Wednesday, July 29, 2009

World Cup Treat By A-H1N1 Virus Infected.

Plan to celebrate World Cup in South Africa can’t run from shadowing of A-H1N1 infected treatment. Connected to this case, World Health Organization (WHO) met with South Africa government on July 28, 2009. From meeting between WHO and South Africa government heart of matter is how to prevent and push potention of infection and A-H1N1 impact. On schedule, World Cup in South Africa will be present on June and July 2010. According WHO, in that month is the peak period of virus spread because earth in west side moving to winter seaseon. WHO and South Africa right now still make plan to prevent A-H1N1 maximality. In World Cup 2010, South Africa will accept 450.000 guest from foreign countries. WHO suggested South Africa government to avoid place for supportes meeting nearly with place suspect that have A-H1N1 infected cases. WHO also suggested to provide immunity vaccine and masker to early prevention. In World Ciup 2006 in Germany, WHO also gove suggested to football supporters to not closely with school that indentification have diseases attack. The last WHO report said 95,000 person on the world get A-H1N1 infection and 816 person is dead. WHO also said the vaccine for this disease possibility available on September. Beside World Cup 2010, WHO also take attention to hajj ritual in Saudi Arabia. Same with South Africa, WHO also discussing this problem with Saudi Arabia government.

China Will Be Number 2

If we compared betweenUnited State of America (USA) and China economical dynamic in the middle of global financial crisis is so contrast. USA financial is depressed or become slow and China is very enthusiastic. China enthusiastic more showing because it is almost definite China will take over Japan position as the second biggest economy por. Meanwhile, USA as the biggest economy power right know have many problem cause started from finacial crisis. Effort to release frim this crisis more difficult because budget deficit reached over US$ 1 trillion. Problem of budget and trade deficit with China makes this problem as main topic of USA-China discussion in Washington, USA. Until May 2009, USA deficit in their trading with China reached US$ 84,6 billion and for 2008 reached US$ 268 billion. That is already appear prediction that not until next 50 years, China will be number one economy power change USA position. If this prediction is correct, it will be reapeatly of China history. In te beginning 19th century, China showed as biggest economy power in the world. Based on prediction, in 1820 China controlled approximately 29 percentof global economy activities. Observator tendency think China will be main locomotove to pull out another countries from crisis, because this country can keep their economic progress averanged 7 percent and succeed to make stimulus work. Can imagine, after this global economy crisis over, China will more step forward because infrastructur already built as long as crisis happen with stimulus packet worth US$ 586 million. So we can wait can China take over USA position as the biggest economy power?

New Loan Rp 3 Trillion from France

France government gove loan by Climate Change Program Loan (CCPL) mechanism with nominal Rp 3 trillion (US$ 300 million) or totally is Rp 5 trillion (US$ 500 million) for two last years. This addition budget hope can increasing Indonesia ability to decrease negative impacts by global climate change. This loan loan transfer do by credit facility agreement assignment between Director General of Loan Management, Departement of Finance, Rahmat Waluyanto and France Associated for Development representative , Joel Daligault in Jakarta. CCPL Stage 1 will clearane in 2008 worth US$ 200 million or Rp 2 trillion. Rahmat said for the same purpose, Indonesia also get loan from Japan International Corporation Agency (JICA) worth US$ 400 million or Rp 4 trillion, so total loan for climate change reached US$ 900 million.

Pintu Terlarang Win Best Film in Bucheon

Pintu Terlarang (Forbiden Door) directed and scenario by Joko Anwar, production by LifeLike Picture wins highest appreciaton as best film on Puchon International Fantastic Film Festival 2009. This award given in closing this festival on July 23, 2009 in Bucheon, South Korea. PIFAN is the biggest festival for fantasy and horror genre film in Asia, with affliation in European Federation of Fantastic Fuilm Festival. It is the 13th festival followed 200 chosen film all over the world. 12 of those film chosen to winning best appreciation, including Hollywood horror movie tittle Cold Souls, and Martyr (France) that already get attention in Cannes Film Festival. Pintu Terlarang with produser by Sheila Timothy and starring by Fachri Albar, Marsha Timothy, Ario Bayu, Otto Djauhari, Henidar Amroe, and Tio Pakusadewo, story about a success sculptor whhen suddnly face some misteries that make dangerous his life. Pintu Terlarang get praises from international criticus, including from TIME International magazine and The Hollywood Reporter, was many times following presticious international film festival inlucing on those festival is Rotterdam International Film Festival, Udine Far East Festival, New York Asian Film Festival, and Neuchatel Fantastic Film Festibal. This film was adaptation from Sekar Ayu Asmara novel. This film also have plan schedule to following Toronto After Dark Film Festival, Vancouver International Film Festival, and London International Film Festival.

Uighur Leader Visiting Japan

Visiting of minority Uighur China, Rebiya Kadeer (62) to Japan, Tuesday om July 28, 2009, make Beijing government disappointed. China disappointed when Japan to give entering permit to someone who have criminal lebeling by her own government. “Pretend ignored to repeatly softly warning by China government, Japan government is still give Rebiya Kadeer to do her separatism activities,” say spokeman from Department of Foreign Affair China, Qin Gang. Last Sunday, documenter film with title Ten Conditions of Love about Uighur prominent figure and was nominated for Peace Nobel 2006 is fail to play in Melbourne International Film Festival. The director pull out this film because have protest from China government. Even in last week, Melbourne International Festival website attacked by hacker by sent China flag. After that 4 China films also pull out from festival.
However, spokeman from Departemen of Foreign Affair Japan, Kazuo Kodama said arrival Rebiya Kadeer to Japan is not official visiting and no have meeting with anyone in Japan government official. “We check visa request from her, so we give permition base on usual procedur,” said Kodama. He sure visiting for three days of Rebiya to Japan will not distrub Japan-China relationship. Rebiya, mother of 11 children and World Uighur Congress leader stay in Washington, USA, China government accused her of masterminding for protest action that changed to be violance action in Urumqi, capital of Uighur city, Xinjiang Province, in China on early this one with 197 death victims. “I go to here in order to Japan people to know what really happen in Uighur. How they cacthed and then killed,” say Rebiya when interviewed by NHK, Japan televison.

