Monday, August 3, 2009

The Last Maharani of India

Mahari Gayatri Devi, 90 year old, had closed her glamour and colourful life journey. Her dead will be the last era for India aristrocrat era. In one ceremony for her dead, Amot Roy, a veterant comentator, says “Passed away of Mahari Gayatri Devi make the truly India queen is over.” Born from aristocrat family, Devi growe up in palace on Jaipur with 500 servants. In her popular otobiography, A Princess Remembers, Devi said his during her childhood, she arounded by 100 mahouts (elephant trainer), 20 gardener, 20 horse worker, one tenis coach, and many servant and chef. Devi very close with British Kindom families. By international society, she known as jet set queen who like speaks with Elizabeth Queen from England in polo match, dance in night club, and ruler of Jaipr Palace life. After India freedom frm England in 1947, Devi chosen her carrier to be potician as parlement member. She also had been jailed for five months in 1975 for tax blackout accused that never proven followed his oods with India Prime Minister in that time, Indira Gandhi. The Times of India pictured Devi as “four years old little girl who life in London and often shopping at Harrods alone”. At 21 years old, she already had her own privacy jet plane. Mail Today remembered Devi ate caviar when she in jail and driven white jaguar car. Her merried with Maharaja Jaipur also recorded in Guinness Book of World Records as the most expensive merried ever. Devi represnted some noble and aristrocrat traditon, that is maharani must be pretty, powerful, world jet set society, closely friend of Birtish Kindom families, and strong politician. That what Hindustan Times discribed her.
At 14 years old, Davi falling in love woth Maharaja Jaipur and merried with him as third wive. Her life change to be more glamour. But she must obey some tradition for women. One of them is purdah tradition or secluded of marriageable girl. From that, she fight so that girl in India given more freedom. IN 1943, Devi opened school for girl named from her name, Gayatri Devi. Now is still one of the best school in India. After her husband died in 1970, Devi more active in social life. Her time divided between in London when summer time and in India when winter season before she falled sick a few week ago. His corpse was buried in Jaipur and will be cremation.

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