Thursday, August 13, 2009

My Auntie Got Breast Cancer

Yesterday I came to Dharmais Cancer Hospital (Rumah Sakit Kanker Dharmais) on Slipi Jaya – West Jakarta. I visited my auntie. She got breast cancer stadium IV. It was highest level of cancer spread. She came too late to hospital to check her bruise on breast. She think that only little soft tumor. But every day is bigger and bigger. Unfortunately, my auntie affraid checked this bruise to doctor. She think is not hurt and not disturbed her daily activity. Year by year goes by....and now is almost nine years the bruise going worse and start to disturbing her activity. Check to docktor, laboratory tested result is breast cancer. So lesson for this condition, never delay to check to doctor before everything going worse. This week doctor has already have plan to make big operation procedure and cemotraphy. But my auntie dispressed and her condition drop. So the operation must canceled wait till my auntie condition going better. My auntie looks so thin and pale. The last time I see her last months still productive and joyful. Now she only silent when saw me. It is difficult for her to talk because feel so weak and queasy. Now she was in hospital treatment for two weeks and she finally resigned for her job. I hope my auntie condition going better and recover.


  1. Aw, get well soon to your auntie. :(

    Btw, link ex? I added you already, pls confirm. Thanks!

    Anna Monique

  2. oh, so sorry to hear it...hope she would get better soon :)