Go to Barbershop

Yestedat I go to barbershop tp cut my hair. My hair is too long for an employee. So I look not like employee but freeman. Beside that, I feel hot in my head especially when I sweaty. So annoying. So after office hours, I had plan to directly go to barbershop near at my home in Tengerang City. I must stand in line because this barbershop is popular enough. After wait for 15 minutes, I go my turn. Tariff for cut hair in this barbershop is moderate. Not cheap and also not too expensive. For adult is Rp. 9,000 (US$ 0.9), child Rp 6,000 (US$ 0.6). The last time I cut my hair is a month ago, the tariff is Rp 7,000. I asked barbershop employee why they tariff increase. They said must increasing tariff because everything prices is increasing too. Like electric energy, soap, and other. But I think for barbershop they only use scissor and to do they jobs. For me, the inceasing tariff is fine, but many customers protest with this regulation. But what can we do?
Compare with cheap barbershop, the put tariff for Rp. 3,000 – 5,000 and for expensive class like executive barbershop or saloon, tariff is more over tahn Rp. 10,000. I had experience cut myhair in saloon, I must pay Rp. 30.000 plus tips. But the result is same with this barbershop. So why I must spend more money in saloon if I can get better.
I like cut my hair in this place because I know the employee. They are polite, patient, and as customer I get massage in head, shoulder, and hand after they cut my hair. Duration for cutting my hair is 15 minutes plus 2-3 minutes for massage. I give tips to barbershop employee Rp. 2,000. If you think the tariff is enough, is okay to not give tips. It is depend on us. I look myself in the mirror. I look more handsome than before, ha..ha..ha...


Bioterrorism is release germ or microbe purposely that cause diseases like virus, bacteria, or another micro organism with target to make pain or death especially to human. Patogen microorganism can be spread in the air, water resource, or food. The story goes that patigen mico organism has been developing asa biological weapon in war since 6th century. In 1520 reported a Spain General, Fransisco Pizarro, who lead his army to conquered Inca Kingdom in Peru give cloth contain small vox to Inca people. We know the impact of this disease to them. Now, bioterrorism has been global treatment because the spread of this disease so fast and no have border . Bioterrorism more dangerous than conventional bomb because the action is hard to detect. It is different with bomb blaster like in Jakarta, directly we can feel the impact and immadiately can be overcome. Meanwhile infection disease by microorganism need time to cause impact. The patient still going around and infected diseases to another person. Micro orgnism also can be growth so bioterrorism will have potensial to kill more people than convensional bomb. The biologist agent chosen commonly cause pain or mass deathly, like anthrax, small vox, ebola, and botulinum. As sxample, anthrax cause by Bacillus anthracis bacteria, produces very stabil spora and still life in soil or water for a long time. This is micro organism match to be used as bioterrorism.
Microorganism for bioterrorism can be very dangerous, like easy to outbreak, big number of victim, and need special overcoming, because this terror design to make panic and social chaos in society. To prevent and overcome bioterrorism need to participaty for all party. From society, medical officer, scientist, and police, need to aware about bioterrorim pontention and they must have enough information about how to prevent and overcome it. Police and other security officer likes in public area must have basic knowledge to secure people from this treatment. Scienctish need to involve to detection, indentification, and to trace source of biologist agent. Scientist also need to development medicine or cure biologist agent. All people must be beware of bioterrorism. We don’t know when this terror will be happen.

Indonesia United : We Not Affraid

After bomb blaster at Mega Kuningan, Jakarta, friendship appication programs like Facebook and Twitter crowded by comments to expression their anger, condemn, nauseated, emphaty and other feeling to terrorist action. This all feeling then make growing discussion about how to act facing bomb blaster in Jakarta. Not so long, born Indonesia Unite community that asked people do not affraid to terrorist action (because it is terrorist want for their action) and more self binded and proud to be part of Indonesia. Raising the Sang Saka Merah Putih (means Indonesia flag or nationalism spirit) in twitters photos. The next step of community is make t-shirt, ballon, and sticker instribed with words : “Kami Tidak Takut” (We Not Affraid). All this steps is to urged people not to stop their activities because affarid of bomb or bomb treatment around them.
“If our activities stop, Indonesia economy will collaps, because of that come on keep work like usual , dont be surender to terrorists,” say Yudi, one of twitters met last Friday at Mazee FX.
Response for urged dont be affraid and not give up to terror is echoing on and on and have wide response from all society levels. They do something to not surrender and affraid to terrorist. For example, Indah and Iwan Espeje makes full support to Indonesia Unityed. This spouse since four years ago feel no worries by travell warning regulation to Indonesia after Bali bomb blaster and Kuningan have blog “Indonesia Bertindak” (Indonesia Action). Both of then always campaign by “Indonesia Dangerously Beatiful” slogan. “Travel warning we response back with statement how beautiful Indonesia and what they gonna loses if not come this amazing country.” With t-shirt, pin, sticker, and bag selling, they keep campaign in Indonesia and foreign countries. This day many ways do by people to not stop show their love to Indonesia. I love Indonesia too.....

