Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Thailand Denied US Wants

Criminal Court in Thailand on August 11, 2009 refused United States (US) wants to extradition of arms merchant suspect from Russia, Viktor Bout (42 years old) known as “Merchant of Death”. The decision surprised US that for long time have closely relationship with Thailand. US government wants Bout will extradition in US to submitted the court from arms sale suggested to Revolution Armed Force of Colombia (FARC) army, Bout accused that for involved in million dollar US arms merchant conspiracy. US worried weapon for FARC will be use to kill US citizen.
“This is politic case. All this time FARC fight for political problem and FARC is not criminal group. We (Thailand) not considered FARC as terrorist group. Because of that, we think this is only politic movement,” says Chief Judge Jittakora Wattanazin in Bangkok after read that decision. Wattanasin stressed Thailand Court “we have no authority to conduct and give punishment for action by foreign citizen to another foreign citizen in other country”. Prosecutor only have 72 hours to submit their appeal. If not, Bout will be free. Bout had take arrested in US-Thailand operation mission in a luxurious hotel in Bangkok on March 2008, after he arrived from Moscow, Russia. All this time Bout suspected involve in some armed conflict in the world, like in Afghanistan, Angola, Congo Democratic Republic, Sierra Leone, Liberia, Rwanda, and Sudan. Bout also suspected sale weapon to former Liberia dictator, Charles Taylor, and Libya leader Moamaar Gadhafy. According to US government, Bout was business in arms merchant since 1990s by used cargo plane to all over the world direction, like Africa, Middle East, and South America. In accusation document, Bout was mentioned supply 700-800 missiles, 5,000 units AK-47, millions ammunition, rocket launchers, C-4, also helicopter, and unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV). In the beginning US hopes can trial Bout for four different cases, three of them can be bring Bout in the prison for his life time. But Bout many times argued this accused. Even Bout confessed that he only slender victim of US government. Bout also former United of Soviet Air Force member confessed that he in Bangkok for discussed about plane negotiation sale with a businessman form Bangkok. Wearing orange jailhouse uniform, after trial court Bout confessed want to back to his country as free man and normal life. Thailand Court decision have disappointed and happy respond. In one side, US government disappointed with this decision, “We disappointed and confused with that court decision. We will discuss with Thailand government. We think all facts in this case are very relevant with law in Thailand,” says Mission Chief Deputy of US Embassy in Thailand, James Entwistle. In other side, Russia feels satisfied and glad to hear this decision. In official statement from Foreign Affair Department of Russia on last February, mentioned Russia government considers about US effort to Bout extradition is “ashamed” and “confused”. Even Russia government make conclusion that US steps have political motive. Now US government back to accused that Russia with purpose to disturbing Bout trial process for only have aim to make Bout can back home to Russia.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Elmo Take Part in Financial Crisis

Children favorite character in Sesame Street story, Elmo, will present in the hottest issue of this year: economic crisis. Producers from Workshop non profit organization Sesame Street that produced Sesame Street children film will present Elmo in special edition. In that episode Elmo will try to explain to 2-8 years old children how to take attitude in the crisis right now. This special edition will be present on September 9, 2009. Elmo will try gives directive to family member, parent and children, how to pass trough this crisis time. In that chance, Elmo will accompany by Al Roker and Deborah Roberts. This special episode have goal to help family with children that in middle of recession to give some tips and strategies. This program will be included documentary film about America family who have financial problem, like fired, extraordinary thrifty for household expenditure. Beside that, Elmo will be accompany by financial adviser Jenan Chatzky and family relationship expert Joshua Coleman will expose his idea about family and financial problem that their faced. This experts will give directive how supposed parents explain to their children with the situation they must faced like losing job, their house seizure by bank, drastic decreased income because economize from company. This television program spread all over the world. In Germany, this program is known as Sesamestrasse, Zhima Jie in China, and Jalan Sesama in Indonesia. Children education program will celebration his 40th birthday on November.

