Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Elmo Take Part in Financial Crisis

Children favorite character in Sesame Street story, Elmo, will present in the hottest issue of this year: economic crisis. Producers from Workshop non profit organization Sesame Street that produced Sesame Street children film will present Elmo in special edition. In that episode Elmo will try to explain to 2-8 years old children how to take attitude in the crisis right now. This special edition will be present on September 9, 2009. Elmo will try gives directive to family member, parent and children, how to pass trough this crisis time. In that chance, Elmo will accompany by Al Roker and Deborah Roberts. This special episode have goal to help family with children that in middle of recession to give some tips and strategies. This program will be included documentary film about America family who have financial problem, like fired, extraordinary thrifty for household expenditure. Beside that, Elmo will be accompany by financial adviser Jenan Chatzky and family relationship expert Joshua Coleman will expose his idea about family and financial problem that their faced. This experts will give directive how supposed parents explain to their children with the situation they must faced like losing job, their house seizure by bank, drastic decreased income because economize from company. This television program spread all over the world. In Germany, this program is known as Sesamestrasse, Zhima Jie in China, and Jalan Sesama in Indonesia. Children education program will celebration his 40th birthday on November.

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