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Swim Suit Technology Competition is Over

Fédération Internationale de Natation (FINA) is the International Federation (IF) for administering international competition in the aquatic sports on July 24, 2009, was agreed that starting in 2010 high technology swim suit is forbiden. Swim athlete only allowing use textile material for swim suit. Based site, only 7 countries ignore or disagree with this forbiden idea for use plastic and kind of that for swim suit. In the order side, more over 180 countries agree with this regulation and supported this idea. This proposal comes from USA. This proposal appraisal by almost congress members as answered for controvertion raised on February 2008. On that time, Speedo released new high technology swim suit material from polyurethane (some kind of plastic) named LZR. Since that, technology competition happened in swim suit producers. In the same time, a hundred times record falling down changes by new record. This situation makes swimming competiton no longers depend on the athletes but also depend on what swim suit technology they use. This situation is not good for swimming sport. Swimming already swim suit producers competition and not the atheletes. Because this forbiden effective on 2010, this swim suit technology still can be used in international competition in 2009. Polyurethane is non textile material because can absorp water and make the air trap. Textile material is commonly made by fiber likes cotton, sewed and not water resistance.

Travel Warning Not Withdraw Australian to Jakarta

At least 24 Australian to still comes to Jakarta although Australia Government released travel warning. The 24 Australians are golf players who comes to following Asian Golf Tournament at Damai Indah Golf, Bumi Serpong Damai, Tangerang, on July 23-36. They are part of 140 foreign golf players would to comes to the first intenational tournament after bomb blaster in Jakarta. Gary Simpson, one of Australian golf players said he still comes although his government released travel warning. “However, I ignored it. I am sure Jakarta is safe for us,” say Simpson. Simon Griffiths, another Australian players say “I think there is no reason for me to be affraid. This situation can be happen on every where place in this world, including in London.” So, you don't worry to come to Jakarta.
In the same time, Jakarta also present Indonesia International Motor Show (IIMS) at Hall A and B, Pekan Raya Jakarta (PRJ) until August 2, 2009. In this motor show event, you can see Hummer Limosin, Hyundai i20 (city car), Proton, and other great cars. This show followed by 21 brands. But BMW, Mercedes Benz, and General Motor Auto World Indonesia absent in this event. IIMS 2009 ticket for Sunday-Thurday is Rp. 20.000 (US$ 2) and Friday-Sunday is Rp 30.00 (US$ 3).

Virginity Auction via Internet

I just to know, that is not only old and antique things can be listing in auction market, but virginity also can be auction. Like bews source from The Sun that Evelyn Ducvos, 18 years old woman from Equador, auction her virginity for £ 2 million or US$ 3,8 million. Evelyn have to do this because she need money to take care his mother and to finished her study in school of medicine. Her salary as employee in Valencia is not enough for that. This auction until today is have no bidder. Maybe is too expensive for them. Based on history, virginity auction is started when a virgin from Rumania, Alina Parcea, succeed to offered her virginity to a 45 years old man from Italy with bid £ 8.782. So big different price to what Evelyn offered. Then they met on a hotel in Venice to finished the transaction. Alina need money to finished his study in computer college. This man said Alina, treated her so gentle and polite. “Honestly, I really bervous but he makes me comfort and everything is gonna be alright and I like it,” say Alina. Alina also bring certificated to prove that she is virgin to the Italian Man. Do you intersting to follow this auction? For me this auction too weird or I just old fashion for this? But I disagree to this auction. Technology really have two faces.

Reduce Global Warming From Working Place

At least 1/3 of ourtime in a day spending to do job in office. Many person not aware that make our working mindset on our head and have impact to our life style, healthy, and satisfied. Unfortunately, awareness of the impact for enviroment frim our working activities is lack. Office building and the activities doing by employee everyday use electric energy, water, papaer and other resourses making contribution to carbon gas emission. This emission is to be the main cause of global warming.
For example, environment scientist said that averange paper use in an office is 0,5 kg each employee per day. Ans total employees in Jakarta approximately 4 million, so take a half pf this number use paper for their jobs. So that more than 1 million kg of paper consumption to this working activites each day. To produce 1 ton paper need 10 trees. Than on one day employees in Jakarta need averange 10.000 trees. Survey from MARS Indonesia said 78,4 percent emloyees in Indonesia is more comfortable to use private vechicle to office than use public vehicle like bus or train.How many gasoline needed for this and how many air pollution makes from this vehicles. Can you imagine how much emission must be burden by our atmosphere. This is bad news. But the good news is we can change our bad habit in office and starting to give contribution to slow down the destroyer effect for our earth. Many little thing in office that we can do. Like using used paper, shutdown computer and lamp after finished our working hours, hybernate the computer to help reduce electric energy. Corporation also can following to reduce global warming effect by provide bus for employee, use technology teleconference to reduce travel cost. Beside make reduce of pollution, this action also hgve efficiency for corporation.

Bacteria produces sugar

Genetic modification of saccharaphagus degradans bacteria in tested for commercial scale able to change 1 ton of celluosa to sugar in 72 hours. This result showed this organism have potential to produce more cheaper and efficient etanol in industy scale. Microorganism from Chesapeake Gulf in Maryland, USA, have been modification by Steven Hutcheson, cell biology and mollecular genetic professor from Marykand University. In 2006, Smatis, a start up company, developing for commercial scale.

World More Warmer, Star More Smaller

Climate change make impact to some species in every place on earth. From polar bear in the Artic to ridge of rock in tropic sea. Two ecology changes was recorded is some species – animal and plant – moving to higher places and also moving to different diagonal places for searching suitable temperature. The other changed is life cycle of some species and flower season and bird migration had already time changed. Now is third changed, that is increasing Earth temperature following with smaller size of organism – even community or individual size. This is declared by team leader of Martin Dauftesne reasearcher from cemagref Aix-en-Provence, researcher institute owner by France govenment. Result from this study will be exposed in scientist journal Proceedings of The National Academy of Sciences. This research had taken the long time studies in water community – including bacterium, fitoplankton, and fish in river, lake, and ocean, based Daufresne, fish group in rivers in France is decrease of amount more than 60 percent in the study for two decades.

