Wednesday, August 5, 2009

China Rich Cause Worker Force Contribution

China can finance United States of America (USA) economy because their work force bigger than children and senior citizen. That conclusion from an analysist to opened mystery why Beijing became USA main nett creditor. Ratio of work force and people who depend on workers make China luckier. This will keep continue for 15 next future years. In the other word, depend on in USA is higher than China. Bit this China benefit will be decreasing because increasing of senior citizen burden. That one of research result in Bank for International Settlement (BIS) publication in Basel, Swiss on Sunday, August 2nd, 2009. This study also explain that force worker compotition is asymmetrical between USA and China. Youth citizen starting to work at 15 years old in China. This 15 years old increase in China. This is make bigger of force worker number. Economist Guonan Ma and Zhou think the flentiful of China deposit can explain with lower of depend on level. This is pointed to 15 years old population ratio to worker population. Also with depend on senior citizen ratio, that is compare between retired age in over 65 yeras old percentage to worker force, China more superior than USA. In USA, youth citizen starting to work commonly over 18 yeras old. Beside that, senior citizen, retired people, is bigger. This demographic factor be main cause factor why China can buy many assets in all over the world, like to be USA obligation holder in numerous number. It is suprised in USA-China realtionship.

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