Angola “Jurassic Park” Opened

Angola as know because oil and the best quality diamond product. But now, dinosaurs hunters explained that country have “underground museum” of rare fossil, some of them appearance in the soil surface wait to find. “Angola is part of final paleontology,” says Louis Jacobs from Southern Methodist University in Dallas, Texas, at last week in Dallas is part of Angola Paleo Project that hunt dinosaur’s fossil. In many areas, there are many fossils that visible in stones like an underground museum. The first report about dinosaurs in Angola made in 1960’s, but bloody war with Portuguese and followed by three decades of civil war caused no region can be explored. After peaceful agreement in 2002, that region reopened for fossil hunters. The biggest found happened when Octavio Mateus from New Lisbon University found 5 bones from left upper arm of sauropod dinosaurs at Iembe, that considered as first found from fossil in that area.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Mona Lisa Attacked

Mona Lisa painting at Louvre Museum, Paris, France, was attacked. A Russian woman throws a cup of coffee to the most famous painting in the world. Lucky, painting by Leonardo da Vinci protected by bullet proof glass so that coffee can’t make it dirty even only one drop. Woman who does that thing just for fun then pulled out by security officers. The 500 hundred years Mona Lisa painting was had been stolen, but returned two years later. Beside coffee, that painting also had been splashed by acid and stone. Fortunately, that painting is safe protected behind glass.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Fly with BataviaAir Again

I am not fanatic with BataviaAir flight, but I don’t have choice. I prefer flight with Garuda than BataviaAir. Because I often used Garuda flight if go to other cities. But meeting invitation came late to my office. Only one day before meeting in Surabaya. My Boss gives me duty that I can’t denied. “Sir, can I not come to this meeting because I have another task to finished.” No way. My Boss still in his decision that I should come to this meeting. My Boss have another task so he can’t come to Surabaya. So here I am, ready to go to Surabaya, East Java. I go in the early morning and back again to Jakarta in the afternoon. At this time is peak season in Indonesia because is nearly time with Ramadhan time (when Moslem have obligation to fasting) difficult to find flight over 7 o’clock in the morning. I got flight at 06.00 and 05.15 I must already check in. So I must go from home at 04.30. Still sleepy head. You can see airport and runaway in Soekarno Hatta Airport still foggy. In the plane, I really sleep for a while. Jakarta to Surabaya take 1 hour and 10 minutes flight time. When I go to Surabaya, I flight with Boeing 737-400. But from Surabaya I get flight with Boeing 737-200 is smaller and older than Boeing 737-400. Flight time is same. In this flight, I only get small bread and mineral water glass. I still hungry. So in Djuanda International Airport, I take breakfast with hot chicken soup. Yummy but expensive, the price is third times more expansive. After meeting I directly go to Djuanda Airport, fly with BataviaAir again. From Surabaya at 17.00 arrived in Jakarta at 18.00. Beside me is cute woman but she still busy with Eiji Yoshikawa book, Taiko. I busy too with my newspaper. Swear, I afraid if plane started to take off. Thank for God, everything going well. Now I prepare report about meeting. Wait a moment, Boss.

Climate Change Cause Bird Smaller

Australian birds had been smaller size in the last 100 years cause global warming effect. That explained by some experts. With used specimen at museum, researcher measure eight bird species body sizes. The result, that found that birds body size is smaller, looks like respond from climate change phenomenon. A biology expert from Australian National University (ANU), Janet Gardner, said that modern bird sizes smaller about 4 percent than then previous generation – changed according to researchers is significant enough. “Bird, like another animal, have tendency to smaller their size if they life in warmer climate because with small size make easy to lose heat temperature from body than bigger body animal,” says Gardner. “Animal individual from the same species, body size bigger from animal that life in pole than animal life in nearly equator.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