Jakarta needs Rp. 104.9 Billion for Recovery

To recovery Jakarta image as safe city after bomb blaster at JW Marrriot Hotel and Rotz Charlton Hotel are more complicated than recovery Bali after bomb blaster. The reason is jakarta have multy dimention side as capital of Indonesia, government center, the enter gateway for foreign investment, trade, and tourism. As government center, Jakarta must show to the public that they still exist and ready to give services to citizen and society. Jakarta need ti finished this bom blaster case immidiately, including tp reveal motivation behind the bomb blaster. It is important to increase compfortibilty of economy activities, specially consumption in the big cities. Based from this fact, budget for Jakarta recovey will be the same with Bali recovey. Budget for Bali used by government to recovery tourism industry is Rp. 104.9 billion. From this amount, Rp 34.8 allocated to increased Bali security and give to police department. Jakarta need budget ti increase security in entering and exit gateway, public fasilutuesm and cost for police department.

Beckham Still Patient.

Do you like football? Of course, football in the world have different mean with United State of America (USA). In USA maybe the popular name for this sport is soccer. In America football is not really popular comparing with basket ball (NBA) or softball. I know, in USA playing ball sport with hand is more populer than playing ball with foot. Beckham, one of my favorite football player is play in Los Angeles Galaxy team, USA. David Beckham can't hide his expectation to play football again with AC Milan, Italy. He wants come back to San Siro if football competition season in USa is over this year. At this time, David Beckham must play with his club LA Galaxy. Bekham looks don't care if his come back to AC Milan makes angry LA Galaxy supporters. Victoria Beckham husbam choose to concentration in every LA Galaxy match and don't want his performa disturbing by supporters mockery who labeled him as betrayer because ignore to comeback to LA Galaxy after his borrower status in AC Milan was over in last March. Beckham also make enemy with his partner team and icon of LA Galaxy, Landon Donovan. But right now his relationship with Donovan is going better. However, Beckham still worries if his children Brooklyn, Romeo, and Criz watch the LA Galaxy supporters mockering him. Be patient, Beckham.

Only One Child Program Is Not Enough

Since 1979, China Government reagulated ony One Child Program for family who life in cities. For people who life in rural they have permited to have more than one child. Family in city who disobey this regulation must paid high fine, although sometimes they get discrimination in their office. After this regulation run make new problems. Propotion of senior citizen with productive age ciziten not balance anymore. This problem also makes unbalance jender proportion cause in China tradition mostly like to get boy than girl baby. Because of that, many parents in the cities chosen abortion way when they know get girl fetus. Except that, in future their afraid lack of worker. Singel child in family is tender to be egoism and spoiled. Many little boys in China get title as “Little Caesar”. Growing as single child is not always easier. Many parent want their child to be number one in everything. So the only child must followed they parent want and expectation. Sometimes parent too many push their child to do what they want.
Lately, this One Child Program regulation will be loosen. Government today pushing the parents to have second children. This is suitable with women expectation in China. China Daily explain 70,7 percent China womwn want more tahn one child in their family, 83 percent wants have one boy and one gorl in their family. Shanghai Govenment supported the regulation for two children. Shanghai itself is the most densily populated in China mainland. Three million population in Shanghai is 60 years old or approximately 22 percent of population. In 2002, thispopulation increase to 34 percent. Not all parents agree with the reagulation. They said to growing up one child is so difficult. The One Child Program that we know get many critics and protests from China itself and other countries. Because to make One Child Program running well, the government legally abortion and other violonce to women. China government want they population still on 1,36 million next year or same with this year.

Big Leap For Garuda Indonesia

President of Republic of Indonesia, Susilo Bambang Yudhono praises recovery of Garuda Indonesia works. His said that recovery by state-owned corporation like Garuda, including to put professional as leaders was bring state-owned corporation make big progress. President mekes this statement when he comes to opened ceremony in Soekarno Hatta Airport at Tangerang on July 23. President gives example what Garuda Indonesia Airlines reached. This national airlines was suffered Rp 811 billion (US$ 81,1 million) financial loss in 2004. But, since 2007 their have profit Rp 60 billion (US$ 6 million), and nett income for 2008 increased to Rp 699 billion (US$ 69 million). Garuda already improve their company management to increasing their services quality, effiency, productivity, and competition power. “I want to say thank you and appreciation to State Owner Corporation Minister and staff for their jobs to improve the company and make it better every years,” say President.
Data for the last four years, Garuda Indonesia management succeed to change loss to profit. From suffer Rp 811 billion financial loss (2004) to eached profit Rp 669 billion (2008). Profit have deeply meaning in the middle of international airlines collaps and global crisis. One of big leap from Garuda is to added and renovation their fleet. If this year Garuda only have 62 planes to fly, in 2014 reach 116 planes. 50 units is Boeing 737-800NG (next generation) was ordered and the first planes comes in this month, On services for long haul already ordered 10 units of B777-300ER (Extended Range) and will came in 2011. For this year, Garuda Indonesia will bring their customer to new and more comfortable zone by 4 new Airbus A330-200 for long haul or long distance destination.
For illustration of new Garuda Indonesia Airbus A330-200, Executice Class have 36 Flat Bed Seats to maximality your rest on plane. This seat is like your bed with large space for foot. Facilitated with laptop power, personal reading light, drink bottle holding, and touch 11 screen LCD TV. Economy Class have 186 ergonomic seats with 31 inch space for foot, and 9 inch touch screen LCD TV with remote. This plane also have audio video on demand start with 25 films selection, 10 TV programs, music album, and 25 kind of interactive video games each class. And aircraft performance this airbus use Rolls Royce Trent 772 engine can reach 22,550 km in standard configuration. This engine also environmental friendly.

