Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Thailand Denied US Wants

Criminal Court in Thailand on August 11, 2009 refused United States (US) wants to extradition of arms merchant suspect from Russia, Viktor Bout (42 years old) known as “Merchant of Death”. The decision surprised US that for long time have closely relationship with Thailand. US government wants Bout will extradition in US to submitted the court from arms sale suggested to Revolution Armed Force of Colombia (FARC) army, Bout accused that for involved in million dollar US arms merchant conspiracy. US worried weapon for FARC will be use to kill US citizen.
“This is politic case. All this time FARC fight for political problem and FARC is not criminal group. We (Thailand) not considered FARC as terrorist group. Because of that, we think this is only politic movement,” says Chief Judge Jittakora Wattanazin in Bangkok after read that decision. Wattanasin stressed Thailand Court “we have no authority to conduct and give punishment for action by foreign citizen to another foreign citizen in other country”. Prosecutor only have 72 hours to submit their appeal. If not, Bout will be free. Bout had take arrested in US-Thailand operation mission in a luxurious hotel in Bangkok on March 2008, after he arrived from Moscow, Russia. All this time Bout suspected involve in some armed conflict in the world, like in Afghanistan, Angola, Congo Democratic Republic, Sierra Leone, Liberia, Rwanda, and Sudan. Bout also suspected sale weapon to former Liberia dictator, Charles Taylor, and Libya leader Moamaar Gadhafy. According to US government, Bout was business in arms merchant since 1990s by used cargo plane to all over the world direction, like Africa, Middle East, and South America. In accusation document, Bout was mentioned supply 700-800 missiles, 5,000 units AK-47, millions ammunition, rocket launchers, C-4, also helicopter, and unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV). In the beginning US hopes can trial Bout for four different cases, three of them can be bring Bout in the prison for his life time. But Bout many times argued this accused. Even Bout confessed that he only slender victim of US government. Bout also former United of Soviet Air Force member confessed that he in Bangkok for discussed about plane negotiation sale with a businessman form Bangkok. Wearing orange jailhouse uniform, after trial court Bout confessed want to back to his country as free man and normal life. Thailand Court decision have disappointed and happy respond. In one side, US government disappointed with this decision, “We disappointed and confused with that court decision. We will discuss with Thailand government. We think all facts in this case are very relevant with law in Thailand,” says Mission Chief Deputy of US Embassy in Thailand, James Entwistle. In other side, Russia feels satisfied and glad to hear this decision. In official statement from Foreign Affair Department of Russia on last February, mentioned Russia government considers about US effort to Bout extradition is “ashamed” and “confused”. Even Russia government make conclusion that US steps have political motive. Now US government back to accused that Russia with purpose to disturbing Bout trial process for only have aim to make Bout can back home to Russia.

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