Thursday, August 6, 2009

Ex-Spy Regret

Spy from United Kingom (UK) was famous in Cold War era. Anthony Blunt, feel regret because had been spy for Rusia (USSR) interest, now was dismissed. That this he think as the biggest mistake in his life record. Regret of Anthony Blunt revealed in his biography book was published on July 7, `2009 or 25 years after his dead. Blunt had been art advisor for Elizabeth Queen II was started his carrier with youth idealism spirit. Blunt known as fourth man in spies circle recruited by Cambridge University. After that, he worked for M1-5, the UK secret services agency and leaked of hundreds important information to USSR. Blun recruited woth his three another colegge friends, that is Guy Burgess, Kim Philby, ad Donald Maclean in 1930s,. His curriculum vitae exposed some new infirmation about Bluent carrier likes his expectation to joined Communist Party that was did by some youth people. However, Burgess forbiden him. At that time Burgess had already reacruited by USSR and asked him be in dinguised eith worked in UK government. Blunt hoped he can end his carrier as spy after Worl War II and back to college and be histort of art expert.
“I dissapointed to marxisme and Rusia, I don;t want to know anymore about my Russian friends and just want to back to college. But the reality no so easily like that because I still know Guy, Donald, and Kim,” Blunt written about his resign reason. Burgess and Maclean than to be UK diplomate and moved to Moscow in 1951 after Philby exposed their secret. To save himself, Blunt asked to move to Rusia, but he refused. “Better for me to face all the risk than move to Rusia.” Philby still worked in MI-6 (special intelligent for foreign affair) and moved to Rusia in 1963. His double profession known in 1979 when Margaret Thatcher at that time was parlement member. This conditioan amolst make Blunt suicide or kill himself. “Many people say that suicide is horrible solution. After I think about it, that is coward solution.” Blunt in the end confessed all his sins and not punished for his repayment for give information about USSR. After that, Blunt dissapeared. Might be he life on one place in Europe before came back to UK. After finished written a book, Blunt asked UK library to keep it in 1984 and ordered not published that book until 25 years later.

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