Climate Change

There are warning from scientists that surface of Earth temperature is not allowed increase more 2 Celcius degrees. If this condition happened, more than 300 million people will be moving from their home living area right now. Beside that, thousand of islands will be sink, the land will be dry, and spred of many new diseases. At this time, I feel Jakarta is hotter than three of four years a go, altough ten year is still hot too. This condition make fisher and farmer more difficult and their in the front line faces the climate change. They will be loses their job. Preventive effort to avoid the raising of world temperature must have commitment from government. Without that is difficult to moblization ot arranged their citizen or people make it change. People needs model. For developed country gather together in Annex I makes commitment to decrease emition from glass house effect. However this is effort run so slowly. The G-8 meeting in the middle of this month also no bring the new era for decrease climate change when the developed country facing the obligation they must help the developing and poor country with give them budget. The developed country dont wanna give their budget to another country.
Based UNFCCC mention at least four target must be raeched in COP-15 n Copenhagen, Denmark. They must have progress in four field so that wat yo make new deal to change Tokyo Protocol will be finished in 2012, running smoothly. Now there is three countries

Manchester United Comes to Indonesia in 2011?

Manchester United (MU) was canceled his match in Indonesia. This incident like happened in Malaysia in 2007. But two incident have different reasons. In Malaysia canceled because the event have same agenda with Asia Cup and AFC (Asia Food Ball Cup) protest about it. Canceled in Jakarta, Indonesia is tragedy. Bomb in JW Marriot and Ritz Charlton on July 17, is the reason. Commitee and some companies like Nike, Hutchison Telecommunications Indonesia, Bola Tabloid (bola is word in Indonesia for ball), suffer a financial loss for this force majeur. Committe for MU match in Jakarta said their suffered Rp. 25 billion (US$ 2,5 million) financial loss, Hutchison Telecommunications who have contract for “3” in MU tour loses US$ 8 million, Nike approximately Rp. 1,5 million (US$ 150.000), and Bola Tabloid suffer Rp 250 milion (US$ 25.000). Hutchison Telecommunications Indonesia expect as sponsor for MU Tour, they have license for MU product services by celluler, likes video clip, ringtone, prediction, and prepaid celullar card with logo and player pictures. This license valid until 2012.
MU coach, Sir Alex Ferguson don’t want to take risk by bring MU players comes to Jakarta. Therefore MU committe goes to Kuala Lumpur Malaysia makes persuation to Sir Alex Ferguson so that they still comes altough just for press convention. But Sir Alex Ferguson still in his decision.
MU Chief of Executive David Gill promises that one day they will comes to Jakarta. In the begining of Asia Tour Sir Alex Ferguson said Jakarta is the most expectation destination city. We dont know they will seriously with their promises or this is only promises. If the bomb blaster not happened in Jakarta because act of terrorsim, can we hope they come to Jakarta in 2011. Still Ferguson thinks Jakarta is the most expectation city for MU tour in Asia? We just wait and see.....

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Suicide cause accused for losing iPhone Prototype

This really happened in China. Because felt guilty or very afraid be fired, an employee of iPhone pabric in Chine kill himself after one of iPhone prototype missing. Apple Inc management asked to their supplier to not too pushed the employee and trearted them more humance. Sun Danyong, 25 years old, Foxconn Technology Group that is Apple Inc vendor for new iPhone production. Danyong has responsibility to assure to deliver the 16 newest iPhone prototypes. However, he loses one unit iPhone prototype. This is importance to keep secret of newest iPhone prototype to face competitor. Foxconn stressed this to employee. This stressed and pressure makes employee stress or depression like Danyong because he losing one prototype. This stressed come for faster changed technology like handphone, mostly gadget. Secret of product is one key of success to winning the market.
When Foxconn got report that one of prototype was missed then the make internal investigation. The company pushed Danyong to confess and searched in his apartment. They find nothing. The report said that factory security makes violence to him, pushing Danyong to confess that his stolen the prototype. Can’t endure this pressure, makes Danyong committed to suicide by jump from 12nd floor of apartment. Apple spokesman asked in press release suggest that concern about this accident.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

28 Finalist for 7 World Nature Wonders

You follow this program? Indonesia has Pulau Komodo (Komoda Island) as one of finalist to compete to be one of 7 world nature wonders. Komodo only living in Komodo Island in Nusa Tenggara Timur Province. The National Park area for Komodo is 173.300 hectare. Komodo population right now approximately 3.000 species. Competitor Komodo Island among other place like The Grand Canyon (USA), Galapagos Island (Equator), Amazon Forest (South America). Great Barrier Reef (Australia, Papua New Guinea), Death Sea (Middle East). Bernard Weber, adventurer from Switzeland led the New 7 Wonders Organozation said that people can give their choice for the finalist by phone or internet. Approximate 1 billion person will be participate for this program. The winners will be announce in 2011. So you have plenty of time to give your choice. I choose Komodo Island from Indonesia and you..?

Without No Seat on The Train

I had not really good experience with train. This happening two weeks a go when I have task in Central Java. I must survey road and bridge condition in this area. The last day of survey, I got news from my wife that my beloved son got sick. Influenza. He can sleep because cant breath well. So I have decision as soon as possible to come back to Jakarta. I am at that time at Purwakerto. That day was night, almost 9 pm. I have no choice to go back to Jakarta execpt by train. The schedule I have to back to Semarang and back to Jakarta by plane. However at that time no gurantee I got plane ticket for flight tommorow morning. Because this is peak season when student got holiday and week end. Then trip Purwokerto to Semarang, capital of Central Java, takes seven hours. Wasting time. No matter what, I must go back to Jakarta that night. I have 20 minutes to catch the train. Buy the ticket in locket price is Rp. 80.000 (approx. US$ 8). In ticket I can see the word : no seat. Many passenger luike me buy no seat ticket. I buy newspaper to use as match in train floor. Take pity on me. Floor is full by passenger. So I must seat in floor near toilet. So smell so stink and I got dizzy. To solve this problem I used my handkerchief as masker. This is not enough, I still can smell the toilet aroma. I spray parfume to my handkerchief. This is better.
My unluck not stop in that stink smell. Because I am in business train, amolst in every station, the train stop to wait another train pass through (becuase only one railway track). This is make worse by street vendor on the train to selling their good or food (like satay or friend rice on the package). So noise and I must be carefull because sometimes thief or pick pocket pretend as street vendor. I really can sleep by this noise, wind, and smell. Enough is enough. Next times I better looking hotel then go back by bus in the morning. It’s more comfortable and safe. So tired. Don’t laugh, I saw the worse condition than me. When the train stop for while in station ( I can see the name of station, but it is dark), I saw passengger in the enonomic train beside our train. The economic train really overloaded. Many passenger cant seat and only can stand up (they cant sit) in the toilet room with another six or seven passengers and the toilet have no lamp. So beside the smelly and small toilet room is also dark and hot. In that way, I feel lucky. The trip from Purwokerto to Senen Station takes 8 hours (compared to only one hour by plane). Lucky me, my son is going better and better. Makes my tired disappered.
NB : I still looking my train ticket. I want to show you.