My Auntie Got Breast Cancer

Yesterday I came to Dharmais Cancer Hospital (Rumah Sakit Kanker Dharmais) on Slipi Jaya – West Jakarta. I visited my auntie. She got breast cancer stadium IV. It was highest level of cancer spread. She came too late to hospital to check her bruise on breast. She think that only little soft tumor. But every day is bigger and bigger. Unfortunately, my auntie affraid checked this bruise to doctor. She think is not hurt and not disturbed her daily activity. Year by year goes by....and now is almost nine years the bruise going worse and start to disturbing her activity. Check to docktor, laboratory tested result is breast cancer. So lesson for this condition, never delay to check to doctor before everything going worse. This week doctor has already have plan to make big operation procedure and cemotraphy. But my auntie dispressed and her condition drop. So the operation must canceled wait till my auntie condition going better. My auntie looks so thin and pale. The last time I see her last months still productive and joyful. Now she only silent when saw me. It is difficult for her to talk because feel so weak and queasy. Now she was in hospital treatment for two weeks and she finally resigned for her job. I hope my auntie condition going better and recover.

Monday, August 10, 2009

The Lucky Man

This man from Wichita, Edward William, have close relationship with Fortune Godness. He had already wins loterry twice in this year. William (47 years old) wins US$ 75,000 when he bought lottery ticket with nominal price US$ 10. He so happy at that time. He more happy when on Wednesday (August 5, 2009) succeed to make correct guessed of some number in Super Kansas Cash game. The prize is amazing, US$ 900,000. “When I wins lottery with amount US$ 75,000 I just amazed and think never get lucky again like that. But this one thing really make me almost unconcious,” his says. Friday last week, he goes to Topeka to get his prize. Prize from Super Kansas lotery only give once. After tax reduce, Williem added US$ 627,542 to his bank account. “When I win US$ 75,000. I buy a car and the rest it I buy stock marketable securities. This time, I will take the money to pension fund deposit. So U hope will get pension with quite and live in moderate style at 55 years old.”

Stock Index Going Better

In second quartal, more economy recovery signs happened. Beside decreased of unemployee workers stressed even unemployee level still high, in financial sectors alos reported that stock index in market is going better. Last Friday, US government announnced that unemployee worker in United State of America predictived will be increasing but the fact is just the opposite. From 9.5 percent on June down to 9.4 percent on July. Global stock market also going better since this summer. This singinificant increasing will keep move to the highest point in this years. In this week, Standard & Poor’s 500 index often to be global stock movement reference up in the amount of 1,000 point. For this year, S&P index uo 11.9 percent, Dow Jones up 6.9 percent, and Nasdaq 26.8 percent. Index CAC 40 France at the last week, incresed 1,24 percent to 3,521.14. Both this reached was the highest reached that never looked since November last year. In main Asia stok market, tjat is Tokyo, last week index reached to highest point for the last ten months, Nikkei-225 Index up to 135.56 point became 10,288.09. This position is the highest poibn since October 6, 2008. Previous week, London and Frankfurt stock market also stregthen. FTSE 100 Index reached 4,600 level and Dax Index reaached 5,300. Meanwhile, oil price increased to US$ 76 per barrel and became the highest price in this year. Stock Index recovered to position like on October and November last year after US big bank,. Lehman Brothers, collapse. The bank collapse belief as financial crisis epicentrum. Even the worst situation seem passed by, but hard to say that US economy condition was recovery.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Ex-Spy Regret

