Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Angola “Jurassic Park” Opened

Angola as know because oil and the best quality diamond product. But now, dinosaurs hunters explained that country have “underground museum” of rare fossil, some of them appearance in the soil surface wait to find. “Angola is part of final paleontology,” says Louis Jacobs from Southern Methodist University in Dallas, Texas, at last week in Dallas is part of Angola Paleo Project that hunt dinosaur’s fossil. In many areas, there are many fossils that visible in stones like an underground museum. The first report about dinosaurs in Angola made in 1960’s, but bloody war with Portuguese and followed by three decades of civil war caused no region can be explored. After peaceful agreement in 2002, that region reopened for fossil hunters. The biggest found happened when Octavio Mateus from New Lisbon University found 5 bones from left upper arm of sauropod dinosaurs at Iembe, that considered as first found from fossil in that area.

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