Because MU

From my posting before, you know I disappointed Manchester United (MU) canceled their to in Jakarta. My disappointed is nothing compared with this woman from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia ever done. The reason : her husband break a promise to her. Polices arrested this woman because stabbed her husband exactly in his chest after he wacthed match between MU vs Malaysia, Her husband has promised to her that he will come home soon after that macth in Kuala Lumpur. Promise is promise, this wife waiting her husband in the afternoon. But he lied to her. The wofe really..really angry when know her husband go back home after midnight. She really mad and can’t think clearly. She stabbed her husband with kitchen knife. Her husband immediately bring to hospital and the doctor reports this accident to police office. Her husband breal a promise because after macth, he having fun with friend until midnight. In the macth, MU beaten Malaysia 3-2. This is warning for husbands. Dont break a promis to your wife. It’s dangerous.

MU Canceled to Indonesia, Loses Rp 50 Billion

Manchester United (MU) cancelled to come to Jakarta makes suffered a financial loses Rp 50 billion. This number was calculated by Nurdin Halid as Chief of Persatuan Sepak Bola Seluruh Indonesia or PSSI (Indonesia Football Organization) to pers after he met Jusuf Kalla, Vice President of Republic of Indonesia. The committee and MU agent in Jakarta, Pro Events, have agreement in MoU, if have loses will be sharing together. So then the commitee can reduce their loses. But if this clausul not include in MoU, commitee will burden this loses over Rp 30 billion ebcause their already paid Pro Events Rp 22 billion and another costs. MU canceled their tour in Jakarta after bomb blaster in JW Marriot Hotel and Rotz Carlton at Mega Kuningan area (nealy Senayan Stadium) in Friday (July 17, 2009). MU coach, Sir Alex Ferguson, said this canceled taken to protect player safety. I think Sir Alex Ferguson is correct. Life is more valuable than money.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Types of Terrorist

After bomb blast in Jakarta. I think what the looking for? What they goal for this action. Here I got type of terrorist based article in Kompas Newspaper on July 21, 2009 written by Ivan A Hadar. First, revolusioner type, that is non-nation group try to fight or changed nations, rules, or try to overthrow the authority. Second, nation type, various action from authority to make terror and repress their own people. They iused death squad as part of secret police to makes terror, disappeared and killed, put their opponet (enemy) to jail or consentration camps, and another kinds of intimidation. Third, state-sponsored, that the government rent terrorist non nation (state) to do their dirty jobs to intimidation their opponent or oppotition group. Forth, enterpreneurial that is group non nation (state) or professional army to do various limited jobs in politic and economy. Terrorirst came for this kind of type. I think the bomb blaster action in Jakarta included to first type. They tried to make chaos and destabilization in Indonesia.

Gold Production

Do you know, Indonesian gold production in 2005 reached 142.894 kilogram. Based data from Forum Masyarakat Sipil untuk Keadilan Iklim (Civil Society Forum for Climate Justice), to produce one gram of gold is equal with 2,1 tons waste, consist mud, lead (metal), mercury, and cyanid. And the highest gold demand in Southeast Asia is Indonesia (16, 1 tons). In 2008, gold consumption for domestic reached 60 ton.

Burgernomics : To Understand Kurs via Burger

Based burgernomics ruoiah kurs is undervalued. The newest Big Mac Index issued by the Economist last week showed that rupiah undervalued 34 percent. This index discribed how far kurs undervalue or overvalue. Calculatde based purchasing power parity (PPP) theory. Asumption that kurs is equal with Big Mac prices in every country. From the price of Big Mac, we can see the kurs is undervalue or overvalue. In Big Mac Index list, in Jakarta the price of one Big Mac is Rp. 20.900 (US$ 2). Standard price for Big Mac in USA is US$ 3,57. Based on PPP theory, Big Mac in Jakarta is supposed to be Rp. 5.854. The actual kurs for US dollar is Rp. 10.200. Differntiation is 43 percent compaed Big Mac Price in USA. Based the Economist, ruoiah undervalued 43 percent. Confused? You can read on book of economic by Joseph Stiglitz (I sorry, I forget the tittle of his book).