Spy from United Kingom (UK) was famous in Cold War era. Anthony Blunt, feel regret because had been spy for Rusia (USSR) interest, now was dismissed. That this he think as the biggest mistake in his life record. Regret of Anthony Blunt revealed in his biography book was published on July 7, `2009 or 25 years after his dead. Blunt had been art advisor for Elizabeth Queen II was started his carrier with youth idealism spirit. Blunt known as fourth man in spies circle recruited by Cambridge University. After that, he worked for M1-5, the UK secret services agency and leaked of hundreds important information to USSR. Blun recruited woth his three another colegge friends, that is Guy Burgess, Kim Philby, ad Donald Maclean in 1930s,. His curriculum vitae exposed some new infirmation about Bluent carrier likes his expectation to joined Communist Party that was did by some youth people. However, Burgess forbiden him. At that time Burgess had already reacruited by USSR and asked him be in dinguised eith worked in UK government. Blunt hoped he can end his carrier as spy after Worl War II and back to college and be histort of art expert.
“I dissapointed to marxisme and Rusia, I don;t want to know anymore about my Russian friends and just want to back to college. But the reality no so easily like that because I still know Guy, Donald, and Kim,” Blunt written about his resign reason. Burgess and Maclean than to be UK diplomate and moved to Moscow in 1951 after Philby exposed their secret. To save himself, Blunt asked to move to Rusia, but he refused. “Better for me to face all the risk than move to Rusia.” Philby still worked in MI-6 (special intelligent for foreign affair) and moved to Rusia in 1963. His double profession known in 1979 when Margaret Thatcher at that time was parlement member. This conditioan amolst make Blunt suicide or kill himself. “Many people say that suicide is horrible solution. After I think about it, that is coward solution.” Blunt in the end confessed all his sins and not punished for his repayment for give information about USSR. After that, Blunt dissapeared. Might be he life on one place in Europe before came back to UK. After finished written a book, Blunt asked UK library to keep it in 1984 and ordered not published that book until 25 years later.

Rusia Military Launched Six Foreign Satellites

Rusia government launched six foreign satellites on July 29, 2009 from Baikonur central of space control in Kazahkhstan. This six satellites is named DubaiSat-1, Deimosl, UK-DMC 2, Nanosat 1B, AprizeSat3, dan AprizeSat4. “The six satellites lauched to outer space use Rusia launcher, Dnepr,” says Rusia Military spokeman, Alexander Vovk, quotation from Interfax news agency. DubaiSat-1 (owned by Uni Emirat Arab) designed to soil surface survey, meanwhile Nanosta 1B (Spain) will uses to make nanotechnology experimental. Deimos1 and UK-DMC 2 (United Kingdom) are part of satellite constilation will use to disaster observer. Deimos (Spain) uses for agriculture and environment. The last, two satellites owned by Agertina, AprizeSat3 and AprizeSat4 will uses to developing telecommucation system services.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Microsoft-Yahoo Rely On Bing

Coorperation between Mocrosoft Corp and Yahoo Inc to MENGGANJAL Geogle will be more tighten. Microsoft search engine combine with Yahoo expert to get customers, with Bing, they will be a serious challange for Google. Competition between Google and Bing can be real if this cooperation have agreement from regulator. In stock market, Yahoo stock price down 12 percent. Imvestors feel disappinted because this cooperation only for temporary and not included down payment for Yahoo from that cooperation. Some investors hope of reached US$ 3 billion down payment, according to Berstein, accepted on Sunday August 2nd 2009.
“I more like money,” Ryan Jacob says, investor manager of Jacob Management Asset. He complains no down payment for Yahoo. Beside that, on product clause and budget aconomizing for this cooperation is not as high as they expectation. In other side, Microsoft stock price increased 1.4 percent and Google stock price down 0.8 percent. Yahoo prediction that cooperation will increasing their operational annual earnings to approximately US$ 500 million and cant cut operasional cost US$ 200 million. Yahoo also have expectation operasionacash flow will increase to US$ 275 million. Based on cooperation annoucement, Bing search enginee will increase Yahoo capacity. This cooperation only have one theoretical challange to Google at this time. That need at leas two and half years to get agreement from authority. At least, this cooperation will be fully effective in 2012. Microsoft and yahoo also have problem that is anti-trust issue. Google canceled their cooperation with Yahoo of end last year after get stressed from Departement of Justice. However, experts declared if that cooperation will continue after Obama governance evaluation about anti-trust. This cooperation will make heavy challange for Google. Both of cooperation must meet together and dicussion again after Yahoo refused Microsoft buy offered with price US$ 47,5 billion last years.

