Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Enjoying Garden on the Roof

Garden on the roof was phenomenon in some enviromental care countries, before global warming issue released. Garden in the roof commonly can we finded in Japan, and some Europe countries, New Zealand, and United States of America. Lately is followed by Hongkong SAR and Malaysia. This garden not width, only take averange 100-2,000 squre meter. However, don’t you see from their width but see from spirit to build garden in the roof and spread spirit to build garden. In Hongkong SAR, avaranged citizen who don’t have yard dilligent to build mini garden in their roof or apartment. Some of them have spirit to put plant pot in the apartement or flat windows. They take care with the best effort of plant, and happy smile if they see their plant spread fragrance. Growing flower is relaxation and beutiful view for eyes. In Kuala Lumpur, they like to gardening in garden because make air more fresher and the temperature in their house not really hot like before. I hope this hobbiest can be spread in Jakarta. Makes Jakarta fresh....

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