Breakfast In McDonald's

Yesterday I got breakfast at McDonald's Tangerang City. This McDonald's open 24 hours everyday. I ordered chicken gourmet, beefburger and Panas. What is Panas? Panas is abbreviation of Paket Nasi, means Rice Packet. This packet consist one fried chicken (you can choose chest or thight), rice, and one regular coca cola. I am ate breakfast at McDonald's because my domestic servant who have duty to cooking is not come. This McDonald's stand have wi fi connection. I saw some student used this connection with their notebook.
Fried Chicken is almost favorite food Indonesia people for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. So burger is second option after fried chicken. Breakfast is not breakfast if you eat without rice. I think McDonald's in Indonesia introduced Rice Packet to fulfill of Indonesia favorite food and to competitive with Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC). KFC is the most famoust fried chicken in Indonesia. You must know KFC or McDonald's must put halal label in their package. A food label is stamped halal if the contents of the food conform with Muslim dietary laws. A halal certification is analogous to a kosher certification, in that it is provided by a certified third party agency, but kosher food is not necessarily halal, and halal food is not always kosher. For Muslims who are concerned about obeying the syariah (sharia), or Islamic law, a halal label acts as an assurance that the contents of the food are not haram, or forbidden. Without halal label you cant expection some much that your food product will be selling or popular because majority religion of Indonesia people is Muslim. After breakfast in McDonald, my stomach is full.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Welcome To Bandung

Bandung also knowed as Paris van Java, is crowded in week end or holiday. Many tourism object you can visit in Bandung. If you like nature object, you can visiting Tangkuban Perahu, tea plantation on Lembang, Dago, and many object. Next time I will inform you more. If you like to shoping especially cloth, you can come to factory outlet (FO). FO means clothes have pabric prince with export quality. You must carefull not all clothes have good quality. But you don’t worry, the famous FO usually sell good quality. Or if you like culiner, many place you can visit. Bandung famous food is Siomay Riri, Brownies Kukus Amanda (many fake brownies with almost same name and packaging), serabi NHI, mie kocok, kupat tahu, and so on. Too many place. In Bandung, usually I choose to stay at my parent house. Why? I like before in week end or holiday, Bandung is too crowded. In ordinary day, form my parent house to down town only takes 30 minutes. In holiday? Wow, I must take two hours to get to down town. You must patient with traffic jam in Bandung on the week end. So enjoy Bandung.

Prudential Insurance Offered

Three days a go I got phone from Citibank. They offered me to follow Prudential Insurance via Citibank Credit Card. So every month my credict will autodebet for paid premium insurance. They offered me that insuranced covered various diseases and I claim 100 percent from insurance. The Citibank officer said for ten special diseases covered only 50 percent. I forget all of ten diseases, but some is heart attack, stroke, and diabetes. The officer added I also can follow special insurance for three man diseases. Again, I forget but one of them is prostat cancer. The premium insurance is not expensive, only Rp. 110.000/month (it’s about US$ 10/month) for 10 years. Truthly, I interest but I already have another insurance from another bank. They are too late to give me this offered. If you are Citibank credit card member and interest to follow this program, you can contact Citibank officers. This program offered for selection citibank credit card member. The insuranced covered almost all diseases including if you are dead by suicide (who want to suicide to get insurance?).

Manchester United and Bomb Blast in Jakarta

Indonesia people really angry and condemn to bomb blast in Jakarta. Beside that, Indonesia people also upset when know that MU canceled their macth in Senayan Stadium in Jakarta. I am upset too. I just waiting this moment for few month a go. I have no plan to wacth directly in Senayan even my friend offered me free ticket. I will watch in one of private ownership television channel because at the time I visiting my parent in Bandung, West Java. We can blame if MU cancel to visiting Indonesia. It’s force majeur. Some of MU player said the match with Indonesia All Star would makes new condition, because Indonesia is pne of the most MU fans in Asia. Of course this bomb balast makes MU not gorget tragedy on February 6, 1958 when plane that bring them crash before take off from Munchen, Germany after filled fuel. Eight of MU player dead added 15 another pessanger, I condemn this terrorist action. They killed innocent people and bring sport to politic area. This is coward action. The last news I watched in Metro TV, the suicide bomber from Laskar Jamaah Islamiyah.

Friday, July 17, 2009

Bomb in The JW Marriot and Ritz Charlton Hotel Jakarta

I really shocked when I heard from radio in my handphone (I am on the bus), that bomb blast in Jakarta. Why? This people not have mercy and egoistist. They think only them have the truth. They are not God and no have right to take someone life. Why in the peace condition in Indonesia after President election, the bomb blast must be happen. The last news I watched in television, death victim reached 9 person including Vice President (or CEO) of Holcim Indonesia (cement company). Ritz-Carlton Hotel was supposed to accommodate footballers of the Manchester United (MU) of Britain, who are expected to arrive in Jakarta on Saturday (July 18). A 90-member team of MU, consisting of officials and players, are scheduled to arrive at Halim Perdanakusuma airport by a chartered plane. Because this incident, my favorite football club Manchester United cancelled match with Indonesia All Star that planning on July 20, 2009 on Senayan Stadium. I condemned this terror. The terorrist makes bad image of Indonesia.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009


When I'm on the way to office, I have a lot of idle time. It is useless if I'm use to do something. So I reading Malcolm Gladwell's new book Outliers : The Story of Success (In Indonesian : Rahasia di Balik Sukses or if you translate to English became : The Secrect of Success). Of course, the book I read is Indonesian Edition. Really interesting and informative stuff. Success not only IQ (genetic) but also environment and opportunity. Genius is not enough, to success you must have good behaviour. Maybe you ever hear EQ (Emotional Quotient) or SQ (Social Quotient), in this cases almost same. It's come from experience. It is not wrong if someone say "Experience is the best teacher". You must read this book. Many knowledge you can get from this book. I guarantee even I not fisinished read this book yet. In working hours like this I can't continue read this book. Maybe after working hours I can continue to finished. Another best sellers book from the author I had already read like Tipping Point and Blink. Malcolm Glandwell can see the success from another perspective.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

My lunch is Gado-Gado

Gado-gado is traditional food from Indonesia or some people called vegetable mixed. Delicious. Gado-gado made from various vegetables like cucumber, salad, cabbage, string beans, sliced boiled potatos plus tempe (is food made of by soybean fermentation applies mould rhizopus), tahu (tofu) boiling egg. Added with emping (is a kind of snack made with the raw material usually seeds melinjo). Pour with peanut souce mixed with chilli. Or if you don't like chilli you can ignore it.... I forget to bring digital camera to office. So I cant take picture of gado-gado. But next time I will, because I often order gado-gado for lunch. You can also browsing gado-gado picture by googling. There is many pictures of gado-gado. Next time I will upload my favorite gado-gado picture.