Enjoying Garden on the Roof

Garden on the roof was phenomenon in some enviromental care countries, before global warming issue released. Garden in the roof commonly can we finded in Japan, and some Europe countries, New Zealand, and United States of America. Lately is followed by Hongkong SAR and Malaysia. This garden not width, only take averange 100-2,000 squre meter. However, don’t you see from their width but see from spirit to build garden in the roof and spread spirit to build garden. In Hongkong SAR, avaranged citizen who don’t have yard dilligent to build mini garden in their roof or apartment. Some of them have spirit to put plant pot in the apartement or flat windows. They take care with the best effort of plant, and happy smile if they see their plant spread fragrance. Growing flower is relaxation and beutiful view for eyes. In Kuala Lumpur, they like to gardening in garden because make air more fresher and the temperature in their house not really hot like before. I hope this hobbiest can be spread in Jakarta. Makes Jakarta fresh....

Again From Garuda Indonesia

Enjoy direct flight with flat bed seats comfortable in executive class. Garuda Indonesia in their advertise in some newspaper, introduce direct flight from Jakarta to Soul (South Korea), Sydney and Melbourne (Australia) with their new Airbus A330-200 plane. This comfortable flight can you feel statrtingon August 1st, 2009. Executive Class will spoiling you with flat bed seats that can lie down until 180°, laptop power and personal 11” LCD touch screen and 9: personnal LCD touch screen in Economy Class. Audio and Video onDemand (AVOD) that enjoyable in all classes woth 25 film choices, 10 TV programs, 35 music album choices, and 25 interactive video games. For information and reservation, you can contact Call Center and Garuda Indonesia sales offices or your travel agent. You also can see the information at and 24 hours Garuda Indonesia information phone at 0 804 1 807 807 or (021) 2351-9999. I hope someday I can enjoy this flight too. I hope so....

Internet For Campaign in Japan

Seiji Ohsaka, a member of Japan parlement member from oposition side, feel disappointed when known taht he must stop posting in social networking Twitter when he make official campaign starting on August 18. Japan Election regulation in 1950 forbiden the candidate to update their pages, send electronic mail, or use social networking. That regulation, no attention from elector and most of them prefer to old campaign style, makes cyber politic not really popular in Japan. This condition contrast with 70 percent of Japan citizen who known internet. Survey by Tetsuro Inaba from Hitotsubashi University found that only 22 percent Japan elector received information by online in 2005 election. “Internet must use for campaign. That is impossible to say No Use Internet,” Ohsaka says. Face the reality, Democrat Party of Japan (DPJ) was declared to erase this internet for campaign forbiden in their program. Parties make connection with people by internet, So for that, they can use many methods and internet play big rules,” says Etsushi Tanofuji, Waseda University lecture. Analist said that politician from authority party, Liberal Democratic Party (LDP), feels no comfortable with reformation like that. “When they interest face with the new type media, they feel treated and hard for them to give green light,” says Yoshikazu Iwabuchi, lecture at Nihon University. Because politic outside campaign schedule is permited, blog politician owner and video from ministers in YouTube become usual to find it. DPJ politician broadcasted online pers conversion and downloadable games.

China Rich Cause Worker Force Contribution

China can finance United States of America (USA) economy because their work force bigger than children and senior citizen. That conclusion from an analysist to opened mystery why Beijing became USA main nett creditor. Ratio of work force and people who depend on workers make China luckier. This will keep continue for 15 next future years. In the other word, depend on in USA is higher than China. Bit this China benefit will be decreasing because increasing of senior citizen burden. That one of research result in Bank for International Settlement (BIS) publication in Basel, Swiss on Sunday, August 2nd, 2009. This study also explain that force worker compotition is asymmetrical between USA and China. Youth citizen starting to work at 15 years old in China. This 15 years old increase in China. This is make bigger of force worker number. Economist Guonan Ma and Zhou think the flentiful of China deposit can explain with lower of depend on level. This is pointed to 15 years old population ratio to worker population. Also with depend on senior citizen ratio, that is compare between retired age in over 65 yeras old percentage to worker force, China more superior than USA. In USA, youth citizen starting to work commonly over 18 yeras old. Beside that, senior citizen, retired people, is bigger. This demographic factor be main cause factor why China can buy many assets in all over the world, like to be USA obligation holder in numerous number. It is suprised in USA-China realtionship.

