Monday, August 10, 2009

Stock Index Going Better

In second quartal, more economy recovery signs happened. Beside decreased of unemployee workers stressed even unemployee level still high, in financial sectors alos reported that stock index in market is going better. Last Friday, US government announnced that unemployee worker in United State of America predictived will be increasing but the fact is just the opposite. From 9.5 percent on June down to 9.4 percent on July. Global stock market also going better since this summer. This singinificant increasing will keep move to the highest point in this years. In this week, Standard & Poor’s 500 index often to be global stock movement reference up in the amount of 1,000 point. For this year, S&P index uo 11.9 percent, Dow Jones up 6.9 percent, and Nasdaq 26.8 percent. Index CAC 40 France at the last week, incresed 1,24 percent to 3,521.14. Both this reached was the highest reached that never looked since November last year. In main Asia stok market, tjat is Tokyo, last week index reached to highest point for the last ten months, Nikkei-225 Index up to 135.56 point became 10,288.09. This position is the highest poibn since October 6, 2008. Previous week, London and Frankfurt stock market also stregthen. FTSE 100 Index reached 4,600 level and Dax Index reaached 5,300. Meanwhile, oil price increased to US$ 76 per barrel and became the highest price in this year. Stock Index recovered to position like on October and November last year after US big bank,. Lehman Brothers, collapse. The bank collapse belief as financial crisis epicentrum. Even the worst situation seem passed by, but hard to say that US economy condition was recovery.

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