Alone in Office

I'm late arrived to office. Because I must wait the bus almost one hours. Boring. I more upset, the bus stop for long time looking passenger. To cooling down my emotion, I reading Kompas. Kompas is the biggest and the best newspaper in Indonesia. With circulation around 550.000-600.000 copies per day. Deadline of Kompas today (15/7) about Influenza Virus A H1N1 in Indonesia already have 112 cases. Government warn the citizen to not panic and be carefull. In Indonesia this diseases knowed as Flu Babi (Swine Flu). Government try reduce panic condition in society with no blow up this case. I prepare my self with consumption Vitamin C everyday for increase immunity. Vitamin C is important to all animals, including humans, because it is vital to the production of collagen. Vitamin C is also important because it helps protect the fat-soluble vitamins A and E as well as fatty acids from oxidation.Vitamin C prevents and cures the disease scurvy, and can be beneficial in the treatment of iron deficiency anemia. So, don't wait and as soon as possible to consumption it. By the way, you must see the dose. The recommended dietary allowance (RDA) of vitamin C is 60 to 90 milligrams per day. Men should consume more vitamin C than women and individuals who smoke cigarettes are encouraged to consume 35 more mg of vitamin C than average adults. I had experience overdose to consuption of Vitamin C, I get gastritis.

Porous Aphalt Pavement

Today I have assignment from my Boss to follow meeting with Taiyu Kansetsu Co, LTD from Japan about Porous Asphalt Pavement. Taiyu Kansetsu is not major company but most knowed in Japan specialization in civil works. In Japan, Porous Asphalt Pavement has been introduced since the first trial construction in 1987 because of both function of drainage and noise reduction. Drainage function will bring Traffic Safety by high improvement in visibility in the rain. Japan Highway Public Corporation (before privatization) decided to adopt Porous Asphalt Pavement to all newly built expressway in 1999.
Five personnel form Taiyu Kansetsu Co, LTD give explanation and example to us in Public Works Department head quarter office in Jakarta. Explanation speech delivery in english languange. Not really fluently but I can undestand it. From their explanation, that I know technology for Porous Asphalt Pavement (Drainage Pavement) suitable for a climate with high temperature and high humidity. I don't know this technology is suitable for Indonesia. Maybe we can have pilot project to apply this technology. I don't know this technology was implementated in Indonesia. I heard PT Jasa Marga (Indonesia Highways Corporation) had application this technology but in limited area. Unfortunetely, participant from PT. Jasa Marga not present in meeting.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Jakarta is Hot Today

Jakarta climate this day is hot. I am from outside office feel burn in my head. Jakarta is capital of Indonesia. Indonesia itself is the 13 biggest country in the world. Maybe for person comes from four season like Europe or USA, climate in Indonesia not really friendly. Better for you to drink a lot of water so you cant going dehidration. I suggest you to bring umbrella if you want travelling in open air. Many intersting object in Jakarta. But...why but? Jakarta is crowded city. Often have traffic jams in office hours. Maybe you can stuck on the road. Travelling in Jakarta need more patient and energy. Bali is more friendly than Jakarta. Not too crowded, less traffic jams, and many object to visit.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Flight with Batavia Air

I go to Semarang in Central Java by plane on July, 2nd. The plane is Batavia Air. This company have cheap ticket and morning flight. I not choose this company but consultans of survey. They bought me this ticket. For my self, I better go with Garuda Airline. Because this company have modern plane and better servis. But the price of ticket is twice than Batavia Air. I have flight on 07.00 am. So I better hurry to Soekarno Hatta Air Port at Cengkareng on 06.00. First of all, I must check in one one hour (or 45 minute) before flight. In the morning, domestic flight already busy with passengers. I don't want to stomachache before get flight, I must get breakfast. In this Airport in the morning you can choose fast food restorant like McDonald and KFC. I choose bread stall inside the airport. I forget the name.
Flight from Bandara Soekarno Hatta Tangerang to Bandara Ahmad Yani Semarang takes one hour. I forget, Bandara is abbreviation of Bandar Udara or Airport. In Bandara Ahmada Yani, the team from Public Works Departemen and consultans was waiting me. God lord, the flight is smooth. In one hour flight, I only got one small chocolate bread and mineral water glass. I enjoy this flight....


Day O Day.... I starting with my journal. I want to share about my experience, thinking, mind, and knowledge. It' better if we share what we know to anyone else. Why I use Day O Day to my blog? In the first time I want use Day2Day.... mean everyday I have something to share. But someone has already use this name. Then I choose Day4Day. Same condition. So... I chose Day O Day. Yeah, i think this have same meaning..... Ok, let me think first, what the first topic I want share...... Yes, I know. Last week I have survey to Central Java and Yogyakarta for preparation of Lebaran. Lebaran is the celebration that comes at the end of the Muslim month of fasting, Ramadhan (or called Idul Fitri). The Arabic meaning of Idul Fitri is “becoming holy again”.
One of the celebrations of Lebaran is Mudik. In order to reunite with parents and families, millions of migrants from big cities like Jakarta make long queues for train and bus tickets, jump into any overloaded transportation vehicles they can find and get stuck for hours in traffic jams. For them, all the pain and inconvenience is nothing but a small hazard of the home-sweet-home journey. In fact, the journey itself is often an interesting story to tell to the families back home. So I make survey with Public Works Department and Consultans to see progress build and maintance of road and bridge in Central Java and Yogyakarta. Where is location have potentiality traffic jam, flood area, landslide, or accident.