Monday, August 3, 2009

Ex-Philippines Leader Corazon Aquino Dies at 76

Ex-the 11st Philippine president Corazon Aquino (or her nick name famous is Cory) dies on Sunday, August 1, 1009, in Manila caused by advanced colon cancer that she long had been suffering. Philippine and world citizen feel sorrow after heard this news. Many feel like sad and happy mixed remembered what the late have done. Sad because Philippine democration icon with shinning inner beuaty to all over the world has passed away. Happy because Cory is one country moral icon who not tempted to misuded his power that she get from Ferdinand Marcos , the previous persident. “Mother died in peace on August 1, 2009 at 03.18 am,” says her son, Senator Benigno Aquino Jr, outside Makati Medical Center, Manila. Cory got medical treatment in this hospital for a few days before she dies. Yes, I also sad here Corazon Aquino died because she is one of my president idol. I remember when I in junior high school, oftened heard news from televison or radio and also read it in newaspaper about her life and leadership. She is get president when Indonesia president Soeharto has power. Both of them now is gone. Based information from World Health Organization (WHO) in the world, colon cancer is kill 655,000 person every year. So from this fact is not wrong if colon cancer placed the second position of the most killer cancer. Philippine president Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo where at that time was visiting United States of America, directly declared ten days of national mourning. Arroyo called Corazon Aquino as national asset. Cory was house wife type who have not political ambition, to be president because by condition pr destiny. However, she morality, humble, low profile, kind, and personal greatness make her always remembering by Philippine and maybe the world citizen. Her prestiges was increased suddenly after her husband dead becuase shooted when he landed in Manila International Airport in 1986. Prediction of his died because president Marcos plan. But until now, there never know who really asasination of Benigno Aquino mastermind. Good bye, Cory.....I always remember you....

IMF : Indonesia Stronger Faces Crisis

International Monetary Fund praised Indonesia stage to overcome global economy crisis. If government consistent to his regulation, Indonesia will recovery in two years. Chief of IMF Representative in Indonesia, Thimas Rimbaugh, explains this thing in teleconference from Washington DC on July 29, 2009, Rombaugh gives result report from IMF executive council about Indonesia. “Indonesia already take good action in this crisis impact, even can be projection to be big three developing of G-20 countries,” says Rimbaugh. IMF see Indonesia in very good macroeconomy condition when crisis happening. This condition also supported by suitable to correct regulation to face crisis. One of Indonesia benefit compare to another Asia Pacific countries who depend on export is domestic market. IMF prediction Indonesia will still keeping this good condition. Economy recovery in first quarterly run faster than prediction be one factor to increasing investors trust. Rimbaugh said, in fiscal regulation side, stimulus must be still programming, specially in infrastructure. For that, IMF thinks stimulus packet still continue in 2010. To reduce budget defisit, to stricten tax regulation and reduce energy subsidies can created space for fiscal. In moneter regulation side, IMF thinks need more loosen, more space for Bank of Indonesia to cut interest rate. Indonesia devisa reserve at this time is safe enough. Until last Juni 2009, total of devisa reserve managed by Bank of Indonesia was reached US$ 57,58 billion dollar. IMF prediction that is inflation for this year approximately 5 percent, even in the last quarterly of this yaer maybe around 4 percent, and for next year prediction inflation will be stabil in 5 percent.

