Monday, August 10, 2009

The Lucky Man

This man from Wichita, Edward William, have close relationship with Fortune Godness. He had already wins loterry twice in this year. William (47 years old) wins US$ 75,000 when he bought lottery ticket with nominal price US$ 10. He so happy at that time. He more happy when on Wednesday (August 5, 2009) succeed to make correct guessed of some number in Super Kansas Cash game. The prize is amazing, US$ 900,000. “When I wins lottery with amount US$ 75,000 I just amazed and think never get lucky again like that. But this one thing really make me almost unconcious,” his says. Friday last week, he goes to Topeka to get his prize. Prize from Super Kansas lotery only give once. After tax reduce, Williem added US$ 627,542 to his bank account. “When I win US$ 75,000. I buy a car and the rest it I buy stock marketable securities. This time, I will take the money to pension fund deposit. So U hope will get pension with quite and live in moderate style at 55 years old.”


  1. salam friend,,nice blog..artikel ok
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  2. wow. a very sensible man. many people i know will not even do investment if they have a chunk of money. they will just spend the money until it's zero.