugh gives result report from IMF executive council about Indonesia. “Indonesia already take good action in this crisis impact, even can be projection to be big three developing of G-20 countries,” says Rimbaugh. IMF see Indonesia in very good macroeconomy condition when crisis happening. This condition also supported by suitable to correct regulation to face crisis. One of Indonesia benefit compare to another Asia Pacific countries who depend on export is domestic market. IMF prediction Indonesia will still keeping this good condition. Economy recovery in first quarterly run faster than prediction be one factor to increasing investors trust. Rimbaugh said, in fiscal regulation side, stimulus must be still programming, specially in infrastructure. For that, IMF thinks stimulus packet still continue in 2010. To reduce budget defisit, to stricten tax regulation and reduce energy subsidies can created space for fiscal. In moneter regulation side, IMF thinks need more loosen, more space for Bank of Indonesia to cut interest rate. Indonesia devisa reserve at this time is safe enough. Until last Juni 2009, total of devisa reserve managed by Bank of Indonesia was reached US$ 57,58 billion dollar. IMF prediction that is inflation for this year approximately 5 percent, even in the last quarterly of this yaer maybe around 4 percent, and for next year prediction inflation will be stabil in 5 percent.