The Last Maharani of India

Mahari Gayatri Devi, 90 year old, had closed her glamour and colourful life journey. Her dead will be the last era for India aristrocrat era. In one ceremony for her dead, Amot Roy, a veterant comentator, says “Passed away of Mahari Gayatri Devi make the truly India queen is over.” Born from aristocrat family, Devi growe up in palace on Jaipur with 500 servants. In her popular otobiography, A Princess Remembers, Devi said his during her childhood, she arounded by 100 mahouts (elephant trainer), 20 gardener, 20 horse worker, one tenis coach, and many servant and chef. Devi very close with British Kindom families. By international society, she known as jet set queen who like speaks with Elizabeth Queen from England in polo match, dance in night club, and ruler of Jaipr Palace life. After India freedom frm England in 1947, Devi chosen her carrier to be potician as parlement member. She also had been jailed for five months in 1975 for tax blackout accused that never proven followed his oods with India Prime Minister in that time, Indira Gandhi. The Times of India pictured Devi as “four years old little girl who life in London and often shopping at Harrods alone”. At 21 years old, she already had her own privacy jet plane. Mail Today remembered Devi ate caviar when she in jail and driven white jaguar car. Her merried with Maharaja Jaipur also recorded in Guinness Book of World Records as the most expensive merried ever. Devi represnted some noble and aristrocrat traditon, that is maharani must be pretty, powerful, world jet set society, closely friend of Birtish Kindom families, and strong politician. That what Hindustan Times discribed her.
At 14 years old, Davi falling in love woth Maharaja Jaipur and merried with him as third wive. Her life change to be more glamour. But she must obey some tradition for women. One of them is purdah tradition or secluded of marriageable girl. From that, she fight so that girl in India given more freedom. IN 1943, Devi opened school for girl named from her name, Gayatri Devi. Now is still one of the best school in India. After her husband died in 1970, Devi more active in social life. Her time divided between in London when summer time and in India when winter season before she falled sick a few week ago. His corpse was buried in Jaipur and will be cremation.

Car Bomb Explosion in Madrid.

At least 50 person injure by car bom explosion outside Civil Guard army bararck complex in Burgos City, Nort Spain on Wednesday, July 29, 2009. This explosion blow up at 04.00 am on local time, destroyed biggest part of outside wall Civil Guard barrack, this place is domicily for paramiliter police officer and his family. Local pers reported, van that explode was loaded 200 kg bomb material. Police departemen said 46 person who life in barack, including 22 women and 6 children, most of them had no seriously injured, like wounded by piece of glass. Spain Internal Affair Ministry Alfredo Perez Rubalcab who visitid bomb explosion location directly accused ETA (for Euskadi ta Askatasuna, which means “Basque Fatherland and Liberty”) as actor behind this tragedy. Bom esplosion happened only to day before 50 years ETA fonded ceremony on July 31, 2009.

Reopening of Ritz-Carlton and JW Marriott Hotel

After 12 days closed cause by bomb explosion, two luxurious hotels at Mega Kuningan Jakarta,Ritz-Carlton and JW Marriott reopening Wednesday on July 29, 2009 at 10:00 am. In the written explanation, Ritz-Carlton Management clarified that two hotels officially reopening. Based on Management, before bom bluster, security procedure in hotel already in high level position. Meanwhile, after the bom bluster, security procedure in hotel will be more upagrader again. However, safety and comfortly of guests still in first priority. Even the hotel was opened for public, security in both hotel still closely guarded and guest will be check their all bodies one by one. At Ritz-Carlton and JW Marriott Hotel still watching in front and inside the building. A dog still preparing in hotel lobby. In other part of hotel, some workers busy to finished Airlangga Restorant renovation, included cookie shop. From this restorant the bomb explosion came from.
This time, not many guest take lunch at Prime Restorant in Ritz-Carlton Hotel. Lift for guest had already fixed and can be use by guests. Before that, the guest must used goods and employee lift, because the lift had damage too by bomb explosion. JW Marriott Hotel where have location side by side with Ritz-Carlton Hotel is already busy and operating to served their guests. Sailendra Restorant was visited by many guests. Security procedure in JW Marriott Hotel also extra stricted. Every guest must passed detail and careffuly inspection before they enter to Hotel.